Right when you start to feel good about yourself…

Chris Clyde has to go and show you video of your soulmate favorite female lifter, Lidia Valentin, Snatching 130k and Cleaning 160k yesterday. I mean, I haven’t been stalking paying much attention to Lidia lately, but damn. Obviously she’s getting more beautiful stronger, and her facial structure technique has always been flawless, but she made that 130/160 look like butter.

I guess it’s back to sending her creepy messages on facebook the drawing board for the rest of us. Thanks Lidia, for making us all remember what my dream girl truly great lifting looks like.

130kg/286# Snatch from blocks:

160kg/352# Clean from blocks:

WOD 141022:

BB Cycling

1a) 4X3 @ 80% (of 3rm) Touch & Go Jerks (re-rack, and do not drop) – rest 90 sec.


1a) 4X5 @ 80% (of 5rm) Back Squats – rest 2:00

1b) 4X3 @ 80% (of 3rm) Clean Grip Behind the Neck Push Press – rest 2:00


For time:

100′ HS Walk
21 Deadlifts 275/185#
21 Axle Bar Push Press 135/95#
15 Deadlifts 275/185#
15 Axle Bar Push Press 135/95#
9 Deadlifts 275/185#
9 Axle Bar Push Press 135/95#
100′ HS Walk

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  1. M/31/178

    I have a partner comp Friday, with my wife, so we ran through the following…

    WOD 1)
    5:00 AMRAP of
    Deadlifts (275/185)
    Partner must be hanging from the pullup bar for reps to count

    We did this for 2:30(half the time) and got 39 reps. Basically we’re thinking 5s forever. This pace was a solid pace to use for 5 min, so 80 reps or so would be my projection. This did tax my grip, we’re going to DL some tonight and see what clean grip hookgrip feels like LOL.

    WOD 2)
    3 x 4:00 AMRAPS, back to back, of:
    8 HR pushups
    8 lateral burpees
    8 kb swing (55/35)
    8 lateral burpee
    8 front squats (135/95)
    8 lateral burpees

    One partner works at a time, and can perform a max of 16 reps at a time before the other partner must complete 1 rep.

    We did 2 min each this morning and got:
    3+5 burpee
    2+1 burpee
    I did all the burpees and she did everything else… I can continue the pace on burpees but the pushups and FS will end up sucking real bad for her. If I have to do pushups/swings/FS this becomes a whole different workout…

    Any thoughts on these are appreciated.

    • WoD 1 – Why 5’s? In 2:30, you transitioned 7 times. In the 5 minutes, assuming your keep the same pace, you will have transitioned 15 times. Assuming your transitions were fast, and I have no clue how the set-up of your trial will differ than the set-up on game day, but let’s assume 5 secs/transition. You spent 35 seconds transitioning in a 150 second span, or roughly 23.3% of your time, you were not working. This means you got 39 reps in 115 seconds, or roughly 1DL every 3 seconds. If you extrapolate that to the whole WoD, you are transitioning 75 seconds of 300, or roughly 25%. This will equate to 75 reps, at 3 seconds/DL.

      My solution: Cut down on the # of transitions. My calculation above didn’t even account for being tired, taking more than 5 seconds, etc. Let’s assume that you transition after 8 reps. 8 reps * 3 seconds = 24 seconds + transition = 29 seconds. 300 seconds in the WoD divided by 29 seconds/rotation = 10.34 rotations. 10.34 rotations * 8 reps = 82.75 reps. You just picked up 8 reps in total by cutting out the # of transitions. This is all predicated on the ability to 1) Actually do 8 UB reps, and 2) To maintain that pace throughout. If you’re going to run through this again tonight, try it this way. Compare how it went. Compare how you felt.

      WoD 2: How is this WoD scored? As just total reps for the entire 12 minutes or is each mini-AMRAP scored with your combined total being what you get? I am going to assume the former for this analysis.

      It’s hard to analyze this without knowing your wife’s capabilities. As such, how are her KB swings? If these are good for you, I would recommend picking up some of the slack on the HR pushups. By yourself, you should be able to get through more than 4 rounds, so I would look to configure yourselves so that you can use her to the best of your ability. Maybe only have her do 7 pushups, you do the last one, since you have to do a burpee anyway…? Also, if it’s 12 minutes long, I think you can get a better score if you keep a more even pace throughout, as people will crumble towards the end.

      Hope this helps.

      • She has serious issues with tons of DL. She’s so strong but she breaks. I figure if we’re breaking we might as well transition. She went 9-3-3-4 this morning. My grip went this AM and 5 minutes will definitely tax me. I’ll be limited by how long she can hang, she’ll be limiting herself on DL’s. I agree that’s a lot of transitions but I might be stuck there. I also have NO desire to win the DL workout, it’ll tax everything else for the second WOD. We’ll work more on the DL’s tonight.

        As for the second WOD, it’s one score. The tie breaker is the third AMRAP w/FS’s. She is a monster with the KB she’ll be bored with 8@ 35lbs. We’re working on getting her to pull the thing down. In general, she doesn’t move fast, setups are slow, at times setups started AFTER I finished (e.g. power cleaning the 95lbs only after i finished burpees v. squat clean right away, or power before i finish, then just squatting as I finish, etc.). This is definitely a paced WOD, but if she does any burpees our score will drop big time. The FS’s may be where I have to do more than half the reps. She may do 6, i do 2, then burpee, but again, we’re talking about transitions.

      • I figured that would be the case for WoD 1…gonna have to find what works best for both of you that limits transitions. Gotta work with what ya got.

        WoD 2 – If KB @35 is easy for her, maybe you do 3 burpees, have her do 2, and then you finish with three, giving her time to set up for the KBS, that way, you are somewhat saved for the FS…

  2. M/36/175/Asia (5250′)

    Cycling: @175

    a) @235
    b) @150

    I don’t have HS Walk, so did 50 HS Shoulder Taps against wall
    19:32 Total Time
    3:14 first set of taps
    11:44 for BB work
    4:34 second set of taps – fucking done

    M/F/S: 6/8/2


  3. 31/M/174#/Northeast
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/goalie858
    IG: @goalie858

    Off of 245#

    1a)Off of 300#
    1b)Off of 205#


    100′ HS Walk (50′ down and back…UB each leg)
    21 Deadlifts 275/185# (5’s)
    21 Axle Bar Push Press 135/95# (8/8/5)
    15 Deadlifts 275/185# (3’s)
    15 Axle Bar Push Press 135/95# (8/7)
    9 Deadlifts 275/185# (3s)
    9 Axle Bar Push Press 135/95# (UB)
    100′ HS Walk (50′ down and back…UB each leg)

    12:46… happy with this condisering I am sick and was coughing up green flem on the gym floor every 30 seconds (NO pain no GAINZZZZ).

  4. 15:45. Did a bunch of hsw yesterday. Did first two 50s UB. Last two broke up once. Shoulders were smoked.

  5. BBC
    *no axle bar
    Goal was to be at 15, but happy none the less. Usually any wod with a 100′ HS walk sandwich takes me about 20+. Progress is progress.

  6. BBG

    1a 180
    1b 125

    HS walks at the end kill me. I’m also the only person who hates deadlifts more than anything. STOH were easy.

  7. Feel like trash today

    1.) @ 200#, done

    1a.) @ 270#, done
    1b.) @ 180#, done

    Finished 15s in about 11:00.

    Had to start class. And deadlifts suck a dick

  8. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    TnG Jerks: 195# off of 245#

    BS: 255# off of 320#
    CGBNPP: 175# off of 215#

    17:43 TWT
    100′ HSW: 1:56
    21/15/9: 12:07
    100′ HSW: 3:40

  9. BB Cycling
    1a) 90#

    1a) 105# hip flexors were super tight today
    1b) 70#

    Scaled to 100 “steps” with hands wall walks; scaled deadlifts to 135#, axle bar to 67#
    First time using the axle bar so that was a new experience! Back was tight from kb snatches (inefficient form so was tweaking my back anytime I did the left side), so scaled back on weight for deadlifts. 

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