1) snatch – 1×2@60%, 1×2@65%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@70%

2) Power clean & squat jerk – 1×2@60%, 1×2@65%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@70%

3) Back squat – 1×2@60%, 1×2@65%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@70%

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  1. I took the last week off due to hip issues and moving my house into a storage unit. Then I went to a box near me and did the following:

    Snatch: 3×65%, 3×70%, 3×75%, 3×80%, 2/3×85%(miss, make, make), 1×90%, 1×97%, 1×102% for a 5# PR. I only missed one snatch up to this PR, then I pulled 105% and didn’t bother attempting. I probably have it and more but figured I should be happy with the PR and happy to just be lifting again since it’d been a while. I’m stoked, and really appreciate the programming. I really believe in those first 5-6 weeks of lighter weights and I’m sure I’ve either gotten faster or at least more confident to believe in my speed.

    Power clean + squat jerks hit all, then instead of 70% I went up agan to 80%, all based off my 1RM power clean… squat jerks became tough to stand up.

    BS: a buddy of mine was starting Hatch so I figured I’d roll with him and holy shit did this suck. The weight was NOT an issue but the reps were. I’ve definitely adapted to 5s, 3s, and 2s, and the first set of 10 really rocked my quads up. Then the 8, 6 did more of the same. The 4 was probably my easiest set! FS were all 5s and fine.

    IDK when I’ll be back fulltime. I’ve got a meet in late April I have to stay fresh for, but I’m out of my house next Tuesday and not into my new one until late March… I’ll be dropping in wherever I can at boxes that’ll let me lift.

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