1) Power snatch + overhead squat (% 1rm power snatch) – 1×3+1@60%, 1×3+1@70%, 1×3+1@80%, 2×3+1@90%, 1×3+1@80%

2) Jerk recoveries – 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 1×3@90%, 1×3@100%, 1×3@110%, 1×3@120%

3) Front squat + split jerk (%1rm clean) – 1×3+1@60%, 1×3+1@70%, 1×3+1@80%, 1×3+1@90%, 1×3+1@80%

*if using your max clean is too heavy at 90%, back it down. Or base off jerk.

*reminder. 1×3+1 = 1 set of 3 reps of 1st lift, followed by 1 rep on the 2nd lift

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      Once, did a jerk, then stood it up, then stepped back into the jerk “catch” and back and forth. Obviously, I couldn’t do more than I jerked (like above) but I was able to reinforce the catch position with holds… IDK I really have no way to do this. Maybe I jerk a manageable weight, then have two ppl add plates once it’s overhead? I could probably do that…

      • I can’t do the jerk recoveries either. I’m just going to max out my jerk instead, not really the same thing but not maxing every week has me chomping at the bit anyways.

    • Yeah, no real way to duplicate. Really need spotter arms/bars/really high jerk blocks.

      Only other recommendation would be to set your j-cups (or whatever on your squat rack) so the bar is level with your forehead. Do singles and drop the bar each time. Maybe up the percentages. You definitely don’t want to attempt to get the bar back in the rack. You will have to take weight off and re rack the bar each time, but at least you could do the lift.

  1. Pwr snatch complex off 190lbs: No problems, no misses, felt solid.

    Don’t have the equipment for the jerk recoveries so I decided to max my C&J today…Good idea. Hit a solid 280lbs for a 10 lb pr and was oh so close to cleaning 290. 300lbs no longer seems unattainable!

    Front squat Jerk complex, got heavy at 90% but no misses.

    Threw in 4 sets of 8 strict [pullups and strict 3″ deficit HSPU.

    Feeling really strong for my upcoming meet at the end of Feb. Awesome day.

  2. 1) Based of 205# – No misses. These were solid.
    2) Based on 300# – No misses. Body got a little shaky on the 110% and 120% but still got them.
    3) Based on 275# – No misses. Squats were solid but the jerks were really unstable. I thought they’d feel light after the jerk recoveries but it was the opposite.

    Finished with a met-con of:
    6x Strict Muscle-up +
    12 Calorie Row +
    24x DU
    5 Rounds

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