During our camps there is always a chorus of groans and grunts as we have everyone get into a hollow position to begin the Connectivity portion of the weekend. Kaitlin and I have often witnessed grown men shake like leaves while holding the most basic of gymnastics shapes for 10 to 15 seconds. Some of the biggest groaners and shakers have been the same people who, just an hour before, Clean & Jerked a house with near Valenzuela-esque level technique. So why are some humans, who posses the tensile strength to hold nearly two-times bodyweight overhead, like an al dente spaghetti noodle when you take a barbell out of their hands?

Leave it to an Irishman to explain the mysteries of life.

Colm O’Reilly on: “Gymnastics versus Weightlifting“.


WOD 150128:

Session 1:


Every 1:30 for 6:00-

5 Snatches @ 80% of 5rm (full – from floor – T&G is the goal, but you may reset to complete at heavier loads)


10:00 AMRAP at a conversational pace of:

KB Snatches (alternate every 20 reps) 24/16kg

Session 2:


Every for 2:00 for 8:00-

5 Clean & Jerks @ 80% of 5rm (full – from floor – T&G is the goal, but you may reset to complete at heavier loads)


4 rounds for time of:

:45 (accumulated) Hanging L-Sit Hold
15 Jumping Back Squats 65/45#
15 Strict Chest-to-Ring Pull-ups (in good hollow position)
15 DB Push Press 50/35#

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  1. AM Session

    EMOM 80% of 200

    1.) 160
    2.) 160
    3.) 160
    4.) 160

    Conditioning #1

    165 reps

    I do my KB snatch from the hang. I took it as a traditional Kettlebell work out. What that means is they do “long cycle.” Their not allowed to drop the KB if they do the work out is over. Jeff Martone talke about this at the KB seminar. Hope that helps

  2. Session 1

    Done @ 145# all t&g

    137 reps
    -from the ground
    -definitely conversational pace
    -sets of 5, then quick rest

    Session 2 later

  3. 31/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    Session 1
    Done @ 140# and all T&G


    *No Rest

    Session 2
    Done at 155# and all T&G

    19:31….Ring C2Bs can blow me!

  4. Session 1:
    BBG: 112#
    Conditioning: 181 or 191…may have done an extra 10 when I lost count. Hard to keep HR up even when moving as fast as I could

    Session 2:
    BBG: 125#
    Conditioning: 27:02…jesus. c2rings were so slow

  5. 24 / m / 195
    IG : essig14

    Connectivity done.

    Session 1: Emom @ 165. All t&g ub

    Conditioning: 155 total kb snatches. All ub sets of 5. Avg HR: 152 bpm

    Session 2 later.

  6. Snatches 135 UB
    144 KB snatches from the ground
    1.5hr break
    CJs 165 UB
    4 rds in 15:04….but…my hollow position and l holds need work…clearly I need to do Connectivity more often.

  7. Snatches at 150

    10min KB snatches – 130 reps

    15min rest in between

    for time – 23:02
    Biceps basically gave out on me after 1st round. Weakness exposed.

  8. Session 1:
    *ripped my hands yesterday….cant hold on to anything easily, hurts real bad.

    BBG: 115
    Conditioning: 55 (hurt hands on descent)


    BBG: 135
    Conditioning: 2rds in 10 mins

    wasn’t there mentally and hands were killin me.

  9. morning session- 135# metcon- 104 reps tried to focus on form and kept everything easy

    evening session- 155# metcon- 25:50 really struggled with chest to rings.. was very strict with my self getting chest to rings.. had several no reps on every set.

  10. Session 1)
    BBG off 155lbs, (125) All UB

    Conditoning: 120 KB SN, sets of 10B
    1 Hour Break
    Session 2)
    BBG off 195 (155lbs) All UB

    Conditioning: 28:05,
    Wasn’t sure on standards on L-sit, only counted it if I was parallel or above, as you can see I’m a bodyweight ninja……

  11. Sesh 1:
    Done @ 155

    116 – might have been chillin tooo much on these

  12. Ub snatch 185
    Conditioning 1
    120 just was going for 3 rounds. All from ground. Went 20 ea side in the 10 and 10. Didn’t donto many because hands are raw.
    Cnj ub 205
    Conditioning 2
    L sit hang from ring. Killed my shoulders.
    38:7/20:15:10/ 10zand 5s / 40:5
    All squats ub
    Pullups 5s and under. Damn hardest part
    DB pp. all ub.

  13. Session 1


    132 reps

    Session 2



    About a 3 hour break between sessions

  14. IG: @mrernestiempire
    (All weights in pounds)
    Session 1:
    BBG: 120 *All UB T&G

    Conditioning: Have no clue, kept losing count so I just kept an easy pace.

    Was planning on doing session 2 but had to do some unexpected roof repair after work and ran out of time.

  15. Session 2
    Bbg at 165 UB

    29:50. C2R were crazy stupid for me, wanted to quit multiple times

  16. session 1
    1×1 deadlift @ 70%

    120 @45# (heaviest KB available today)

    Wait 10 minutes

    Session 2
    115 (with power and time restrictions I never really set a 5rm so I guessed at this)

    2 rounds in 11:05 w/ female weights. Out of time.

  17. have some questions regarding the back and front holds on boxes. What is the main purpose, what should I focus on during the hold, where should I feel it, how high up do I want the box to rest?

  18. Right shoulder giving some issues so had to change a few things.
    Session 1:
    Did some of the connectivity drill with some shoulder rehab stuff.
    Bbg: very light on snatches 4 x 5: 25- 25-30-30kg
    Cond: 10min row:
    2276m, ave watts: 153, ave 500m: 2:11.8min, spm: 21.
    Session 2: didn’t do the clean and jerk.
    Cond: had to sub in normal push ups for db push press. Just did 2 rounds. Time: 13:13min
    Very frustrating with the shoulder. Will how it feel after some rest.

    • I’m going through the same thing right now man. Just work around it, hit some different movents that could be a weakness.. Pistols.. GHR

      • Ye thanks Eric. That is the plan so will do what I can and sub other movements in where I need to. Think it just need some rest.

  19. M/48/155
    Only time for 1 session today.
    Connectivity: 2x40s chin and toes HS; tabata hollow rocks, tabata arch rocks.

    5 snatches every 90s x 4: 125. Easy.

    5 clean and jerks every 2 min x 4: 145. Not as easy, but done. all tng

    4 rounds for time of:
    15 hanging L – on rings; ub – 25/20 – 15/15/15 – 15/15/15
    15 jumping back squats 65: all UB
    15 strict chest 2 rings in hollow position: 10/5 – 8/4/3 – 7/5/3 – 5/5/3/2
    15 db push press – I scaled to 40: 10/5 – 10/5 – 10/5 – 10/5

    KB snatchfest: did not do

  20. BBG (did yesterdays session today due to work all day wednesday)
    Snatch: 32,5 kg all T’n’G

    KB snatch: 134

    -no break-

    C&J: 45 kg T’n’G

    Mu program with a lot of C2R pull ups

    Only did 3 rounds. Replaced C2R with butterfly pull ups due to mu program.
    Started up on L-sit but went to do hanging tuck hold as I wanted to come home tonight…

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