Happy New Year!

Anyone around the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania should check out Christmas City Crossfit. One of the owners, Jesse Rehus, introduced me to Outlaw and sent me straight to Rudy as soon I made the move to Virginia.
I secretly judge gyms by which direction they ask their athletes to practice handstands against the wall…

4×0:20 Seated Pike Stretch
photo 3 copy

Static Shaping
3×0:40 L-Sit on Parallettes*
*Can sub in boxes, dumbbells, etc. just get your ass off the ground. Focus on getting your feet above horizontal as the goal is to eventually move these to the floor.

Handstand Work
3×0:40 30 Degree Handstand Hold
photo 1-2

Skills and Drills
3×10 Tap Levers DEMO

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  1. Where exactly is Christmas City Crossfit located in the Lehigh Valley? I can’t find anything but a website or any info on CF main page. FAIL

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