1) Snatch from mid thigh – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@85%, 1×2@90%, 1×2@85%

2) Jerk balance – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×3@80%, 1×2@85%, 2×2@90%, 1×2@85%

3) Clean pulls – 1×3@70%, 1×3@90%, 1×2@100%, 1×2@110%, 1×2@120%, 1×2@130%, 1×2@120%

3) Overhead squats(based on 1rm snatch) 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@90%, 2×2@95%, 1×2@90%

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    • I think it’s going to end up being more of a heaving jerk balance but I totally agree…and is it supposed to be 3 reps at 80% or is that a typo?

  1. Pretty sure we hit 85% a week or two ago, so 90% is correct. As for the 3 at 80%, it may be a typo. Do two, if a third is a failure/impossible then go from there.

  2. Did the jerk balances at btn jerks. I’m trying to get the footwork together and bar behind my head. I’m all outta sorts.

    Doing pulls and that’s it. Hip flexor is hurting bad. Need to get that back together too.

  3. 1) Based on 240# – Missed the second rep on 90% (220#). I took a minute and then redid the double and got both.
    2) Based on 300# – Only got the first rep in at 90% (270#). From there my arms were on fire and felt like they were going to fall off. Tried backing all the way back down to 70% (210#) for some de-load but still couldn’t get it.
    3) Based on 275# – Couldn’t get the 130% (360#) off the ground even though I have a 450# deadlift 1RM. Wasn’t going to force it as the last two times I did when failing in the 300# range I threw out my back (twice in the last three years). Got the final set at 120% (330#).
    4) Based on 240# – No misses.

    I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck. Definitely looking forward to the rest day.

  4. Nailed all of my snatches today. Felt great to get some confidence back after Mondays sloppy mess.

    Shoulders were blown up still before I even began so I knew this was going to be rough. I did 2 reps of 85% but never could do a 90, tried about 4-5x then made another double at 85 and couldn’t lift my arms for 20 minutes.

    Surprisingly I hit every one of these with no issues although the 130% were more deadlifty than I liked.

    Surprised again to hit all of these but my shoulders hung through and I hit all of them with no issues.

    Beyond happy tomorrow’s a rest day, hopefully I can squeeze in some shoulder mobility

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