Last week of the cycle. There will only be two days of programming this week. Monday and wednesday.

1) Power Snatch – 1×3@50%, 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×1@75%, 2×1@80%, 1×1@70%

2) Clean & jerk – 1×3@50%, 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×1@75%, 2×1@80%, 1×1@70%

3) back squat – 1×3@50%, 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×1@75%, 2×1@80%, 1×1@70%

7 thoughts on “150302

  1. Is this to taper for the weekend (lining up with the Arnold)? Would you recommend some light work on the off days or just rest?

  2. What’s the next cycle looking like? I’m thinking about switching over from the way after the open. I remember this program used to have block work, HSPU, pull ups, bench press, GHR, etc…

    • This program was written my Jared Fleming’s father, which explains the difference in programming. It was a great program for WL. For CF, not so much. I can tell you I did the opening day of Hatch with a buddy and the set of 10, 8, 6, (very light) FRIED my legs. I hadn’t done a set larger than 5 since Christmas and a set larger than 3 since, IDK, end of January. I picked up a Catalyst program that coincides with my next meet on 4/25. This program did teach me a lot though about training cycles and the importance of low percentage training. All of the ME stuff in TOW was really wearing me down and i was able to really focus on form and speed for the first 5 weeks or so. That being said, I wasn’t doing much WOD’ing or supplimental gymnastics, and I’m 31.

      • I feel the same way. I’m 31 and feeling beat up all the time. I’ve gotten better at some stuff and I believe it’s a good program but I feel like if I don’t take a step back on the metcons to focus on getting better technique I’ll be stuck where I’m at. At the same time I’d like to still have a program with assistance work like I mentioned. I can do some airdyne to get the heart rate up 3x a week without it killing my recovery.

        • Before I sold the house, I would do 30 MU on the weekends (not for time, but could be done for time) and I rowed almost every morning in conjunction with dieting to get my weight right for my first meet. I also incorporated some body building, in very small quantities, which is basically CF with one or two movements. I’d do 3 rounds of 10 DB press 10 DB bent over row as try to move without stopping, or just go to failure. Those things help the lifting as well. If your knees and hips can take the WL, I think it’s a little easier on us old fogies v. TOW. The other option is to just do “CrossFit” in the traditional sense, one constantly varied WOD/day. Including days where you do strict press: 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 ONLY.

  3. 1) Based on 205# – No misses.
    2) Based on 275# – No misses.
    3) Based on 335# – No misses.

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