Fourteen-years-old, 61kg Snatch PR – 1kg off the American Record – Juliette Chang-Fane.


WOD 150114:

Session 1:


Every 1:30 for 6:00-

5 Snatches (full – from floor – T&G is the goal, but you may reset to complete at heavier loads)*

*Begin at 50% of 1RM Snatch and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete 5 reps. When 5 reps are no longer possible subtract 10-20# and complete the remainder of the effort.


10:00 AMRAP of:

50 Double-Unders
40 TTB
30 Bar-Facing Burpees
20 Clean (full) & Jerks (anyhow) 205/135#

Session 2:


Every for 2:00 for 8:00-

5 Clean & Jerks (full – from floor – T&G is the goal, but you may reset to complete at heavier loads)*

*Begin at 50% of 1RM C&J and add weight each minute until you can no longer complete 5 reps. When 5 reps are no longer possible subtract 10-20# and complete the remainder of the effort.


5 rounds for total working time of:

12 Thrusters 95/65#
15 C2B Pull-ups

Rest :60 after round one, decrease rest by :10 per round after. Rest between rounds 4&5 should be :30.

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  1. Anyone else have shoulder issues following this? Programming is great but man my shoulders always feel sore and fatigued with this much volume.
    Or I’m just getting old n achy..

    • Agreed. My shoulders have never been so tight, it’s really starting to hinder my range of motion, going to get some rehab (Graston) work done today.
      Hey but look at the bright side, at least we are saving our hands and not doing a lot of barbell/rig/grip work!!!…. Oh wait

    • Yes – but I have chronically fucked up shoulders anyway….tossed and turned in bed because of my shoulders after the muscle up work yesterday. I’ve been scaling back from time to time with pull ups or TTB, for example, today in WOD #1 I will probably do KB swings instead of ttb to save shoulders for pull ups (need more work on c2b anyway). They will definitely hurt the next we days after that. I see a chiropractor that does ART almost weekly, but the way I see it is that we only have 7 more weeks of this no time to hold back…

      • M/29/155/California Region
        Knees, Wrists, Shoulders are always hurting pretty good. Low back is feeling it too. However around this time last year my training partner and I were feeling the same thing. Right before the open our general Crossfit stuff was getting better, times were getting better, movements were getting better however we were always feeling beat up. We stayed the course and during the open we felt great. My buddy ended making regionals.

  2. AM Session


    1.) 125
    2.) 135
    3.) 155
    4.) 165

    *still light headed from flu. Numbers hopefully will get back. Not used to Firebreathing that bad on weightlifting

    Conditioning #1


    *burpees killed me with an upset stomach. Can’t wait to repeat this WOD healthy.

    Also about the shoulder issue I suggest doing connectivity it does wonders and I use as a warm up and now cool down also. Also several weeks/months Rudy put us through an upper body hytrophy phase to prepare for this.

    • I started following otw at the end of October on that strength cycle. I do a good bit of shoulder prehab work and started adding in connectivity. Overall I’m adapting to the volume except my shoulders. I’ll probably take a 3rd rest day or cut out some overhead work and see how it goes.

  3. Got to box 4:30am. Out the door at 5:30am.

    135# 155# 175# 185# (3-1-1)

    12 clean to thruster

    Rob, yes ttb blew my core up for this workout so early. I tried to do the shoulder stuff from connectivity but getting all the work in before work and before coaching is really becoming an issue with lack of warming up. I hate making excuses but I feel my schedule is finally catching up to me. Like I said yesterday everyone’s IG videos are keeping me motivated!

    • Bad Ass man…thank you for posting scores to shoot for everyday I do appreciate that! #outlawoff

  4. The first WOD just got released for an upcoming comp and I’m pretty happy considering the work we have been doing/suffering through…

    OTM x 10 Once the movement is completed you have the remainder of the minute to rest. If you do not complete what is required in that minute your WOD ends there.
    Minute 1- 10 Power Cleans 75/115
    Minute 2- 20 Double Unders
    Minute 3- 12 Power Cleans
    Minute 4- 20 Double Unders
    Minute 5- 14 Power Cleans
    Minute 6- 20 Double Unders
    Minute 7- 16 Power Cleans
    Minute 8- 20 Double Unders
    Minute 9- 18 Power Cleans
    Minute 10- Max Double Unders

  5. Session 1
    105 t&g
    135 t&g
    155 t&g
    175 4 t&g/missed 5th t&g behind/1 single
    (+30# total load from last week)

    13 @ 205#
    133 Rx

    Session 2 later

    • Session 2
      135 t&g
      165 t&g
      185 t&g
      205 3/2 used split jerks for this weight

      TWT: 4:42

      -Thrusters all UB, lightest 95# has ever felt
      -C2B were UB till the 4th round
      4th rd (9/6)
      5th rd (6/5/4)

  6. AM session:
    190.5 all sets UB +15 total pounds from last week. Feeling fast under the bar again.

    136 reps Rx (16 @ 205#) upset with the clean n push jerks had plenty of tkme to finish just felt like a bag-o-dicks at the end

    Session 2 later

    • Session 2:
      135 UB
      175 UB
      195 (4,1)
      215 (2,1,1,1)
      +20 total lbs from last week

      Total working time of 4:42
      Couldn’t keep it together for the last set. Body is cooked.

  7. question: when you say “full” do you mean squat clean/ squat snatch? Or is that just to specify that it is from the floor?
    snatches 115-160
    con (power clean and push jerks)
    right calf cramped up on me again today. really bad. felt like someone kicked me in the calf on that second set of du’s. may have to just do con later and modify it.

    • “Full” means squat. If it was not from the floor, that would be specified differently. Such as: “hang clean(full) from the power position” or “power clean from blocks (just above knees)” etc.

    • session 2
      Had to figure out what the outlaw power would be for today since there was no post.
      Banded Deadlifts: 6×1@40%(60%at the top)


  8. Snatches
    185 broken into 3/1/1

    10min amrap – 128 reps

    Rested 15min then did session 2 WOD

    TWT – 8:55
    All thrusters UB
    C2B sloppy but getting better

  9. 125
    155 hit one failed twice in a row stopped regrouped.
    155 4.1
    155 4.1
    155 UB
    Cond- 129 RX 9 clean and jerks
    Weight felt fine had 3 mins left on the clock when I approached the bar… The T2B are feeling better but hurt me in this workout.

  10. Session 1
    105/125/145/165×4(did 3 t&g)

    Cond 1: 126rx
    I can feel that I’ve skipped cleans a lot. Woof!

  11. Session 1:
    BBG: 85, 115, 135, 145# (all touch and go except the 145 set)

    Conditioning: 151 reps. Clean and jerks felt so solid. Probably shouldn’t have rested the 25 ish seconds after the final burpee but thought it was going to feel heavier than it did.

    • Session 2:
      BBG: 115, 130, 140, 150# (all T&G except the 150s which were 3/2)

      Conditioning: 5:13 TWT

  12. BBG – 125, 155, 185, 205

    cond 1 – 190 reps (1 round plus 50 DU) – toes to bar unbroken, cleans were slow

  13. Session 1:
    125/135/145/155(3+2)/165(4) – up 10#

    WOD – 13 reps at 205 (123) – got crushed on the 14th attempt as clock ran out. Also subbed KB swings for TTB because my shoulders suck. Wore nano’s, next time I am wearing full weightlifting gear those cleans got hard. Till later….

    • Session 2:
      1) 65kg/70/75/80(3+2)/85(3)

      2) conditioning part 2- 9:43 total time. Thrusters felt great, ctb fell apart 4th round. I am going to sleep now holy fuck.

  14. Feeling destroyed. Everyone else admits it so should I.
    Tng snatch
    235 missed my 5th because I didn’t commit to getting under it. I had it plenty high enough just bitched out
    Conditioning 1
    T2b finished a little after 2 min did all 5s but didn’t stay on ground long at all and last set felt about as easy as first. Really suprised and please. Paced burpees a lot thinking ah cnj 305 20 times easy. Burpees done right at 5. I did everything from thrusters to push press to almost strict press. But didn’t get the power jerk down till the last 5. Finished a little after 9 min took a breath messed up after 2 du and sat down. Def could get back to t2b next time.
    I 100% didn’t even go for the tng clean and jerk today after them. Felt it would be in wise with the weekends comp.
    conditioning 2
    Used first round as warm up went with a good pause on thrusters after that I smoked through them as fast as I could
    Rounds went 43, 34 :36 4th probable around 50 had to drop off pullups. Thought I was about to shit my pants. Decided to be done after that for sanitary reasons
    Instagram is B1GMONKEY I usual post a loft or something dumb each day.

  15. Session 1:
    BBG Snatch
    125, 175, 205, 225 (2)
    Conditioning Rx
    185 reps
    Session 2:
    BBG Clean & Jerk
    155, 185, 225, 235 (2)
    11:40 rest included

  16. PM Session


    1.) 155
    2.) 165
    3.) 175
    4.) 195

    *still upset about strength from the flu

    Conditioning #2

    10:01 TWT

    I did this at little faster then conversational pace thrusters UB. Just didn’t want to push my limit today recovering from the flu

  17. IG: @mrernestiempire
    (All weights in pounds)
    BBG: 115, 125, 135, 145 *all T&G, no misses. Actually felt really light today.

    Conditioning: 125 reps Rx’d (5 reps of C&J)

    Didn’t have time for second session due to a change in schedule at work.

  18. Session 1

    99-130-143-163#(3) missed twice at 163# – felt great going into it

    129 reps (9 reps at 205#)
    I finished the burpees at the 5 min mark. 205# is right at my 80%, it felt pretty heavy too.

    Session 2


    TWT 6:04; rounds at
    Thrusters were all UB; C2B were UB for round 1 and 2 then just did what I could to finish them. I was smoked after this one.

  19. +1 on the shoulder tightness

    Session 1)
    125 UB, 135UB, 145, (2,1,1,1) 155, (1,1,1,1,1)- Little off today

    130 Reps Rx’d (10 @ 205)

    90 min break

    Session 2
    Hands a little toasty so broke them up early
    165 (3/2) 175(3/2) 185(3/2) 195 (2,1,1,1)

    11:43 (8:43 TWT)

  20. Session 1:
    Worked up to snatch single to get comfortable pulling heavy from floor for competition this weekend. Hit 250# (-20)

    Conditioning 1: 1 round + 5 DU

    Session 2:
    235 (3+2)
    250 (singles)

    Conditioning 2:
    TWT: 5:16

  21. I dunno guys… Having worked out 4 times the past 2 weeks (knee) my shoulders feel great!

    Alt. Every 1:30 for 15:00
    1.) Box Squats: 5 @ 225/240/260/280/275
    2.) 5 Strict HSPU + 10 Kipping HSPU, all UB

    EMOM for 5
    3 Power Clean + Push Jerk

    155×3/185×2, UB TnG AFAP

  22. Bbg
    115, 135, 145, 165. Starting to get back into it.

    128reps. Should have got a couple more but was being a sissy.
    No time for session 2

  23. Did heavy singles for the cleans instead.

    Cond pt 2.
    1. :58
    2. 1:16
    3. 1:47
    4. 2:14
    5. 1:54
    TWT. 8:09

  24. Part 1 – BBG:

    170 reps RX

    Part 2 – BBG:
    160/185/205/225/235×1 dropped to 225 and finished

    TWT: 4:18 Rx

  25. BBG1 – up to 130
    Cond1 – 123 – heavy for me. got to barbell work at 3:00

    BBG2 – up to 155
    Cond2 – 9:09 twt

  26. Did the connectivity from yesterday.
    BBG: snatches: 35-42.5-47.5-52.5kg(only got 3 on the last set)
    Cond: 10min AMRAP: 122reps (65kg on the clean and jerk) feeling very flat like someone pulled out the power plug. Having good rest day tomorrow.

    Session 2:
    BBG: clean and jerks: 45-50-55-55kg
    Cond 2: only did 3 rounds: time: 10:20

  27. M/48/155
    AM: Shoulder press x3: 30-34-36-40-42-44-46kg = 77% of 1rm
    Good morning x5: 60-62-64-66kg
    Every 2 min for 16 min: 5 hang clean and push press 34kg(75lbs), airdyne remainder of time

    PM: Connectivity: box shoulder stretch, 60s arch and hollow hold with pvc (these are getting easier), hollow-arch-pull up swings

    Snatch every 90s: 95-120-140-150 after first set, each set was +5 from last week and felt good

    Conditioning: 133 reps. Scaled clean and jerk to 165 which is 10lbs over BW and 75% or 1rm.

    DU were not good, got to practice more DU in weightlifting shoes.
    TTB in 3 sets: 15-15-10
    burpees at a steady pace
    clean and jerks felt hard. I got only 13 in 5 minutes.

    • Session 2 on Thursday
      5 Clean and jerks every 2 minutes: 115, 135, 155, 165. Struggled on that today. Only got up to 75% for the last set. tng on first 3 sets, singles on last set.

      5 rounds of 12 thrusters and 15 c2b. 5:35 TWT. UB on thrusters and c2b until the last round. Got in 8 butterfly c2b, and then it was quick 3s from then on. Lactic acid caught up to me quick and mean on that one.

  28. Session 1

    Snatches: 95, 115, 135, 155 3/1/1 UB on first three sets

    134 Rx, (14 at 205) Dubs and TTB UB

    Session 2


  29. Session 1 @7:30 AM
    1) BBG:
    55kgx 3+2

    2) CONDITIONING: 125rep rx.

    Session 1 @6:00 PM
    1) BBG:
    65kgx 3+1+1

    2) CONDITIONING: TWT 14:26.
    All thrusters UB.

  30. S1
    135 reps 15 c&j

    BBG: stayed light, hips and quads toast
    TWT – 6:00

    • This is the first time its let me post, I’m over here in Marysville/ Tulalip, Washington. I’ve been following outlaw for about a year now and have been working to keep up with your guys’s times and scores so thanks.

  31. 31/M/175#/5’9″/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    Session 1 (had to move this to thurs and rest wed)
    140/150/160/170#(4/1) (+5#)

    131 reps (205# was tougher then I thought it was going to be)

    *Session 2 will be in about 4 hours

  32. For those of you with shoulder, tricep, forearm issues I recommend going through the following before each session. It will help with activation, stability and endurance with this cycle. I have yet to have any problems during this phase of our training.

    4 rounds of:
    :15 Seconds of
    Jumping Jacks
    Table Flips
    Arm Circles
    Rear Delt Cross

    4 rounds of:
    :15 seconds of
    Push up
    Mountain Climber

    Activation Drills
    3 rounds of:
    30 Band pull aparts
    30 Band pull aparts Behind the Neck
    3o Banded pull downs

    3 x 1:00 Rest 1 minute Handstand hold (against wall)
    3 x 1:00 Rest 1 minute Deadhang Hold (in hollow body from pull up bar)

    Stove Pipe:
    2 rounds of:
    2:00 minute row at conversational pace (men – 550m / women – 400m)
    1:00 Barbell Static Hold overhead (first round in clean grip, second in snatch)
    *10 second transition)

    Hope this helps everyone, keep up the good work and see you all in the open.

    • Trust me, I do all kinds of warm up, band work, YTW, etc..

      I have some good days but more bad. My chest and lats are really tight too. I get PT and do a bunch of mobility too.

  33. Did it all in one session:
    BBG 1: Full snatches
    88 / 110 / 121 / 132

    BBG 2: Full Clean n Jerk
    110 / 132 / 154 / 165

    WOD 1: AMRAP
    Scaled to: single unders and 165 Lbs Clean n jerk.
    Rounds/reps: 3 Clean n jerks.

    WOD 2: only did the first 3 rounds, struggle with those C2B.
    3 rounds TWT: 10.08
    All thrusthers UB

  34. BBG: Every 1:30 for 6:00- 125/155/185/205(3)..then hit 3 more UB, failed on 4th 1st try

    Conditioning: 10:00 AMRAP of- 140 reps, disappointed was shooting for 190; I can find :30 in that piece to get the du’s done. Had a few misses on first set of du’s, ttb in 10s, etc.

    50 Double-Unders
    40 TTB
    30 Bar-Facing Burpees
    20 Clean (full) & Jerks (anyhow) 205#

    Session 2:

    BBG: Every for 2:00 for 8:00- 155/170/185/205 all UB all PJ’s, legs weren’t under me

    Conditioning: 5 rounds for total working time of: TWT – 4:03, rds- :38/:39/:47/1:00/1:05, had to break up 4th/5th set of C2B’s going in I thought it would be the thrusters. Decreasing rest was tough.

    12 Thrusters 95#
    15 C2B Pull-ups

    Rest :60 after round one, decrease rest by :10 per round after. Rest between rounds 4&5 should be :30.

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