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WOD 141227:

Testing week – Day 5


1) 1RM Snatch

2) 1RM Clean & Jerk


2014 Regionals – Event 6

For time:
50-calorie row
50 box jump overs, 24 / 18 in.
50 deadlifts, 180 / 120 lb.
50 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14 lb.
50 ring dips
50 wall-ball shots, 20 / 14 lb.
50 deadlifts, 180 / 120 lb.
50 box jump overs, 24 / 18 in.
50-calorie row

Time cap: 21 minutes

33 thoughts on “141227

  1. Question: if you were to hypothetically scale a workout, such as the 50s, would you:

    1. Increase the time cap, keep all else same
    2. Lower the rep scheme, keep all else same
    3. Decrease weight/height, keep all else same

  2. Con 287/450reps
    Did this a couple weeks ago for fun and hated every minute of it
    Other tests
    150 burpees 9:11. 40sec PR from this summer
    2 min dus 133. Practicing extra dus 3x/ week from now til the open
    Gonna aim to do core, hs practice, and maybe swim this weekend

  3. BBG
    1.) 220#, -20#
    2.) 275#, -10#. Missed Jerk at 290/300#

    341. Felt good until second Wall Balls

  4. Snatch

    Hit 245 attempted 255 failed again

    Clean and Jerk

    Hit 285 week before 290 and my old PR is 305 so I said hell with it and tried 315 and missed. Pulls felt great though



    Felt like cardio hell for me

  5. Also after I dicked around for a couple min I decided to finish the whole thing so I did it in 34:15

  6. BBG
    1) 145 (match) tried 155, couldn’t quite get under it, dropped the bar across my thighs, wandered around to walk off the pain and get my stomach back in its proper location, and called snatches good for the day.

    2) 175, 185 cleaned twice missed the jerks

    222 rx

  7. BBG
    1) 165#
    2) 220# – stopped here because i feel like total crap today; i have nothing in the tank

    290 reps

  8. Snatch – 225 matched PR
    C&J – 245 (failed 265) -25 from PR

    1 BJO after the deadlifts (14 reps behind the last time) felt real slow conditioning wise. Still blaming it on the Christmas cookies.

  9. BBG
    1) 200#(-10)
    2) 245#(-30), 265f jerk, 280f clean
    *Fuck Saturdays! Saturdays really fuck with my confidence weight lifting wise.
    384 Rx
    First time doing this one. I love chippers!

  10. Did ‘filthy fifty’ as part Of a bOx tOur: didn’t move well tOday. A slow about 33min. Snatch and clean and jerk tomorrow.

  11. Everything felt terrible today. Slept a solid 10 hours but was feeling icky when I got to the box.

    Snatches: 90# after three attempts (90%); kept getting scared for some reason
    CJ: 105# (80#); just lost confidence and felt weak.. not a happy lifting day.

    Conditioning: DND; went home and slept four more hours..

  12. BBG
    1. 110kg. Missed 115kg 3x
    2. Stopped at 130kg

    382 reps
    First time doing this one.

  13. Snatch 265 not my best snatch missed 275 and called it. Wanted to keep misses to the min for once
    Cnj 350 5lb pr from the ground. Stopped there
    It was a or total to. 279.5 weight 94
    I’ve been sick so I paced wod slow got 310 def could have had a lot more but I stuck with the my plan.

  14. M/187/5’11”

    1) 175 pr tie
    2) 225 just clean, overhead didn’t feel great after yesterday.

    295 RX’d ring dips really held me up.

    Trained with a friend from out of town that got back on the rower! 424 reps!

  15. M/48/155/5’3
    Snatch: 175. Went for pr of 182 and missed 3x, and called it a day.
    Clean and Jerk: 220 = 5lb PR. yay!
    Conditioning: 346.
    2nd set of wall balls and deadlifts was brutal.

  16. BBG:
    220, 225(f)/230(f)/232(f)
    285, 290(f-jerk)/295(f-jerk)/305(f)

    Conditioning: 354 in 21 minutes, then finished it

    Pathetic all around/feel like shit

  17. BBG:
    1) 175…missed 185, i dont know know how i missed it
    2) 245 power clean….i just couldnt’ full clean today, and cant fuckin jerk over 225 now and it pisses me off.

    312rx….had more

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