@crossfit_gypsy 30 Degree Handstand Holds

Now that we’re getting into the thick of CrossFit season prep we’re going to start focusing more on efficiency of the movements that we can predict will come up in the Open and Regionals. While lever work and static positioning is still important, it’s also time to start looking at things like refining pull-up technique to pick up speed and accuracy. We’re going to replace Handstand Work with specific skill practice, but don’t worry, we’ll still spend plenty of time upside down.

3×8 PVC Raises DEMO

Static Shaping
2×1:00 Arch Hold with PVC

2×1:00 Hollow Hold with PVC

Skills and Drills
3×12 Arch to Hollow Swings DEMO
*We’re working towards perfect leg form, for the next two weeks our focus is going to be on straight legs butterfly pull-ups/chest to bar.

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