1) Power Snatch: 4X3 – work to a 3RM, rest as needed

2) Power Clean & Push Jerk: 4X3 – work to a 3RM, rest as needed


1a) 4X3 Three Stop Snatch Pulls DEMO VIDEO – heaviest possible, rest 90 sec.

1b) 4XME UB C2B Pull-ups – rest 90 sec.


Burpee Capacity Test-

4 rounds of:

2:00 Burpees with HR @ or below 155BPM – DO NOT exceed 155BPM.

*Rest :30 between each round. Use this time to write down HR & amount of Burpees performed each round. To gauge HR during rest intervals, find your pulse immediately when the rest period begins. Then count from :10-:15 (5 seconds). Write down this number, and the amount of Burpees completed each round. FYI – 12 beats in :05 = 144BPM – 13 beats in :05 = 156BPM. Anything above 13 and you should slow your pace. Anything below 12 and you should speed up your pace.

Before you begin, do a 1:00 test/warmup – there is no set rest after the 1:00 test warmup. Also, note HR 1:00 AFTER finishing the test.

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  1. Power
    1) 130(2) just missed the last one
    2) 155

    1a) 155×2,165×2
    1b) 14,14,6,11

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