1) Power clean from mid thigh (%1rm power clean) – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@85%, 1×2@80%

2) Snatch pull (%1rm sn) – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@90%, 1×2@100%, 1×2@90%

3) Split jerk behind head (%1rm jerk) – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@85%, 1×2@80%

4) Back squat – 1×3@60%, 1×2@70%, 1×2@75%, 1×2@80%, 1×2@85%, 1×2@80%

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  1. Agreed they felt light, probably bc they were compared to the triples last week… I’m looking forward to doubles and singles, and of course the PR’s!

    FYI I tried to do the “jerk recovery” by hitting my 80 & 85% jerks, and having ppl add weights. The ppl doing this need to be rather coordinated. Out of 4 attempts, I managed to hold while they got the weights on once. That time it was fine, it felt crazy having weight overhead get much heavier (50lbs) but it was good to stand that up. But in reality I do NOT recommend this practice.

  2. Started following about two weeks ago and decided I should start posting my results to the blog. Been doing CF for a little over two years and just decided I was tired of getting nowhere with my weightlifting. Also I signed up for the South Texas Open in April.

    1.) Hit everything no issues. Based off 225# 1RM
    2.) Hit all pulls without any issues. This felt pretty light to me. Based off 165# 1RM
    3.) My jerk technique needs a lot of work. Having said that I missed once on the second rep of the second set. Missed it forward. Based off 225# 1RM
    4.) Hit everything without issue. Should have probably did some warm up reps though, the first few sets I felt pretty tight. Based off 380# 1RM

  3. 1) Based on 255# – No misses.
    2) Based on 240# – No misses.
    3) Based on 300# – No misses.
    4) Based on 335# – No misses.

    Everything felt good.

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