Well, that took longer than two hours…

Oh well, it’s a new era boys and girls – you wanted a max lift, and you got the king. I realized there are a couple things I missed in the video, so I’ll list them here.

1) This one is repeatable, but that means you need to do it Friday/Monday to have any chance of your grip being ready. DO NOT RIP if you plan on a repeat.

2) For those of you who Jerk better after a Power Clean, and have a PC that is a high percentage of your full Clean – I don’t honestly know if you’ll be able to hit a big number with your grip shot. You should be recovered by the 2-3 minute mark, but I dont know what residual effects the 15.1 will have. All I can recommend is to try and see what happens. If anyone has feedback on this please post to comments.

WOD 150227:

1) Every 90 seconds for 6:00 (5 total sets):

2 Clean & Jerks – (percentages ascend with each set) 1@50%, 2@55%, 3@60%, 4@65%, 5@70%

2) 3 rounds of:

5 Deadlifts 125/85# (slow and controlled)
5 Snatches 125/85# (as close to :15 pace as possible – use this time to practice cycling the bar close to the body)

Rest 1:00 between rounds

3) WORKOUT 15.1

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 9 minutes of:
15 toes-to-bars
10 deadlifts (115 / 75 lb.)
5 snatches (115 / 75 lb.)


1-rep-max clean and jerk
6-minute time cap

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  1. M/23/89kg
    189 reps + 117.5kg (Haven’t tested max since starting outlaw at the beginning of the year but it was 115 before I started, so yay P.B)

    This was entirely grip. Wasn’t really gassy, a bit but nothing you can’t manage. Grip is definitely the deciding factor on how to pace.
    I went

    I then waited until 10:30 mins before starting my clean and jerks to let my grip recover, after which I went every 60 seconds.
    10:30min: 92.5kg
    11:30min: 102.5kg
    12:30min: 112.5kg
    13:30min: 117.5kg
    14:30min: 120.0kg (Hit clean, bar slipped out of front rack due to sweat. Note to self, wear a f**king shirt. Annoying as I felt good for it.)

  2. Did the games WOD and both myself and our other coach felt our heavy cleans were “comfortable” because of the WOD. Hit a lightish number then was able to hit 2 heavier lifts. No massive burn out from the deads or snatches, maybe even more conscious of the clean and jerks because of them.

    Get the Jerk done fairly quickly though. Still not enough air after the WOD and clean. We gave our guys 2 breaths and then lift. Worked out well

  3. IG: robstacy4


    129 & 300lbs clean and jerk

    Broke t2b in 5s with everything else unbroken. The deadlift will sneak up for grip reasons if you try to bust it fast. I went with a narrow grip on snatches and it was much easier. Plan to redo monday because the pace I took can be higher which would put me close to 6 rounds. Doing what coach had us do on t2b I think is best my arms never dramatically filled up.



    I only hit 135 because I think Fraser did when I redo I will shoot to hit 315 because I felt it as I was standing 300. Videos of the end are on IG. Hopefully I can get close to 6 rounds on the first part

  4. I can’t do 15.1 until Saturday. Any recommendations for what I can do today to prepare?

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  6. M/31/180 – been WL ONLY for since before Christmas. That being said…


    You only have 3, maybe 4 attempts at the CJ in my opinion. More attempts, you started too light. Less attempts you really got blown out by 15.1

    I went 8-7 on t2b, then 5’s, couple 3’s at the end.
    DL all UB
    Snatches all UB

    Grip was bad. I went slow, purposely since I hadn’t been WODing, but spent some time walking around mashing my forearms into the rig. Two out of 5 people tore at the box I was at… Don’t tear. If you let yourself tear, I hope you know how to work through it.

    First C&J i threw 45s on and 205 felt heavy, powered it and split. The grip was bad but not that bad, so it’s possible. By 12:00, my second C&J at 235 i felt fine. Fatigued, but fine. ull cleans were MUCH easier. Last C&J i stood up 270 easily with an adjustment in the bottom, my current clean PR, missed the jerk. I should’ve hit it, and it felt light just missed technically. I think I started too light and should’ve gone 225, 250/255, 270/275. I could’ve probably hit 235 earlier if needed.

    You can definitely do this again. Hands are sore now but I’ll be fine by Sunday.

  7. 15.1: 164 reps, 15.1A: 225 Five months post op knee surgery (that’s why the C&J isn’t bigger).

    Everyone’s already said it; Grip is the limiting factor. I did one set of 10 TTB in 1st round, and everything else in 5s with no more than five seconds rest in between sets. All DL and PS unbroken. I made a point to methodically get through the DLs (with a mixed grip) to recover a bit before the PS. (Though in hindsight I think going a bit faster on the DL would’ve gotten me through another round) 115 pounds is nothing for the legs and back for 5 reps PS, but my forearms thought differently.

    I powered and push jerked 185 and 205 without an issue. It felt like the bar was going to come out of my hands on the pull, but provided everyone uses a solid hook grip I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I also use goat tape to wrap my thumbs, which seemed to help. Full cleaned and split jerked 225. Only waited about 45 seconds before next attempt at 235, was rushed because of the clock, started with my hips high, missed it forward. I didn’t feel like fatigue of my legs or back was an issue, I just got sloppy with my start position because I was rushing.

    Hope some of this helps. Good luck all!

  8. M/41/175

    128 reps rx’d / 205lb C&J

    Don’t be too conservative on your opening C&J. Everyone at our box this morning was of the same opinion that the opening C&J was easier than anticipated. It wasn’t midline stability that was the issue. As everyone else has said, it’s the grip. So as long as your grip can handle the clean, the jerk isn’t a problem. I started at 165, then 185, then hit 205 with 30 seconds left (missed the clean on 210 w/ 10 seconds left). If I re-test, I’ll open at 185 and try to finish at 215.

    Also, if you “toe-tap” toes-to-bar (toes rest for a brief second at the bottom of each rep) are in your repertoire, the grip savings really adds up over the course of the WOD.

    For those with a shot at regionals, this is a definite re-tester.

  9. M/22/189
    156reps 230lbs
    Broke the t2b up into 5s for the first 3rounds then my core was shot and then they got ugly(my t2b aren’t great). Unbroken on DL and snatches
    Jerk felt great. 15lb pr. Power cleaned it all. I took 30sec rest between the two before I even started loading weight. Didn’t wear my lifters. If you’re strong, then find a good pace on the t2b. That was the turning point for mine.

  10. I have to test the wods Thursdays for our membership runs on Fridays…

    161reps (5+11 t2b)
    140kg PR C&J
    Like I said, testing just wanted to see where it hurt- unbroken 53 second first round. Went UB, 8/7, 6/5/4, 6/5/4, 3×5. 6/5/4 probably felt the best.
    Went 115, 205, 275, 308 (140)
    Immediately at 9 min took my grips off and hit 115 for a muscle memory reset. Had almost 45 seconds after 308 but didn’t expect to hit that high so I didn’t have a plan for going higher.

  11. F/23/140 lb. Been following Outlaw for 6 months, did 15.1 test to see how it goes. I got a score of 210 ( 7 rounds) Definitely find a t2b combination that you can maintain throughout your workout. I did 10/5 during the workout. I kept my grip extremely loose on the deadlift holding in hook grip at the tips of my fingers. Snatches were light but still had to focus on not using my grip too much. As for the clean and jerk, I am not a strong athlete, i wanted to go to 90% and stop regardless of my time. So hit 185 with 2 minutes remaining and stopped. Make sure you time your lifts correctly so as to not do too many reps for nothing! Hope this helps and wishing everyone a good open!

  12. 24 / 200 / m
    IG : essig14

    15.1: 178 reps (2 shy of 6 rounds)
    Kept my sets small on t2b (5-3) & ub deadlifts. Snatch dropped to fast singles to save grip. I never really reached fatigue on this part. We’ve done worse wods on the site recently ha! Not a great score though.

    15.1a: excited: I hit 297lb which is 97.3% of my 1rm & I push jerked it even.
    Went 225 / 255 / 275 all power clean.
    Then 287 & 297 full.

    Definitely one to redo though. Not super fatiguing. We’ll see! Best of luck to my fellow outlaw followers. Earn your strength!!

  13. 15.1

    Got 206 and 242lbs RX
    Went 3 sets of 5 on TTb, UB and controlled on DL and Snatches – great tips on barbell cycling!! Made it to keep the 1:20 pace and 242 is lousy but its my 90% so I am quite happy, hope to get 210 and 255 on mondays redo..
    Thanks Riudy

  14. Am I wrong to think that a good strategy will be to have fractional plates even for early lifts to help create a potential higher number. i.e. 226 instead of 225?

  15. Not only did I match my CJ max, I freakin PR’d my power clean!!! Crazy! What is going on?? My friend also PR’d by 10 pounds!

  16. 15.1:
    176 (5’s on TTB alternated grip 2x, all else UB)
    All grip wasn’t really out of breath at the end so be smart.

    205 PC & Split Jerk
    241 PC & Split Jerk
    266 C & Split Jerk (97%)
    281 Clean*PR Split Jerk Fail

  17. 153 reps/ 320 CnJ

    Grip was the only issue, 3×5 on first 3rds of TTB but then the final sets started getting ugly, DL and snatches UB and well paced.
    Opened with 255-285-305-320, no misses and everything felt pretty good. 75%-85-91-95%

  18. 15.1
    Sets of 5 with 5 seconds rest on first 3 rounds then broke as needed on last 3 sets. Tried to just stay under red line and work at good steady pace keeping hr under control. I had planned for a redo bc I always do better second time around.
    162 lbs (165 pr)
    Did all cleans from hang which are way easier for me. Ran out of time and 162 was easy. Redo monday hope to get through 6 rounds and 170 cj
    Didn’t feel 100%, in a car accident yesterday and spent the day in the hospital with concussion.

  19. 176 Reps
    250 C&J (Current PR match, all time PR is 265)
    Questions that came up:
    To belt or not to belt for the WOD?
    Nanos vs Reebox Oly for WOD (I noticed on video that my snatches looked a little weird)
    I went belt with Nanos but might change up next time to no belt…
    Went a little too quick in the beginning
    Round 1 1:07 Sets of 5 T2B but only 2 sec rest b/w sets DL/Sn UB
    Round 2 1:15 (deliberately slowed down but should have more) Sets of 5 T2B but only 2-3 sec rest still, DLs/Sn UB but a little extra rest taken to breath
    Round 3 1:17 same as last
    Round 4: 1:47. First time I chalked up. T2B 5/5/4/1 DL UB, Snatch 4/1
    Round 5: 2:00 chalk T2B 5/3/3/2/2 had used a plate to step on and dropped on it wrong. Snatches 3/2
    Round 6 started, T@B 5/3/3/2/2 then fell as dropped on plate for last repped and picked up bar. Could have done all the snatches in the last 10 seconds but wanted to save it for the CJs
    Put on my oly shoes, and shirt CJs 205, 230, 240, 250

  20. 15.1
    218 reps. Stuck to the exact plan as the video. Stoked with this one!
    Then wah wah waaaaaaahhhhhhh.
    250. Went for 265 and had a mishap. Will watch the leaderboard to see if i should retry this monday for a better 15.1a.

  21. 175/285#.

    Strategy pace, IMO, is too slow. Never made it to an anaerobic state throughout 15.1. No matter what on Rd. 5 your grip will be shot. Nice little through, changes I would make:
    •no monitored 5sec. rest, come down at each 5 and go back up.
    •controlled tng snatches a little too much thinking about that pace as well.
    5×3 I think is the way to go but with less to no rest between.

    3 c&J attempts should suffice. Have faith that your legs/arms will come back and it’s easy. Missed 316# due to poor time management. Will probably start closer to 80% of 1RM next attempt.

  22. 135/215#

    Loved the strategy video. Went head 2 head with one of the other Lieutenants in my unit here in Kuwait and we pushed each other. PR’d my C&J, cleaned 225# but couldn’t jerk it. My T2B are horrible. The snatch was also a bit heavy for me, but I’ll get better.

  23. Today wasn’t a test day for me, I’ll be doing the “official” one Monday.

    15.1- 128reps (4 rounds+8 reps)
    15.1a- 245#

    Only had a chance at 2 attempts because an asshole at the Y decided to help himself to my staged weights. Felt really good afterwards, shouldn’t be a problem to beat these scores Monday.

  24. Nick Estep- North Central

    160 Reps Rx’d (5 Rds +10 TTB)

    260lbs C&J

    Went 190/ 220/235/250/260, No misses (Best C&J is 270lbs)

  25. 105, 165
    Thanks to Kaitlin’s segment of the video I can finally string t2b, but I still lost a lot of time there. 115 for snatches is 80% of my 1rm so :15 probably didn’t happen. Didn’t trust my jerk at 95% felt pretty mushy under the bar. Also, I don’t have a belt so, yeah.

    • Forgot to mention, I rushed the c&j too much. 95% attempt was with 1 minute left. If I had paced these more I might could have gotten it.

  26. Peter Foster
    32/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    185/252# (91.5% of 1RM)

    TTB: went UB for first round to feel it out and wasn’t hurting but then went 10/5 then 5’s (couple 3’s in last round). If I do it again I might start with 5’s.
    DLs: all UB and was a nice rest
    Snatch: 4 rds UB then did 3/2 and didn’t feel like this slowed me down but did feel better for my grip.
    C&J: went 195/225/252/(272#). 252# felt good so the plan was to feel that out then go 262# if 252# was iffy but decided to do 272# and be a hero. Caught it weird and just couldn’t stand it up. Only had about :40 to load weight and go after 252# make.

    I was pretty happy with the 185 reps in 15.1 but felt like I could get the 270#+ so I may redo since it wasn’t a gasser.

    FYI… tape on the bar help A LOT for TTB!

  27. 155 reps (5 reps into round 6)
    Way more in the tank.
    #245 c&J (92.5% max) rushed #255 and could get it next time.

    Will redo and not pace as much on 15.1. Would like to try and complete round 6 next time – be in the 175+ range. Grip is always an issue for this fella.

  28. Doing 15.1/1a tomorrow with my gym. Just did 1) and 2) and then went right in to a 6:00 attemp at a heavy C&J (up to 90%).

    Took about 1:40 to sit, change shoes, and load bar for first attempt. Time is certainly not an issue.

  29. Disclaimer: only did 1 week of Open Prep due a Torn Meniscus. Tested this because it’s doable. My conditioning is shit atm.

    162 reps


    -could push 6+ rounds. I had minimal warm up and did it alone. Grip was shit after 4 rounds. Stuck to 5s and bar work was recovery.

    ***Power Clean and Push Jerk(because of knee). This is 96% of my 1RM PC+PJ. Could’ve PRd, felt easy

      • Hopefully getting surgery in the next 10 days. Another 4-6 weeks from there

        Should be to good to go for the off season!

  30. 185 on reps/276 clean and jerk (92% of max)

    Felt like I was going into the cleans at about 80% HR. I think I could have gone harder. Rudy what is your call on this? I had a friend who got 195 reps and only 257 cj, His cj is 25# more than mine, said his grip was completely shot.

    Is it worth it to shoot for more reps and possibly struggle more on CJ?

  31. 135/205 – missed jerk at 210 twice
    Broke from strategy to start. Re-doing and following the video.
    Did all BB unbroken. TTB were 8/7 (30 sec on this set), 5/5/5, 5/5/5, shit, shittier (90 seconds on this set). need to get back to the BB for set 5 and i will ease into 150

    If Nate gets on here still, I see you are 3 in the world on 15.1. Did you follow the 5/5/5?

  32. 15.1
    181 reps
    265 clean & jerk

    Not bad, felt I could have gone heavier in the c&j but I didn’t plan enough. Thinking about re-doing the workout but I really don’t want to push through the first 9 minutes again.

  33. 15.1
    194 reps (6 rounds + 14)

    – (96%) of my 1RM, it was an ugly power clean but the jerk felt solid

  34. Great tips Coach.
    211 and 275, happy with the WOD, C&J…just missed 286. 275 felt easy, power cleaned everything, 275 is 95% of my max, felt like I had 286. I may try it again Monday. Only concern with the clean was the grip, that was a different feeling but manageable. It may feel goofy, but trust the hook grip, you will be fine.

    Wife took a video, hopefully I can upload it tomorrow. Bad angle for the TTB, but everything else is there.

    TTB went 5’s until the end, everything else unbroken. Really tried to find the right height bar for TTB, so I didn’t have to hop, I think it made a difference.

  35. M/28/180#

    Coach – first off thanks for working so hard on this, and providing it to all of us free of charge. I think your game plan was pretty spot on. For me it came down to ttb and I am sure it will for everyone else. Slowed the pace at round 4 and lost the set of 5s in the 5th round. It’s just a gut check here. Deadlifts and snatches were spot on.

    Clean and jerks also spot on, but wish I’d went heavier also- max is 300 and I went 205-245-265(miss, actually sandwiched in the clean. Got lazy)- jumped to 275 was easy. With a good 2-2.5 min rest i think 4 attempts is plenty. Want to try it again and get about 10 more reps and 10 more lbs…

    15.1 – 6+6 – 186 reps
    15.1a – 275#

  36. M/29/155/ Califirnia Region
    T2B 5’s all the way through until the 5th round. Round 5 shit show.
    DL were UB
    Snatches UB


  37. Some impressive scores here. I’m giving it a run tomorrow.
    Rudy, thanks for the program and strategy. I plan to stick to 1:30 per round the best I can. My best snatch is only 175 so tng may not be the best choice.

  38. Prework done

    15.1 190
    15.1a 287

    Friday’s are normally a rest day for me, but I wanted a chance to feel it and try it again so did it today. Goal is over 200, 302 c/j ~94%. We’ll see, light train with burpees/row tomorrow, rest Sunday try er out Monday

  39. M/21/160
    Northwest Region



    Made the clean at 285 missed the jerk. 1rm is 290 and these c&j after the wod were feeling great. Most likely re-doing this in Monday for 200reps and 285 c&j

  40. This was fun. Video helped me out/kept me from getting totally boned. Thanks a bunch!

    15.1 – 141 reps – stuck to 5-5-5 for 3 rounds then really bungled the TTB – worked through the BB movements nice and easy
    15.1a – 255# – 10lb PR on C&J and I power cleaned it. Jerk felt easy AF.

  41. M/21/195/5’11”
    15.1 – 185 reps RX
    15.1A – 265#
    wanted 190-200 reps so I may redo it, although in the Africa region, it might suffice. Happy with 265 though I could probably get 270. I cleaned 275 but couldnt jerk it in time.

  42. Ok so 15.1 is done. Didn’t do it yesterday had a strange stomach bug. Didn’t get the score I wanted to get, toes to bar failed a bit.
    15.1: 118 reps (2 short of 4 rounds blah)
    15.1 a: 65-72-82-87kg (happy with that, tried the 90kg after the time. Got the clean failed the jerk) will see how the rest of it goes. Snatches felt good and grip was fine. Thanks Rudy.

  43. 15.1: 175 reps
    15.1a: 235#

    Been sick all week and was thinking about doing this on Monday, but that wouldn’t work out so had to do it today. Pretty happy with the results. Followed the strategy throughout and I think it worked quite well. My first clean at 70% was 165# and I damn near missed it, the weight felt extremely heavy. I then went to 80% (200#) and it was a lot easier, boy was I relieved. 90% (225) was easy as well, but I only had about 20 sec. once that lift was done so I threw 10 more pounds on the bar, at best, I had 12 sec. left, pulled a Fraser, but hit it!!! I was pretty stoked.

    Thanks Rudy for all the work you do.

  44. M/31/185/5’11”

    138 reps. 205 C&J
    Like most people I went a bit too slow in the beginning trying to save grip. Cleans were really easy for me but jerks are my weakest lift. Failed 215.

  45. Did the WOD written first on Friday to practice for today. That really helped my confidence for the TTB and Clean and Jerk since I’m relatively new at CF (1 year).

    Today: 106 reps and 92% of my C&J @ 225.

    I’ve been following Outlaw Barbell for about a month now and look forward to driving that number up by next year. (My lifetime best is 140kg. @ 94kg.)

  46. 189 reps and 210# C&J

    Happy with the clean and jerk I suppose because that’s my 90%, but forearms totally blew up and eventually went to mix grip and 2s and 3s. Tried mix grip and hook grip on the deadlift. Pretty sure hook grip is the way to go to save forearms. Probably going to redo Monday but it’ll be tough to recover the forearms. Couldn’t go Friday because I workout at 5am and that isn’t really enough time to sleep and plan with the strategy video. Also coming off a knee injury so I’m just happy my knee held up.

  47. M/48/155
    15.1: 195
    15.1a: 220

    Rounds were as follow:
    1. 8/7 UB UB
    2. 8/7 UB UB
    3. 8/7 UB 2+1’s
    4. 8/7 UB 1’s
    5. 8/7 UB 1’s
    6. 5/5/5 UB 1’s
    7. 11/4

    Clean and jerk:
    170-190-210-220 = PR

    This should score pretty well for my age group for 15.1, and then not so great for 15.1a. I should do well on the bodyweight tiebreaker, though, if that helps.

  48. IG: @FourthStreetCrossFit
    South Central-
    Warmup done-
    180 reps/ 290lbs.
    hit 275, missed 310 in the bottom. The jerk was super easy and strong. Paced the t2b too much and should have broken the DL and Snatch
    Retry Sunday-
    204 reps/ 310lbs.
    paced a lot better on the t2b. broke the DL and Sn.

  49. 15.1 and 15.1a done on 150228
    5+19 and 275
    just a little short of the 6 full rounds i was shooting for. tried to pace that first round to be 1:30 but still finished my snatches at about 1:12
    all t2b were quickk 3×5. i think i got excited and stopped breathing on my round 5 set of snatches. had no finishing kick for that last round
    c+j went well tho 215/255/275 then cleaned but failed a jerk at 285

    nice to get this grip wod out of the way

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