If you are not familiar with the social media smack talk of Canada West athletes Mitch Barnard, Brent Fikowski, and Team Outlaw’s very own, Joe Scali – you’re missing out. I can only assume this is some sort of accepted behavior in Canadian hockey culture, and that “chirping” would be the equivalent of “talking junk” on the basketball court; except colder. As everyone knows, Canadians are the funniest North Americans, and these boys do not disappoint.

Here’s a screenshot of Scali’s athlete profile that we posted today, and as planned – comedy ensued. If you’ve got time to kill, look at some of the other posts they’ve tagged each other in. Pure comedic golden daggers.


Two new Outlaw Barbell camp dates coming tomorrow. Stay tuned Raleigh, and Northern California.

WOD 150130:

1) Alternating EMOM for 14:00-

5 UB Hang Snatches @ 75% of 5rm (from power position)

15 Box Jump Overs 24/20″

2) Front Squat (Based on 1RM Clean) + Jerks:
5X5+3@80% – rest 2:00 or more if Jerk misses occur

3) “Fat Elizabeth”

15-12-9 of:

Power Cleans 185/125#
Weighted Ring Dips 30/20#

For time.

Note: Use a dumbbell between the legs or feet for ring dips – this is the prescribed loading option, weight vests or chain hanging weights should not be used.

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  1. What a couple of beauties! As a former DI hockey player (Air Force) I can appreciate the “northern” chirp sessions between gongshows….only fiercens the battle!

  2. BBG

    -Done @ 135# UB t&g
    -Box jump over times
    26 sec
    24 sec
    24 sec
    29 sec
    28 sec
    27 sec
    25 sec

    2) off 285#
    – missed the last jerk on the 1st, 2nd, and 5th sets all a little out front
    – this didn’t feel like much of a deload to me

    Conditioning later

  3. 31/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    1) 130# UB T&G and all BJOs UB and done in :18 – :20

    2) If this was a “de-load” workout I quit!!!! Done @ 230# and only hit one jerk except on the 3rd rd I hit 2….cakes and pies, cakes and pies!!!

    3) 6:50

  4. Snatches at 145
    Slowest BJO was :33

    Did at 235, failed Jerks the first 2 sets so just worked on front squats

    Final 9 of dips were terrible. Had to result in singles.

  5. M/48/155
    I have a competition coming up this Saturday and Sunday, so I trained on Thursday and am resting on Friday.

    Thursday AM:
    Shoulder press 4×3 @ 80% of 3rm
    5FS+3Jerks: 60%-60%-65%-70%-65%

    Thursday PM:
    14.4 AMRAP 14
    60 cal row
    50 TTB
    40 WB
    30 Power cleans 135
    20 MU

    I got 193 reps (13 muscle ups), which would be somewhere between #20 and #15 worldwide in my age group.

  6. Conditioning – 5:45
    *kinda shorted myself and started each 1st-dip repetition at the bottom of dip grabbing the DB with my feet instead of starting locked out

  7. 14min EMOM

    Hit 205lbs for 4 so I went off the 190 I hit for 5

    1.) 145
    2.) 145
    3.) 145
    4.) 145
    5.) 145
    6.) 145
    7.) 145


    5 front squat 3 jerk @245




  8. 1) 145# — only 3 reps on set 4; rest UB

    2) Off 310# (No jerks; squats weren’t terrible, but definitely heavy)

    3) 8:40 — Dips still wreck shoulders, so I subbed strict HSPU (ouch)

    Connectivity, done.

  9. BBG
    1) Off 155 (115 All UB)
    Box jump overs All 31 sec or less

    2) off 270..no misses..pretty tough

    3) Conditioning 7:31 Rx’d
    Connectivity Done

  10. 1) Followed power protocol with weighted box jumps. Snatches at 95, box jumps with 15# DBs. All rounds complete.
    2) 150 jerks were a struggle
    3) 8:20 @ female weights

  11. 1) skipped, did some connectivity

    2) front squats only @ 195

    3) skipped, just did paused ring dips 5×5 to see how my crappy shoulder will react.

    5mins rowing
    5mins airdyne

    Really taking it easy this week and treating it like a true deload week.

  12. Snatches 120
    Bbj at 20″, felt good to be jumping again today. Should be full speed again next week
    Fat Elizabeth 8:05
    Dipping down to pick up that 30#db to start the rep at full extension was rough

  13. Did some connectivity drill: mainly the core work. Shoulder still a bit iffy with hand stand work and over head pressing. Snatching seems fine.
    1. Emom: 14 min: snatches on 35kg, did 12 box jump overs in 30sec, did 15 on last set.
    2. Just did the front squats: 5×5 at 72.5kg
    Cond: 16:14min (rxd) (dips felt good, had to do 1 rep at a time for the cleans.)

  14. BBG:
    done at 146 no misses
    BJO done between :18 – :20

    done off of 270, sucked for the first couple sets then I got the flow

    6:14 Rx

  15. IG: @mrernestiempire
    (All weights in pounds)
    1) 120 *All UB, no misses

    2) 225 *Missed 2nd and 3rd jerk on every round except the first.

    3) 10:22

    Deload? What’s that?

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