Just a few new insights after watching 15.1(a) in person…

1) STICK TO THE PLAN. I just watched one of our athletes, who is not great at TTB, put up what I think will be a big score. There was almost no deviation from pacing schedule, and they barely missed a CJ that would have been 3# under PR.

2) In the video I say don’t burn out in the final minute of 15.1 because it will hurt you for 15.1a. Scratch that. There’s enough recovery time to allow you to push the final minute.

3) The :15 Snatches may be the most important piece. PRACTICE THIS.

4) I’d recommend pushing the rest between the pieces to more like 2:00-2:30. This means hands-on your first CJ attempt at 11:00-11:30. This is plenty of time for 3-4 attempts, IF you have your attempts planned properly.

5) 95% is closer to the final weight most competent lifters should hit. Trust your Jerk. Most feedback I’ve gotten has said that the Jerk feels really good because the shoulders are warm.

Also, this kid…

WOD 150228:


EMOM for 7:00 (7 total sets):

3 Back Squats – begin at 70% of 1RM and increase load to a heavy, but not maximal, final set


1a) 4X1:00 ME Handstand Walk – rest 60 sec.

1b) 4X1:00 Hollow Hold – rest 60 sec.


4 rounds of:

Row 1k (at roughly 80% of best 1k pace)
25 6″ Target Burpees (all out effort)

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  1. M / 25 / Meridian

    Dearest coach Rudy,

    Thanx for the awesome instructional video I followed it as thoroughly as possible and the result is:
    15.1 189reps
    15.1a 127,5

    My lifetime PR of CJ is 135kg (but cleaned and jerked just separately 140kg) and sticked to the prescribed percentages. Last clean is quite ugly, all the jerks felt fine.
    As for the AMRAP… The tips were great, they worked for the DL and SN perfectly, but I guess I just suck at T2B… If it went according to plan would have got 7 rounds I believe. i dont know if the problem is my technique, I did soooo much t2b practice the past year…

    Gonna hit it again on for sure, I want that 7rounds and 130+ so bad!

  2. 15.1 — 146
    No secret here, TTB are a huge weakness. Barbell stuff was easy/UB throughout.

    15.1a — 275 (~90%)


    275 – 275 – 285 – 285 – 285 – 295 – 305


    1a) 40 – 40 – 24 – 20
    1b) Done, tabata style

  3. Domonic Ernesti (IG: @mrernestiempire)
    (All weights in pounds)

    Strength: 260, 275, 285, 295×3, 305

    Skill: 1a) 33.5′, 29′, 34.25′, 33.5′ *measurements approximate
    1b) Done

    Cond: 22:44
    Wasn’t sure how to figure out an 80% pace, kept it around 2:00-2:08. Was able to catch me breath during the row so I figured I was doing it somewhat right.

  4. M/48/155
    Got back from vacation last night, so decided to get a little garage gym workout today:

    Shoulder press: 30kgx5, 36kgx5 40kgx3 44kgx3

    Good morning: 3×5 @ 60kg

    Every 2 min x 5: 1 power clean, 1 split clean, 1 full clean
    Split cleans felt the best. Full cleans still not great, due to lack of mobility.
    Split clean: 5×1 @ 80.

    4 rounds for time:
    Airdyne 2min
    25 target burpees
    Felt good and easy to go hard on this one.

  5. Strength
    260, 275, 285, 295, 305, 305, 315
    -added in 10 DUs too each minute as well. It’s cold at my box with no heaters

    1a) 60′, 55′, 65′, 70′
    1b) done, that sucked after all those TTB

    1k- right around 4 minutes each round
    Burpees- 1:15-1:20

    • Anybody want to throw out their guess as to what the repeat will be this year? I was hoping for the chipper from last year again, but I doubt it would be that now since we just had TTB. Maybe the repeatable fran, I wouldn’t mind that one.

  6. Strength: 205, 215, 220 (stopped at 2 reps for this set because that was going to be a max probably after doing 15.1 beforehand), 215, 210, 210, 210#.

    1a) About 112 ft each time. Hard to keep track
    1b) done

    Conditioning: Total time 24:59. 1k rows around 4:45 and not sure how long the burpees took but felt fast.

  7. Strength
    a) subbed chin and toes HS hold
    b) done
    for some reason I expected this to be shorter and didn’t give myself enough time, only did 2 rounds 14:56

  8. Jerk OTM (5 first minute, 5-185, 5-185 4-205, 4-205, 3-225, 3-225, 2-245, 1-265, 1-285 fail, made it second time. Will redo 15.1 Monday morning and hopefully will hit somewhere around 285.
    EMOM back squats went 295, 295, 315, 315, 335, 335, 355
    HS Walks and Hollow Holds complete
    22:56 on WOD

  9. 24 / m / 200
    IG : essig14

    15.1 redo: 198 reps (+20)
    15.1a redo: 302lb cj!! (+5)

    All credit to outlaw. Day 1 follower & in 2 short years I’ve gone from never having squares before to this!

    • Do you mind if I ask how you approached it this time as compared to the first time? Did you start out higher for the c&j?

      • Happy share: yeah I skipped 225 which I opened with last time & hit 245 power & jerk around 11:20. Then 275 power clean & jerk (saving my legs), then 297 which is what I hit yesterday (full) & finally 302 around 14:40 (full). As long as you catch it clean you’ll stand up. No leg fatigue from 15.1

        • Cool, thanks bud. And for the amrap, I saw that you did singles on the snatch last time, did change that or something else?

          • Narrow grip snatches 5s, 3/2 & only 3 singles in round 6! Helped a lot on my hands to be closer

    • Nice work! I might give this another go tomorrow since I feel fine today. Was a bit disappointed in my score.

  10. Strength:
    1.) 215 (65%), 225, 235, 245, 255, 265, 275 (82%)

    1a.) all 50′-60′
    1b.) completed although not UB

    Completed ~ rows around 4:20

  11. 15.1- 196 reps
    broke t2b as needed. No clue how it played out
    Unbroken DL
    Singles in snatches.

    15.1a 226-246-266# (92%)
    4th lift is a bonus lift. Went 95% and failed.

  12. Peter Foster
    32/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858


    1a) 90’/125’/120’/115′
    1b) done

    23:20 (all rows 4:00-4:05)

    ****15.1/15.1a redo tomorrow at 4pm. Plan is to STICK TO THE PLAN to actually do the 5’s on the TTBs and get +185 reps and have gas for the C&J!

  13. M/48/155

    Done on Sunday. My box does the wods on Friday and Sunday

    15.1: 195
    15.1a: 220

    Rounds were as follow:
    1. 8/7 UB UB
    2. 8/7 UB UB
    3. 8/7 UB 2+1’s
    4. 8/7 UB 1’s
    5. 8/7 UB 1’s
    6. 5/5/5 UB 1’s
    7. 11/4

    Clean and jerk:
    170-190-210-220 = PR

    This should score pretty well for my age group for 15.1, and then not so great for 15.1a. I should do well on the bodyweight tiebreaker, though, if that helps.

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