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  1. Is it normal after 3 months of following OBB for your snatch and clean and jerk to go up 25lbs? I’m slightly concerned.

  2. 1) Based on 275# – Missed the second rep on both 95% sets (these were rounded up from 261# to 265#), missed the second rep on the final set at 90%.
    2) Based on 240# – Missed the second rep on the first set of 90%.

    That was the worst night of lifting this whole cycle. I feel ruined… I made up all the misses after taking some rest. So the work was still done, just not successfully as doubles. The misses were all from getting stuck at the bottom of the squat. So frustrating… I guess a bad day was bound to come around eventually.

  3. Probably because I just came off a cold, and didn’t take Sunday off like I was supposed too, but yesterday and today has been the most difficult since we started this whole thing.

    Hit 90% c&j for a single, couldn’t jerk another after, tried 4-5x, then dropped back down to 85% for a double…I’ll take it.

    Snatch balance was just rough the whole time. My shoulders are completely wasted and were burning for a while after the c&j’s but they eventually settled down and I completed everything except the last set of 95% where I nearly killed myself: http://instagram.com/p/y8ntJYRRS8/.

    I’m calling it a day and dreading the jerk balances tomorrow….

  4. Don’t get down guys, last week was obviously a deload-ish week into this week’s 95%’s, and C&J is definitely the most taxing.

    C&J’s went well, except one miss at 95% on the last set. I really just doubted myself and let that takeover. My jerk is still jacked up. I think my butt is going back a bit in the dip and my back leg is NOT hitting first.

    Snatch balances were easy.

    Did a few of the FS+power jerks from the day before but had to go move stuff into the storage unit since I’m selling my house. Priorities.

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