PVC Raises 3×8

Static Shaping
2×0:40 Hands and Feet Hollow Hold

Skills and Drills
Pull-Up Levers, 5×3 to Horizontal with Perfect form and flat hips.

I started working on ways to implement “gymnastics kips” on the bar and rings into training in order to help CrossFit athletes get a better understanding of what a kip actually is (hint its not all about thrusting your hips as hard as you can into the air) and this is what I started to come up with this weekend:


My thinking is that if we start to work on the bare bones of this movement and a glide kip on bars understanding where the momentum should come from on pull-ups, chest to bar, muscle-ups and ring muscle-ups will become more clear.

So let’s add on:
3×0:30 Upside Down hollow body hold on Rings

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