As promised, on time I might add, two new Outlaw Barbell camp dates for your learning pleasure.

Mar 14th – 15th, 2015
CrossFit Sua Sponte
Outlaw Barbell: Raleigh, NC

Apr 11th – 12th, 2015
CrossFit Suisun City
Outlaw Barbell: Suisun City, CA

These camps cap at 30 attendees, and Jared will likely be training for Pan-Ams this year, so there may not be many OBB camps left to choose from. Basically, if you want to be coached by the arguably best lifter in America, and the coach that built him, you should sign up now.

Jared Fleming – 167kg Snatch.

WOD 150131:

Session 1:

1) Alternating EMOM for 14:00-

3 UB Hang Cleans @ 80% of 3RM (from power position)

10 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″

2) “Cindy”

20:00 AMRAP of:

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups (hand release)
15 Air Squats

Session 2:

1a) Jerk from Blocks/Racks (based on 1rm jerk) – 5Γ—5@75% – rest 60 sec.

1b) Halting Clean Pull (Pause Just Below knee & at Power Pos, based on 1rm clean) – 5Γ—5@75% – rest 60 sec.

2) At a conversational pace or 150BPM (work hard, but maintain an exertion level that would allow you to carry on a conversation without breathing hard)-

30:00 Row for distance

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  1. I had gotten all excited yesterday about a Raleigh camp since I live in the area, but sadly I have a prior engagement that weekend.

  2. Session 1

    Done @ 195#, felt good
    BBJ times
    31 sec
    30 sec
    31 sec
    29 sec
    29 sec
    28 sec
    29 sec

    24 rounds + 8
    -around 2 rounds off my PR
    -HR push ups were really hard after the weighted ring dips yesterday
    …oh yeah AdamnGdamn, you’re an ass hole, post some results or don’t. We don’t need that negative shit on here, we’re all struggling just to get through this program as it is.

    Session 2 later

  3. BBG
    46 kg
    BBJ 35 sec

    Cindy: 20+7 (3 round pr!) went otm and it worked out pretty good.

    – no break as I was working today-

    Jerks: 52,5 kg. No failures but hard.

    Cleans pulls:52,5 kg

    Row: pace 2:13’ish, 23 s/m. Distance: 6737 m
    Any advice on breathing while rowing? Tried to keep a rythm but forgot about it all the time. Havn’t rowed this distance before and it is a mental thing for me because it is so boring…

    • Hi Tulle. Breath in on the recovery(on way up the slide) and out on the drive. On high rate work you may have to breath in twice on the recovery. It helps to try focus on keeping long smooth stroks and driving with the legs. Very similar to cleans. Enjoy.

  4. Hang cleans 185lbs UB
    burp box jumps complete
    Cindy 27Rds + 17 reps

    Jerks and Pause Cleans both at 185
    Rowd 7246 in 30min

  5. Only did FS+Jerks yesterday.

    Up to ~75% wearing knee sleeves; knee felt ok.

    Partner WOD with the GF this am

    For time – 1 works 1 rests
    25 Power Cleans, 185/105#
    50 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20″
    75 TTB
    100 Ring Dips
    25 Power Cleans, 185/105#


    Session 2’s Work

    1a.) @ 215#, from rack(sucked)
    1b.) @ 235#

    2.) 7105m Avg HR 157

  6. One session today only.

    Cleans @190

    Cindy 20+5 I know I can go faster but my push-ups get exhausted early.

    Excited to see what Monday brings.

  7. Session 1
    EMOM done at 160. Felt a little quicker on the burpee box jumps.

    A1) jerks done at 150
    A2) paused clean pulls at 185

    Conditioning later at home

    • Conditioning
      Cindy- 16+15 done with strict pull ups.

      Row- 7083 (2:07/500 18s/m) I’ve never rowed this long. Heart rate was low but my body really tightened up. Boring as hell!

  8. Bbg: emom 14min:
    Cleans: 57.5kg
    Burpee box jumps: 30sec: 7 on most, got 8 reps on last 2 sets.
    1a. Did shoulder mobility and rehab drill
    1b. Halt clean pulls: 67.5kg
    Cond: row: distance: 6979m, ave per 500m: 2:08.9, ave spm: 19
    Just did 1 session. So didn’t do the first conditioning.

  9. 24 / m / 195
    IG : essig14

    Emom: 195 5 min then went up final 2 sets to 225. Felt fast.
    Just did normal burpees to save my knee. All sets <30 sec.

    No jerk blocks so dnd

    30:00 min row: 6,837m. Avg HR only 130.. couldn't seem to keep it up.

    Clean pulls done off 305.
    Superset these right some box squats.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  10. 14min EMOM

    @210lbs off 260lbs the weeks I got sick I feel I could of hit more because this felt light in the EMOM

    Conditioning #1

    19 rounds


    Jerks from the block

    Off 345lbs

    5×5 @260lbs

    Halting clean pulls

    Off 305

    5×5 @230

    Conditioning #2

    7004m heart rate avg. 147

  11. I’m Back: competed last weekend, hit the podium. Been a bit choppy this week allowing body to recover. Hit 14.5 last night at 11:04 and paced it-think I will go sub 10:30 on that one next time. Did all % work this week changed up conditioning a bit

    Session 1:

    1) Alternating EMOM for 14:00- felt solid

    3 UB Hang Cleans @ 215
    10 Burpee Box Jumps 24″

    2) β€œCindy” – 20:00 AMRAP of: 28 rds + 10 air-squats, was going for 30

    5 Pull-ups
    10 Push-ups (hand release)
    15 Air Squats

    Session 2: Later.

    2) At a conversational pace or 150BPM (work hard, but maintain an exertion level that would allow you to carry on a conversation without breathing hard)-

    30:00 Row for distance – 2:10ish pace?

  12. Session 1)

    1) Alt EMOM Cleans off 220 (175) All UB
    BBJ All 40 sec or less
    2) Jerks off 270/Pulls off 275, no misses
    Cindy, 16 Rds about 4Rds off PR, started to slow and dips yesterday wrecked me

    2.5 hr break
    30 min Row for distance
    7,737m / 1:56.3 Avg/ 17-18 s/m

  13. Session 1:
    1) 140#
    2) 19 + 4 HR push ups … accidentally did 3 rounds of C2B then realized. Hah

    Session 2:
    1a) 187.5#
    1b) 175#
    2) 6,232 m. with 1:30 min left my HR dropped significantly and I had to basically sprint to get it back up. Really weird

  14. IG: @mrernestiempire
    (All weights in pounds)
    1) 170 *All UB, no misses
    All BBJ’s done under :36

    2) 15 rounds + 1 pull up

    Did not have time for second session, unfortunately.

  15. Missed yesterday because of work so did that metcon instead of the first part.
    3:40 did some tng and some drop on cleans. All dips ub.

    Worked on some muscle ups because its a weakness. Did 30 in 5 sets and probable a min faster than last time with out even hurring
    I did chest to bar on the Cindy for 10 rnds. Hand was blistered good. Didn’t want to rip
    So I did a sprint on 50 wall ball and 25 burpees. Ub. Fed tell my legs can handle more volume finally

  16. Session 1

    1) 160#

    BBJ – done

    2) 22 + 11

    Only time for 1 session today, I think I need a bagel!!!

  17. 31/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    Session 1
    1) @ 195# all UB and BBJ done between :30 – :40

    2) 26 + 4 HRPUs (789 reps)

    Competition WOD test

    for time with a 10:00 time cap
    20 Pull Ups
    30 Shoulder to Overhead 65/95
    40 Box Jump Overs 20”/24”
    50 Kettle Bell Swings 35/53

    Just tried to go UB on everything as long as possible….5:05, but I know I can get it lower in a competitive environment.

  18. BBG
    Done @ 185 – went -10 of my 80% was feelin ruff
    BBJ – all under 31s

    22+5 – not my best but stayed movin

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