1) Clean & jerk – 1×3@60%, 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 1×3@90%, 1×3@90+% (attempt new 3rm, or do 2nd set at 90%), 1×3@80%

2) Snatch balance – 1×3@60%, 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 2×3@90%, 1×3@80%

3) Squat – 1×3@60%, 1×3@70%, 1×3@80%, 2×3@90%, 1×3@80%

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  1. Did the squats this morning off 270# got to my 90% (245) first set was great second set missed last rep but it messed my lower back up so I’ll be making up the other things later or tomorrow. Couldn’t even go back to the 80% @ 215

  2. That 90% on the squat was hard. Had to back it down a little. Snatch balances were easy. Missed my last jerk on 90%+. Went to about 93%.

    Cait. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope it’s nothing serious.

  3. Kept missing cleans at 90% so didn’t try to go up…added an extra single at 90% afterwards…jerks felt good though…
    Snatch Balances were solid all the way through….
    My squat sucks…failed on the 2nd rep of the first set at 90%….had to back it down and work down in some extra sets….i have to get this knee dive under control….ugh…

  4. C&J’s went ok. Missed the third jerk @90%. Re-tried 90% again and missed the third clean.

    Snatch Balances done.

    Squats…ouch. Off of 375. Missed rep 3 on the first set at 90%. Channeled my post miss rage and got all three on the second set at 90%.

  5. C&J’s were rough, as they always are. Hit a double the first time @90%, and didn’t attempt the third clean. Next time around I hit all 3. Jerks were sketchy. Still trying to get that back leg to hit first again. I am fixing my dip tho, it’s shorter faster and feels much better.

    Snatch balance went well. I dropped all reps at 90%.

    Squats went well too, actually. The jumps were pretty substantial but this has to be a lifetime new 3RM for me. I think the last time I did Smolov I hit 10×3 at my current 90% -5 or 10lb, but hey I’ll take 6 solid reps at 90% today. I think I have a little more in the tank! Legs are finally starting to come around. I really need a 400# BS this year… it’s SUPER ambitious but it’s on my goal list and if I get it I think I’ll qualify for the AO.

  6. I’m really responding well to this program. I’m getting stronger and my joints aren’t aching all the time

    C&J: 165/195/220/245/255PR/220
    Squat: 240/280/320/360/360/320

    Didn’t have time for the snatch balance, I got a roller skating party to go to.

  7. 1) Based on 275# – No misses through 90% (250#). Went for 255# for the 90%+ set but failed on the third rep. Caught it but couldn’t stand out of the clean. Legs were shot. The last set at 80% had no misses. Felt weak on every set.
    2) Based on 240# – No misses. Legs were struggling on these. On the plus side lowering the bar to my back with the wide grip is getting a lot easier. I was worried about the 90% sets but had no issue catching them.
    3) Based on 335# – No misses. For whatever reason these were the easiest of the three lifts today. No issue at all.

  8. 1) Failed the jerk on the second set at 90%. Tried another set at 90% and failed the second jerk again. Hit everything else. Based on 225#
    2) Failed rep 3 at 80%, failed rep 2 at 90% and failed rep 2 at 80% on the last set. Based on 165#
    3)Failed rep 3. Hit everything else. Based on 380#

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