Sroka – 285 pounds of lightning.

WOD 150211:

Session 1:


1) Every 1:30 for 6:00-

3 UB T&G Snatches (full – from floor) – begin at 70% of 1RM Snatch and add load with each set

2) 1XME UB T&G Snatches @ 85% of heaviest weight completed for #1.


Absolutely AFAP for both pieces.

3 rounds for time of:

7 Power Snatches 155/105#
14 TTB
21 Box Jump Overs 24/20″

*Rest 2:00

3 rounds for time of:

7 Power Cleans 155/105#
14 C2B Pull-ups
21 Box Jump Overs 24″

Session 2:


1) Every 2:00 for 8:00-

3 UB T&G Clean & Jerks (full – from floor) – begin at 70% of 1RM Clean & Jerk and add load with each set

2) 1XME UB T&G Clean & Jerks @ 85% of heaviest weight completed for #1.


5 rounds at a conversational pace (or HR @ 150BPM) of:

1:00 Chin & Toes HS Hold (chest to wall – only chin and toes in contact with the wall)
2:00 Burpees
1:00 ME Shoulder Touches
2:00 Row for Cals

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  1. Who is rrooney41 on IG: I have a feeling it’s from on here? I feel like I’ve seen it posted on here!


    If you are on here I’ll be sure to follow back

  2. IG: robstacy4

    AM Session


    1.) 175
    2.) 185
    3.) 195
    4.) 215
    5.) 230 For 1 (again should of just hit 225lbs)

    ME set at 185lbs for 6

    Fitting conditioning in some time today. Not happy about it because I’m trying to follow the programming in succession as it written. Look forward to hit though keep it coming coach.

  3. M/36/178

    a) 135/140/145/015/155
    b) 12@135

    Cond: (25′ Cap)
    1-12:58 (forgot my jump overs, took my 2′ and realized i messed it up)

    1) 175/185/205/215
    2) 5@180

    C2; nope

    #TheOutlawWayAfghanistan (yes, we’re still here)

  4. Session 1
    1) 145, 155, 165, 175, 185
    -all UB t&g
    -my bar stopped spinning halfway through the EMOM, so I’m pretty happy about getting them all. Not to mention all the weird wrist action/catches I was having to make to get them.

    -rested 2 min
    ME @ 155# got 6 reps, should’ve switched bars, but was lazy. It felt light but the bar was all over the place due to the spin being gone.

    2 min rest
    -This was deceptively hard, those bjo’s got hard real quick
    -TTB & C2B all UB

    Session 2 later

    • Session 2

      1) 195, 200, 205, 210, 215
      All t&g UB
      – 4 @ 185#
      Couldn’t find the bounce in the bar like last week

      Conditioning 2

  5. so, I am new-ish to the outlaw way! I tried it about 4 months ago for 2 months and liked it but still was trying to figure out what workout was going to work best for me (ive tried comp train, ive tried a lifting cycle my husband wrote for me with metcons, done the hour classes at my gym with extra stuff, etc…). after much prayer, trial and error, and searching within, I have finally settled back into the outlaw way. I find that it fulfills everything that I want out of a workout (lifting, metcons, skill, gymnastics, etc). So with that said, I have a few questions in regards to remaining successful and making gains:

    1) on 2 session days, I come in at 530am (before work) and then go in again after work. What do y’all suggest eating/drinking before going in? i don’t do pre-workout. I have been doing a scoop of peanut butter, workout, and then come home and do protein shake with a breakfast casserole. Any other suggestions?

    2) Also, I have started doing competitions now that I feel like I am at a good level of crossfit (ie: i can do any movement rxd). in fact, I have a comp this saturday (Cupids Revenge in greensboro, NC)-its a grid style co-ed team comp. Anyway, on comp weeks, how should I approach the workouts? I have been pretty much going full force this week (minus today I only did the first 3 RFT metcon bc it took me a long time and my body felt tired). I plan on doing light active recovery tomorrow and then friday just taking it easy (I might still do the workout that is posted but go very light and not go hard on metcon portion). please advise.

    Sorry for the long post but i truly appreciate any feedback! I am very excited to be doing outlaw again. The best advice I was given recently was this: whatever workout you choose to do, just STICK WITH IT. do NOT jump around. So, I am going to stick with this!

    • Sticking with a program is a good idea. The Connectivity work that Kaitlin writes has helped me and some of the other people that post here. My go-to pre-workout snack is a banana, a protein bar, and a cup of coffee. I have this about an hour before I start working out.
      On weeks that you have a comp, just follow Outlaw, and then take Friday off. You might want to do the usual Friday plan on Thursday, which is an Outlaw rest day.
      Good luck in your comp.

    • Hey Ashley –
      In regards to your first question, I am not a morning exerciser, so I can’t give you any help here. Do whatever feels good for your body. When I am short on time or in the gym for a long time, I tend to eat baby food because it gets into the system quicker.

      In regards to what to do for competitions – it all comes down to how much you care about the competition v. how much you care about training. I know when I first started competitions, I would want to try the workouts 1-2 times, and figure out a strategy, and think they were the be-all, end-all in my CF life. Then I realized that doing well in these competitions didn’t really matter…I cared more about making it to Regionals than winning Competition X in City X. Therefore, I only typically took it easy on Fridays before them. I still lifted, still did the strength stuff, but skipped the metcon.

      In other news – I am sure that some of you noticed I haven’t been posting since the New Year. Wife and I are expecting, we are also buying a house, and I switched gyms to one that receives programming and coaching from Doug Chapman (think Maddox, Cho, and Foucher). Never had any intentions of abandoning the Way, but being the new guy and wanting to make the team means I had to fall in line. Once the Open, and if we’re lucky, Regionals, I will be back. Wishing the rest of you the best of luck this Open…just not any of you in the Central East (Tyler).

  6. Peter Foster
    31/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    Session 1
    1) 155/165/175/185/195# (+5#) all T&G
    2) 7@165# had more but lost focus and dumped it out front

    1) 7:34
    2) 6:33 guess I’m better at cleans and C2Bs

    • Session 2
      1) 185/195/205/210(2/1)/220#(2/1) (+5#)
      2) 5@190#

      Done at a VERY conversational pace!

      C&T HS Hold: done UB
      Burpees: 122
      ME Shoulder Touches:96
      Row for Cals: 153

  7. I’m sure the answer is obvious but I was curious, progression for shoulder touches? For those of us that don’t have freestanding handstand, facing the wall or facing outwards? In attempted a few after session 1 for kicks and I got one sketchy rep. Didn’t know if the progression would be feet on a box and touching shoulder or on the wall getting hands up as far as possible.

  8. Session 1:
    235 (2)

    1) 6:51
    2) 9:23 < this was fuckin pathetic, had zero push on this

  9. 24 / 200 / m
    IG : essig14

    Bbg 1. 185 195 205 215 all t&g. Hopped 225 which went good last week for 230 today & only got a single. Live & learn

    2. 185 for ME = 8. Lost my hook grip

    1. 7:39
    Rest 2 min
    2. 8:37 (did clean & jerks the first 2 rounds by accident) fell apart on c2b

    still feeling Sunday’s high volume competition to find the fittest in central PA ( got 2nd & won all the barbell events: aka cycling is working!)

      • Thanks man! I won the 2 min max effort ohs & 2 min max cleans, as well a heavy thruster & double under amrap. Also got 2nd on a 2 min max effort handstand walk with 165 feet. Connectivity works well!! I love outlaw

        • Session 2:
          Avg HR: 146
          Hs holds: done
          Burpees: 32, 28, 30, 29, 31
          Taps: 11, 12, 17, 15, 22
          Row: 37, 34, 31, 30, 32

  10. Snatches
    205 (2/1)
    205 UB

    ME at 175- 5 (-1 from last week)

    10:58 <- ouch

  11. Session 1
    1) 145-155-165-165-175
    2) 5@145
    1) 5:57
    Rest 2 minutes
    2) 6:22 C2Bs were horrible today. Broken all over the place. Made up time on BJOs.

  12. So fatigued. Not sure if WL meet last weekend, Karen 2x in 6 days, or coming back from injury but I need a hug.

    1.) 155 (62%), 170, 185, 200x1f, 175xfx2 ~ not T&G guarding back
    2.) 155×5 T&G

    1.) 9:27 snatches were 🙁
    2.) 8:37

    • PM:

      1.) 175 (64%), 190, 205, 220 ~ not T&G guarding back
      2.) 185×2 re-rack not happening tonight

      HS’s done, 117 Burpees, 92 Shoulder Taps, 160 Calories
      143 avg 165 Max

  13. Session 1:
    1) E1:30MOM6
    2) 140×4


    I feel so worn out, I don’t know about anyone else….today was all mental and I was happy I pushed through today. One thing I think doing this Outlaw stuff is good for really holding yourself accountable and being your own motivator. I don’t know if anyone else does this alone off to the side or at there own place but that’s what I do because I’ve found so much success with Outlaw. I don’t need a class or a group to really get me going, but I think once I’m in a group setting for the Open I will be able to push even harder especially if some hot chick from the box is checking me out.

    • This will be my 3rd open on Outlaw and you are exactly right. I workout In a corner on my own and am usually concerned about where my conditoining is at but once the group setting comes around for the open there is another gear, that plus the fact that we are under a lot of volume right now. You’ll be ready.

    • I’m not near the level of some of the guys following here but my advise would be to simply reduce some volume or take an extra rest day. You’d be better off to do less volume with higher intensity vs just grinding through a bunch of work. If you have a good chance at regionals then the extra volume is needed. I’ve been following for 4 months now and still leave a few things out or take a day off if I feel wrecked. Also, I feel like this is common knowledge too but it never hurts to take a look at your calorie intake.

  14. BBG
    Snatch: 36-37,5-40-41-43,5 kg
    ME: 5 reps @ 37,5 kg

    1) 10:03
    2) 10:10
    Did power snatches in both rounds (35 kg). Now I just saw the power cleans in the second round. Well, it was hard anyway!

    1/2 break

    C&J : 50-52,5-55-57,5-60 UB
    ME: 5 reps @ 51 kg

    Did not have time for the rest.
    Once again I have to say what a great program! I’ve been following it for a month now and I feel so much improvement.

  15. BBG: 1)190
    2) 160×8
    Conditioning: 11:49 – only did 3 rnds – lost a huge chunk of skin on first set of box jumps so time suffered as I pussed out about that

  16. IG: robstacy4

    PM Session

    EMOM 3 clean and Jerks

    1.) 215
    2.) 220
    3.) 230
    4.) 245
    5.) 260

    *this kicked my legs ass

    Conditioning #1

    Rest 2:00min

    Just wore the hell out started TnG on snatches and mentally didn’t have it. When the cleans started I was so pissed for being a lazy ass I just said F it and TnG. My legs are bad off gonna attempt the conditioning #2 tonight. Hate being a a lil Bit*h

  17. M/20/175/5’8
    IG: @joshking161

    Session 1:

    A) 7:58
    B) 8:11. Hand ripped
    30min rest
    Session 2
    Just focused @ 70% on technique

  18. BBG:
    1. Up to 215

    Conditioning 1

    Aerobic Capacity
    500m Row
    40 Thrusters 75#
    30 Cal Assault Bike
    50′ HS Walk
    10 Muscle Ups
    Then back up
    HR = 143

  19. Session 1
    165-185-205(f 3rd)-205(f 3rd)-225×1
    bar felt awesome from the floor, something just wasnt clicking on OH catch.

    totally fell apart on these and could not breathe from the get go.

  20. 3 UB T&G Snatches (full – from floor) – 135, 150, 160, 170 2/1(last 1 was a PS), 160 (1/1/1

    2) 1XME UB T&G Snatches @ 145 x 6 reps

    1* 8:45
    2* 8:31

    Session 2:
    3 UB T&G Clean & Jerks 165 185 205 215 (2/1) 220 (1/1/1)

    2) 1XME UB T&G Clean & Jerks @ 185 x 6

    5 rounds at a conversational pace (or HR @ 150BPM) of: complete

  21. Session 1

    1) 136-147-158-167-165# – missed at the last two weights, just couldn’t snatch today
    2) 136# X 7 – legs were dead


    2 hour break between sessions

    Session 2

    1) 176-187-198-198-176#
    2) 171# x 5

    Burpees = 26/26/27/27/27/28
    I could only manage 20 shoulder touches each round
    Cal. = 12/12/13/13/13/14

  22. Domonic Ernesti
    IG: @mrernestiempire
    (All weights in pounds)
    BBG: 165, 175, 185, 195, 205 *All UB, T&G, no misses!

    Cond: 8:06

    Finally getting back after it! Had a week of rest with some light work towards the end of the week, so took it easy today. If it’s not listed above I didn’t do it. It feels so good to be back!

  23. Session 1-BBG
    1) 145/155/165/170/175
    2) 140 x6
    2)10:39…C2B slowed me way down
    90 min break
    Session 2
    2) 180 x3
    Did 5 Rds of
    1min chin & toes
    2 min burpees
    2 min row for cal
    kept it conversational

  24. uhoh. We have another justin posting…

    One session
    1) snatches 100, 110,120,130,135(0)
    2) 110-8
    3) c&j 130,140,150,160,165
    4) 140-4

    10:28, 10:31 @105#

    Didn’t have time for the other conditioning. Did some chin and toes handstand work.

  25. Session 1: Did some wall balls, double Unders and muscle ups as warm up because I missed yesterday’s conditioning.
    BBG: 1. Snatches: 50-52.5-55-57.5-60kg ( feeling much better)
    2. Me snatches: on 52.5kg: 5 reps
    Cond: 1. 50kg for snatch. Time : 12:20min
    2. 50kg for clean. Time: 13:05min (hands owe and so many box jump overs)
    Session 2:
    1.Clean and jerk: 60-65-67.5-70-72.5kg
    2. Me on 60kg: only 4 reps, hands just owe and traps went into spasium, very owe.
    Cond: this was nice. Didn’t really count. Just focused on moving steady pace.
    Very happy I got everything done today and felt better than the last few days.

  26. M/48//155
    Connectivity: 3 rounds: 3 press HS 1/1 pirouette, hollow hold 20s + 5 vups, arch hold 20s + 5 arch ups, ring complex of support work-strict dips-L hold.

    3 snatches every 90sx5: 130-140-150-160-170. +5 from last week. Feeling really good here.

    ME: 6 at 145. Decent.

    1. 9:33. Snatches at 155 were definitely not power snatches, and all 1 at a time. 14 ttb were a cakewalk.
    2. 7:24. 1 at a time on the pc. All C2B butterfly unbroken.
    Previously, those box jump overs would have sucked the life out of me, but today, I could just keep going and going on them and get right into the next round.

    Session 2 tomorrow.

    • M/48/155
      Thursday workout:
      3 clean and jerks every 2 min x5: 155-165-175-185 all tng 195 1+failed attempt at tng + failed attempt from floor -1-1. Better than last week where I ended at 185.

      ME: 5 @ 157 better than last week.

      Instead of doing the 30min conditioning set, I did the Friday strength work:
      Pause front squat + jerk

      Will do the 30min conditioning tomorrow morning, I promise.

  27. Session 1-
    2) felt good so went for max. Hit 255, 5#PR, missed 260 3 times. just missed the catch barely
    No time for session 2

  28. Sorry haven’t posted in a while!

    Cond: 13.4 re-do 86 reps

    1) 83#,93,103,113,118; rest 2 min 98#x5 reps

    2) Unfortunately no time to do in 2 sessions so did this immediately after 1 and paid for it!
    118#, 128, 138, 143x(1/3), 133; rest 2 min 118#x4 reps

  29. Couldn’t get this in yesterday..

    160 1,1,1

    Full snatches need lots of work. Especially tng. I feel very unstable lately.

    Conditioning (scaled to 135)
    Rest 2mins

    Planned for under 10mins for both parts but didn’t have the drive today..

    No session 2

  30. Snatch up to 150 then 130×5
    conditioning done but didnt note times.

    Clean and jerk up to 180 then 6 at 155
    conditioning done… very hard to keep HR up with all of the HS stuff… average was 145

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