I’d like to wish a very special Happy Birthday to my Supermom, Linda Hardy. She started going to the gym with me to support my return to college gymnastics a few years ago and mostly lingered around the treadmill. Last year she participated in the Open and finished 27th in the world in her age group. This year, watch out for her at the Games. She’s turning 57 tomorrow and is planning on celebrating by hitting a 110# Snatch and a 145# Clean and Jerk PR on her shiny new Pendlay.

4×0:20 Seated Pike Stretch
photo 3 copy

Static Shaping
3 Attempts at Max Effort L-Sit on Parallettes* (can sub in boxes, dumbbells, etc. just get your ass off the ground.) Just like last week, if your knees are bent you are wasting your time.
*If your max effort sets are not at least 0:20, accumulate 1:30 in total time.

Handstand Work
3×0:40 30 Degree Handstand Hold
photo 1-214

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