We have a wide range of people following connectivity. Some of you will be going to regionals this year, and some of you (like me!) have different goals. Because we have gyms that follow the program and use it as their warmup, I’m going to program connectivity as usual through The Open with the exception of Fridays, when I assume that most people will be doing the Open workout.

On Fridays I’m going to throw some stretches and mobility out there to help you warm-up for the Open workout. If you are repeating the Open workout, I suggest you skip Connectivity that day, and instead repeat the mobility work from Friday.

Get your back and hamstrings moving.
4×0:20 each, moving slowly into and out of each stretch
Toe Touch
photo 3 copy

Stretch your shoulders generously.


And like my favorite training partner tells me, (in between bites of donuts) “Relax guys, it’s only exercise.”