1) Power snatch from mid thigh – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@85%, 1×2@80%

2) Snatch balance – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@85%, 1×2@80%

3) Snatch grip lift off – 1×3@70%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@90%, 1×2@100%, 1×2@110%, 1×2@120%

4) Front squat(based on 1rm front squat) – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@85%, 1×2@80%

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  1. Is this Power Snatch from Mid-thigh based on 1RM Snatch or 1RM Power Snatch? Fairly certain i can’t hit a double from the hang at 85% of 1rm snatch…

  2. Yeah. Based on power.

    Squats felt light today. Added 10# to 85%. Still fine. Need to test my front squat.
    Lift offs got really heavy. Felt good though.

    • he didn’t write to pause, but i did for good measure. he has written the pause in past weeks.

  3. 1) Missed the the 2nd rep at 85%. Hit everything else. (165#)
    2) Missed the 2nd rep at 85%. Hit everything else. (165#)
    3)Hit everything. Felt a little light to me. I paused for just a second or two at the knew before lowering.
    4) Hit every rep without a problem. (285#)

  4. I do a short pause Junkin.

    Pwr snatches: felt light, off 195

    Snatch Balances: all good

    Snatch lift offs: These got heavy

    Fronts Squats: Cake

    Overall felt like an easier day. Also tested my max Jerk from the rack. 10 lb PR at 290. Tried 300 and was so close to sticking it I think I grew some more chest hair. That 15lbs since on my jerk since switching from TOW to OBarbell at the begining of this cycle.

  5. 1) Based on 205# – No misses.
    2) Based on 240# – No misses.
    3) Based on 240# – No misses. Heavy…
    4) Based on estimated 300# 1RM – No misses.

    Everything went pretty well today.

  6. did 1-rep on Snatch yesterday at 145 lbs. five pounds off my lifetime PR of 150 lbs. without being very active in weightlifting for at least six months and not consistent for like 9 mos. Today hit 185 lbs C&J my lifetime is 205 lbs. I wasn’t expecting to get that close to my last PRs. Was going to test some squats this weekend. And then begin following the Outlaw BB way Monday.

    Here is a link to my C&J at 185#

    Was a little soft in the catch and almost lost it on that first dip attempt. Lots of work to do .
    Looking forward for to your guys leadership.

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