1) Snatch – 1×5@50%, 1×5@60%, 1×5@70%, 1×5@80%, 1×5@80+% (establish 5rm), 1×5@70%

2) Overhead lunge (clean/jerk grip) – 2 each leg (%1rm jerk) – 1×1@50%, 1×1@60%, 1×1@70%, 1×1@80%, 1×1@70%
*at each percentage, do 2 reps per leg.

3) Power clean (%1rm power clean) – 1×5@50%, 1×5@60%, 1×5@70%, 2×5@80%, 1×5@70%

4) Front squat + jerk (%1rm clean) – 1×5+2@50%, 1×5+2@60%, 1×5+1@70%, 1×5+1@80%, 1×5+1@70%
*example – first set at 50%. do 5 front squats followed by 2 jerks.

16 thoughts on “150107

  1. Snatches done up to 80%, may have had more but not at 6AM. 80% was pretty solid. The rest tonight.

    • Hit one set of 1L+1R lunge at 60%, hit one lunge (L) at 70%. Yikes.

      Power cleans easy peasy.

      FS + Jerks are rough. I have no foot movement after 5 FS. Hit all percentages tho. Beat down.

  2. Snatches went well, no misses until i tried to go 80%++.OH lunges were a disaster, got nowhere near the allocated percentages. Power Cleans and Front squats were fine, a bit of a press out on the last 2 jerks but was pretty smoked by then.

      • yep, not looking forward to those either. i’m gonna hit this tomorrow. resting today. i’ve heard from many people that those lunges were super hard.

  3. Hey everyone, don’t hate me, but i made an error posting. the lunges should be just 1 rep (2 per leg) for each percentage. not a set of 5 two per leg. very sorry. that was a cut and paste error from the programming sent to me. i’ll be better about triple checking. those of you who haven’t done them yet, should feel blessed. i’ve updated the post.

    • All good shit happens. Just did 2 sets of 5(2ea leg) at my 50%. I’ll take a shot at more wt at the 2 rep/set.

  4. Just started following, is today a rest day because no programmin listed for today the 7th..

  5. Snatch off 275#
    Hit 82% for 5 no misses , called it there.

    Skipped lunges after I kept failing at the 50%(mobility issue)

    Power cleans
    off 285#

    Front squats + jerk
    Off 350# no misses

    Love the programming!
    Ive been Going into each day feeling beat up,
    But keep improving.

  6. Snatches went better than expected, had 1 miss at each set of 70%. Lunges were not happening I could barely manage 50%, ended up hitting the percents with back rack lunges and it was still rough. Power cleans were nothing too crazy. The front squats + jerk was good up until 80%, I went to jerk and my feet didnt move haha, all other percents were solid.

  7. Yep, these lunges suck.

    Snatches went ok. Should’ve taken some video. Had a few misses.

    Lunges were hard as shit. Got up to 1 each leg at less than 80%.

    Power cleans were easy.

    Front squat plus jerk was awesome. Hard for me, but exactly what I need.

  8. 1) tough but not impossible…happy with my 5RM PR at 215#
    2)…holy shitballs…wut….hit 50% and 60% ok…did the first rep at 70% ugly, didn’t get all the way down on the first leg of the 2nd lunge and dropped it trying for the 2nd lunge on the 2nd leg….couldn’t even attempt 80%…not sure of the intended ROM but after the first attempt at 70% did 2 more sets at 70% with shortened ROM, more like split jerk depth, not full knee to the ground…very difficult.
    3) a welcome break mostly…a little tired/ugly on second set of 80%, missed 5th rep.
    4) not nearly as bad as i thought it looked on paper…no misses, no problems…

  9. Snatches felt pretty good. missed my 5th rep @ 80% tried 80% again and missed my third rep.

    Lunges sucked. Stayed at 70%. I felt I would just injure myself trying it at 220lbs.

    pwr cleans…easy

    Front squat-jerk complex ended up easier than I thought. No misses.

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