November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. If you’ve been following Connectivity from the very beginning, I had mentioned a bad fall that I took in College warming up on Floor. When I was 16 I was diagnosed with a nondescript “seizure disorder” and I walked away from that accident with an Epilepsy diagnosis. After a leave of absence from school and gymnastics to get my seizures and medication under control, I teamed up with Dan Nicholls, Cornell Hockey’11, to start an advocacy group on campus. Our goal was to get children with epilepsy safely involved in all of the sports and physical activities that they were told couldn’t be done.

1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at sometime in their life.
Let’s make sure every single one of them has access to a barbell (and maybe a balance beam too).

Read this: Wrist Mobility, courtesy of John Giacalone, my favorite Mobility-Doc, and spend 10 minutes on your wrists and forearms.

Handstand Work
2:00 Static HS Hold with Stomach Against Wall.
If you make it to 2:00 without ANY form deterioration, I want to hear about it.

Skills and Drills
3×5 Floor Lever Progression DEMO
We have done floor levers from the top down, now the goal is to start laying flat on your back and be able to pull yourself into a candlestick without piking at your hips. This is step 1.

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  1. Made it to two minutes. Definitely got shaky at the end but I was able to hold it in. Been following since August.

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