2014 American Open Recap – Friday.

This was the first time we’ve gone into a national meet with a full roster of lifters who I’ve been able to spend a considerable amount of time working with, and know well. Over half of our roster had lifted at Nationals, and they’d all made a ton of improvements since then. We went into the weekend cautiously optimistic; knowing that if we hit near projected totals we’d be making a run at a few podiums, and have a shot at a women’s team title. Projections; however, become a fleeting memory when the bar gets loaded and the 1:00 clock turns on.

The only session that really went as planned was the first one. Riki Long cut over 20# to make the 48kg class, and basically did it while learning how to lift. She made weight pretty easily, and nailed her opening Snatch of 58kg. Then nailed 61kg next – which would turn out to be the bronze medal winning lift – and we decided to go to 64kg, which was 2kg under her recent PR. I realized 64 would win gold in the Snatch, when the announcer said that it would be the last lift before the 10:00 break to reset for the Clean & Jerk. Riki pulled it, caught it, then ran forward trying to hold it as she stood, and ended up walking right off the end of the platform. Good lift in your gym, bad lift on a raised national stage. No matter what, I couldn’t be more proud of Riki. To have the guts to take the last Snatch and hold it – at your first national meet and second meet ever – shows the kind of balls it took for her to be a 4’11” US Marine. She hit her first Clean & Jerk at 76kg, and totaled 137kg for a 4th place finish overall in the 48kg weight class.

To say that the rest of the meet was up and down from this point, would be a pretty huge understatement. In the 53A session Shantai hit 71kg on her second Snatch, then proceeded to Clean & Jerk 89kg and 94kg (for bronze overall) – only to have both lifts declined by judges decision. I’ve watched videos of both red-lighted jerks, and while it’s heartbreaking, I agree with the judge’s decision. We knew coming into the weekend that Shantai’s Jerk was a major issue, and now have even more inspiration to get it fixed. At this point a common theme started to take shape – seeing red.

Tomorrow – Saturday Recap.

Super Cleary spent the weekend chasing us around. Here’s the first teaser: “It Takes Guts”.

WOD 141216:


1) 5X1@80% (of max for complex) High Pull (from floor) + Hang Snatch (power position) – rest as needed

2) 5X1@80% (of max for complex) Hang Clean (power position) + Front Squat + Jerk – rest as needed

BB Cycling

3X5 UB Cleans (full squat – from the floor) @ 65% (of max Clean) – rest 90 sec.


1a) 3X2@80% Paused Clean Pulls (3 count pause at knee) – rest 90 sec.

1b) 3X2@80% Push Press + Hold (3 count lockout hold overhead) – rest 90 sec.


3 rounds for time of:

9 Bar Muscle-Ups
21 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″

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  1. Convincing myself today wouldn’t be that bad was my fatal flaw.

    145 (no misses)
    175 (no misses)

    BB Cycling


  2. BBG
    1) 155# no misses
    2) 215# no misses
    3 x 5
    @ 185#
    1) 265
    2) 185
    Conditioning later

  3. 31/M/175#/East Region
    IG: goalie858

    1)Off of 185#
    2)Off of 255#

    Off of 285#

    1a)Off of 335#
    1b)Off of 205#


  4. Just signed up for my first USAW meet. I’ll be in Detroit with Cheek on 1/24 competing as a 77kg’er. Now to lose about 10lbs. Sorry, 4.5kg.

  5. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Sn: 150# off 190#
    Cln Complex: 185# off 230#

    Clns: 170# off 260#

    Cln Pulls: 245# off 305#
    PP: 165# off 205#

    Conditioning: 9:54
    R1: UB
    R2/3: 5/4

    It’s on Junkin…

  6. 1) off 225
    2) off 275
    Off 300
    Off 335
    Off 240
    8:10 mu unbroken.

  7. BBG – Every 90 seconds
    1.) 160#
    2.) 225#

    BBC – Every 90 seconds
    1.) 195#

    Strength – Alt. Every 90 seconds
    1a.) 240#
    1b.) 185#


    ***Intimidated by this one. Bar MUs are a big weakness, previous UB PR was 5. Hit 7 on the 3rd round. Thanks Coach Hardy

    Also, ~18 months ago, when I started following consistently, there is no way in hell I’d have done/finished yesterday’s at Rx. Thanks Coach Rudy

  8. snatches 150
    cj 205
    tng cleans 195
    press 190
    pulls 275
    con- 2014 regional wod 6 (21 timecap with all the 50’s)
    287/450 reps pretty much hated every minute of it
    looking forward to steady cardio for tomorrows conditioning

  9. BBG:
    1) 185
    2) 225

    1) 200

    1a) 275
    1b) 195


    ** I suck at bar MUs, so I capped myself at 3 misses per attempt before moving to BBJ. Ended up doing 6-9-9 (no misses the last two rounds).

  10. M/35/69″/170#

    1) 150
    2) 190
    1) 175
    1a) 165
    1b) 255
    Gamed the pace on the first round of burpees to much, wanted to stay unbroken on the bar MU and didnt know how a faster pace would affect that.

  11. Does anyone else feel like complete ass come Deload week? I’ve noticed this past few deloads …

    Anyway got the lifting portion done Monday then walked out. Today was better:
    1 done – 75-80 kg. shoulder feeling better under the bar
    2 done 90-95. No jerks
    3 – done 90-95
    3×2 pause clean pulls at 130. Easy peasy
    Conditioning – adjusted for shoulder
    3 rft
    9 pwr clean 205
    21 burpee bj 24″

    • Yes I usually feel more aches and pains during deload. And it doesn’t help my back that I sat in shitty chairs for 3 days straight at the AO.

    • Thanks dudes, my thoughts is that it just means its working!

      I would probably say not so much aches and pains but more just lack of energy and lethargic. These three week cycles have been great tho I am pumped about the progress. lets go conditioning now

  12. M/22/160/NorCal
    1: EMOM 10 minutes 2 pwr position snatch @150
    2: EMOM 10 minutes 1 complex @ 185

    BBC: 165, Done

    Strength: 165 PP Done.
    Did not do clean pulls because I did a fat deadlift workout yesterday.

    Conditioning: 8:46 Rx

  13. M/48/155
    Connectivity: 2×60 each: hollow hold with pvc, arch hold with pvc, chin and toes HS

    Snatch hi pull + hang snatch 130, no misses
    hang clean + FS + jerk, 155, no misses
    t&G cleans 3×5@145, done
    pulls, 215
    push press 145
    All felt pretty good.
    Conditioning 7:52. All bar muscle ups unbroken.
    Did class finisher 3 minutes later: 3 minutes ME pullups. I got 91.

  14. M/29/153/California Region
    1. 135
    2. DND


    1a. DND
    1b. 135


  15. BBG
    1) 135
    2) 160

    1) 155

    1a) 215
    1b) 125

    Weights felt light and went smooth.

    12:20 RX’d
    First workout with MU’s done RX’d and did the first round unbroken which is a huge PR!

  16. BBG: Felt Great/good to de-load
    1) 175
    2) 225

    BB Cycling: Felt good

    1a) 255
    1b) 185

    Conditioning: 3 rounds for time of- 7:39, UB MU’s-liked this wod. Maybe could have pushed harder on BBJumps

    9 Bar Muscle-Ups
    21 Burpee Box Jumps 24″

  17. Worked last last night, so had an unscheduled rest day- ended up with 13 hours of sleep though! Body must have needed it! Combined parts of Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s workouts.

    1) DND
    2) 5×95#

    BB Cycling

    1a) DND
    (from – 141217)
    1a) 5X2@80% of 2rm Paused Back Squats 120#x5
    1b) 3×90#

    Subbed C2B.First round got first 5 C2B then was getting high enough but not hitting chest to bar. Did all chest-height pull-ups second round; and last round got 3 more C2B but rest chest height. Burpees were in very slow motion.. 13:39

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