It’s time for some new fun. Hopefully over the past few months you’ve had time to master the basics, now it’s time to start looking towards some more advanced gymnastics movements. This next set of progressions is designed to transfer directly into maximizing handstand walk distance and unbroken sets of ring muscle ups. As always, the goal is to develop your proprioception and neuromuscular adaptation.

Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20, we are going to keep doing this until you can touch the floor.

Handstand Work
Everyday we will be spending some time upside down.
3×6 Each Arm Handstand Straight Hip Taps DEMO

Skills and Drills
2×5 Small Tap Levers DEMO
You should think; Round, Arch, Hips to Bar, then lower yourself with control back to the starting position. Swing just enough to get your hips to the bar without piking.