De-load week! Last one before the final loading phase of the off season.

We were so inspired by watching, what little coverage we could find of the World Weightlifting Championships, we’ve decided to put together our own highlight/commentary videos. Since the American media still thinks Weightlifting is the thing Ronnie Coleman does, my buddy Chris Clyde and I decided to take matters in our own hands. Tomorrow we should have the first episode up, assuming we can figure out how to get two people on the same Coaches Eye mic.

Until then… If you haven’t see this, I assume you live under a rock or actually left the house this weekend. This is the man who is most likely the greatest Weightlifter on earth, Ilya Ilyin. With this 242kg/532.4# Clean & Jerk he broke the 105kg World Record (after missing 239kg) and won another world title. He did it in front of his home crowd, and has STILL never been defeated, in any of the three weight classes he has been/is the World Champion in.

WOD 141117:


5X1@80% Snatch from blocks (just above knee) – rest as needed

BB Cycling

3X3@80% UB Hang Snatches (full) from the Power Position – rest 90 sec.


1a) 4X5@75% Front Squats – rest 90 sec.

1b) 4X10 Tempo Ring Dips (3 counts down, 3 count pause at bottom, 3 counts up, 3 count pause at top) – if 10 UB reps at strict tempo is too easy add weight, rest 90 sec.


5 rounds for time of:

20 Calorie Row
20 Wall Balls 30/20#

Note: Men, if you don’t have a 30# wall ball use a 20# to a 12′ target.

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  1. Almost all of the coverage is up on either Weightlifting Union (Russian) or wlift84 (Mandarin I think) youtube channels. The Russian commentary is quite amusing.

  2. BBG
    5×1 at 180# (no misses)

    3×3 at 160#

    a) 4×5 at 225#
    b) 4×10 ring dips without tempo (chest is still sore from local comp Saturday)

    20 cal row
    15 wallballs with 40# slamball

  3. 31/M/174#/Northeast
    IG: @goalie858

    Off of 195#

    Off of 170#

    1a)Off of 270#
    1b) 10/10/10/10….first time getting all UB

    Did ECC WOD#3

    20 min AMRAP
    50 Wall balls 20#
    50 Dubs
    40 Box jumps 24″
    40 T2B
    30C2B…. T2B then C2B was the toughest stretch….my griiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!
    30 Bar facing burpees
    20 Cleans (145#)
    20 Jerks (145#)
    10 Snatches (145#)
    10 Muscle-ups….. pumped about these because my grip was done and I was gased but still did 8/2.

    1 rd + 18 wall balls… kind felt like I did after Tommy Mac dominated me!

  4. BBG


    1a) 205#
    1b) done

    20:26 – there is a little distance between our rower in the garage to the rig with wall ball targets out back + i suck at regular wall balls much less 12′ target ones

  5. BBG

    BB Cycling

    1a. 72kg
    1b. Jut glad to have gotten through them …. Holy sore arms!


  6. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/3/3 – Had Comp Team training yesterday…had 30# WBs lol

    Sn: 160# off of 200#
    Sn Power Pos: 150# off of 185#
    FS: 205# off of 275#
    Dips: all UB

    Conditioning: 12:59 w/ 30#

  7. BBG
    Off of 185#
    *no misses, finally felt good with these today
    Off of 185#
    *no misses, also no idea how this and my snatch from the blocks are the same. I feel really solid from this position.
    1) off of 290#
    2) all UB
    13:57 to 12′

  8. BBG
    1.) done @ 185#

    1.) done @ 155#

    1a.) done @ 235#
    1b.) done

    13:15, with 30# D-Ball (aka, sucked)

  9. 1 – 80-85 kg

    2 – 63-66-70. Felt light.

    3a – 105. No belt no wraps. Felt ok
    3b – difficult but done

    Wod – 11:20. Done with 20# ball 12′. Should have done under 10:30 if I wasn’t such a pussy

    Mfs 6/6/2

  10. BBG: Made up some of yesterday’s due to missing
    5×1 Snatch: 225, 245 (f)
    5×1 C/J: 300, 315(f-2x)

    5X1@80% Snatch from blocks (just above knee) – 175, smooth
    BB Cycling
    3X3@80% UB Hang Snatches (full) from the Power Position – 175 smooth

    1a) 4X5@75% Front Squats – 275 felt easy
    1b) done.

    Conditioning: 1) 3 rds 15 thruster 95# / 15 Bar facing burpees: 4:20

    2) 5 rounds for time of: 10:12 w/20lb wb ~30was being used and didn’t need it after thrusters

    20 Calorie Row
    20 Wall Balls 20#

    Note: Men, if you don’t have a 30# wall ball use a 20# to a 12′ target.

  11. BBG
    Done at 75#

    BB Cycling
    Done at 70#

    1a) 95#
    1b) Subbed 5 strict dips, 5 strict pullups; first set unbroken, rest split up

    First OLW workout to break me.. scaled to three rounds. 11:09. First round went okay, and wall balls were better than expected (sets of 5); second round was also tolerable, but not as easy on the wall balls. third row killed me and then it got in my head that this was going to take much longer than I expected (though I had quite low expectations). Third round of wall balls were in 2s and 3s, which I know I am better than that. Got frustrated, and cut it at 3 rounds.
    I haven’t had a mental breakdown during a WOD since I started Outlaw and this one didn’t even seem so bad compared to plenty of other WODs that I pushed through, so it was even more frustrating to struggle here. Tomorrow is a new day.

  12. BBG:

    BB Cycling:


    11:36rx (to 12′ target)

  13. Blocks snatch 155
    Hang snatches 155
    Front squats 255
    Dips-with mini band
    50 du’s
    20 wb 20#/12ft

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