This is a test week for meet prep. The exercises that have 100%+ are to establish a new 1rm.

1) Clean & Jerk – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@90%, 1×2@95%, 1×2@100%, 1×1@100+%

2) Snatch balance – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@90%, 1×2@95%, 1×2@100%, 1×2@90%

3) Jerk recoveries – 1×3@80%, 1×2@90%, 1×2@100%, 1×2@110%, 1×2@120%, 1×2@125%, 1×2@120%

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  1. Hello. What is the snatch balance based off from? Ur 1rep max snatch or 1rep max snatch balance ?

  2. Definitely looking forward to this week. Quick question in regards to the 100+% sets – this isn’t our only chance to max out the lift this week right (I’m assuming there will be a simulated meet day)? I’m nervous about my C&J as the 95% week was a wreck when attempting the doubles. Is this meant to be a conservative 1RM attempt just to put a new PR on the board or should we really push it? Being that it only lists one rep/set I’m guessing the former but just wanted to be sure.

    Thanks for all the programming by the way. It’s been mind blowing doing doubles at weights heavier than my 1RM in October… I never expected to see improvement that quickly after I went almost 10 months in 2014 without a PR.

  3. If it says est new 1RM, you should be doing just that. Find it! I woulnd’t assume you’ll see it again. You want to know what weights to do at the Arnold (which this cycle is setup for).

    In other news, I’m off this program since I’m not lifting til late April and I moved out of my house. I’m following a catalyst cycle called Kara’s 9 weeks of heaven. It’s volume, lotta squatting, and looks like fun. I have access to a box nearby so I can attack things in the AM. 530 lifting again, ftw.

  4. Too exhausted after all the doubles at high percentage to even make a 5lbs increase. I wish it would’ve just been “find a new 1RM”. I feel like I could’ve done more weight if I hadn’t worn myself out with all the other prescribed sets. Very disappointed with today’s performance.

    • I completly agree. Knda saw that coming and switched to singles midway through. Only made 195lb (5lb PR), caught 200 but couldn’t stand it up.

  5. i’m the one posting, and i don’t even know what’s coming week to week. i generally get the programming late sunday night. this is new for everyone. snatch 1rm test is coming on friday. all of these percentages should be based on how you are feeling. if you are feeling great, take another attempt at a 1rm. if you feel slow as shit, maybe back it off. don’t over train. this will be different for everyone.

  6. 1) Based on 275# – Missed second rep on 95% (265#), both reps at 100% (275#), and 2 attempts at 280#. On all misses I caught the weight but couldn’t stand up. So frustrating.
    2) Based on 240# – No misses.
    3) Based on 300# – On the set of 125% I lost balance, the bar bounced off the safety spotter arms on my rack, the bar hit the floor (chipped it), one off my HG collars exploded into 5 pieces, and two 2.5# plates shattered… Called it a night there.

  7. well..! to add on to all these wonderful comments.. My friend and I have been following your programming for awhile now. Happy to say we both PRd last night 🙂 my C&J went from 150 to 160# and hers went from 145# (which she has not been able to hit for a really long time) to 150#.

    Thanks for all the wonderful programming that feels like death but is definitely worth it!
    Excited for Friday!

  8. Missed Monday so I hit it today.

    Felt pretty good after warming up. I did sets of 1 after 90%.

    1. Hit 235# PR by 10#. Missed the jerk at 245#.

    2. Missed the 2nd rep at 90% and 95%. Hit everything else. Based on 165#.

    3. DNA. I don’t have the equipment for doing these yet.

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