This is a new era, boys and girls. An era where national records are unofficially broken at exercise competitions, and at bro-sessions around the globe.

On Saturday afternoon, in Melbourne Australia, Andrea Miller hit a 105kg/231# Clean and Jerk PR to win event two at Schwartz’s Challenge. Andy’s last exercise comp was the 2013 Aussie regionals, and she’s finally healthy after a long list of injuries and illnesses kept her out of the 2014 season. She spent about four months training with the New Zealand WL team (her home country), and was heartbreakingly close to making their Commonwealth Games squad.

I don’t think her heart is broken anymore – this is the new unofficial 69kg New Zealand National Record in the Clean & Jerk.

Also, I know I’ve already posted this, but my “bro-session” reference above was specific. Lacey’s sorta 85kg/187# PR Snatch from Friday was apparently only 5kg under the Canadian 58kg National Record. When it happened none of us had any idea how close it was.

It’s a new era.

WOD 141020:


5X2 @ 80% (of 2rm) Pause Snatches (3 count pause at the knee) – rest as needed

BB Cycling/Midline

1a) 3X3@80% (of 3rm) Touch & Go Snatches (full) – rest 90 sec.

1b) 3X60 second ME Strict TTB – rest 90 sec.


10:00 AMRAP of:

KB Snatches 24/16kg (alternate arms every 20 reps)

-then (no rest)-

10:00 Row for distance

26 thoughts on “141020

  1. M/36/175/Asia 5250’el

    BBG: @140
    a) 135/145/150 they felt good, could probably go up
    b) 15/15/18 difficult for me
    120 Snatches, haven’t done this since last year, couldn’t find my score, but I think it was in the 80s?
    2478m that was rough after everything else, probably should have waited until later?

    M/F/S: 4/7/2

      • I never enjoy being the first one to post but deload week gives me a good opportunity to not have to split up the workouts but you killed it with 166…. to be honest my girlfriend beat me by 4 reps :-/

  2. BBG
    Off 180
    1a) off 185
    1b) 20-20-20
    KBS- 150
    Row- 2613m
    Hands felt like shit after the 42 MUs Saturday!

  3. snatches 155
    tng snatches 155
    practiced hollow holds
    kbsnatches 117-that was awful. wouldve done way better if i had changed arms as needed
    row 2450m-that was awful too

  4. BBG
    1.) @150#, 1 miss cuz I’m an asshole

    1a.) @ 160#, No misses
    1b.) 16/17/16


  5. BBG: off 180
    Strength: 1a) off 170
    1b) 17,15,12 – hand finally ripped after all the C2B we did last week
    Conditioning: no KBS cause of rip, 2495m row

  6. BBG
    1) done
    1) done
    2) 22, 22, 21, 21
    173 reps RX
    2361 meters~tried to do an interval of 40s good pace with 20s fast pace, held that for about 5 minutes before my left forearm went numb. Could barely hold the handle with my left hand, could only manage pulling with my fingertips

  7. BBG:
    5X2 @ 80% 3 count Pause Snatches- 165# across, on the :75. Felt good

    BB Cycling/Midline:
    1a) 3X3@80% (of 3rm) T&G Snatches (full) – 165#. Felt good
    1b) 3X60 second ME Strict TTB – 30/30/28

    Conditioning: Different, tested comp wod then 10:00 row

    5 RFT: of 5 PC 205 / 4 Pistols Each Leg / 3 MU’s. ~6:15, was conservative on this; especially after MU/PC-PJ wod yesterday. Felt fine

    then (no rest)-

    10:00 Row for distance: 2330, felt solid

  8. BBG:
    1) 175

    1a) 165
    1b) 14-13-12

    153 & 2552m

    Felt like shit today; barbell felt heavy as hell.

  9. M/29/153/NorCal
    1. DND

    1a. DND
    1b. 16-15-15

    146 Rx
    Row: 2490

  10. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Pause Sn: 145# off of 180#

    TnG Sn: 140# off of 175#
    ST2B: 18/18/18

    Conditioning: 178 reps + 2251m rowed; lower right back seized up along with right butt cheek; didn’t calm down until about 150 seconds left.

    Notes: Glad my hands didn’t rip. Also, shoutout to Junkin and Foster for the gentlemenly competition via Instagram. Let’s keep posting and pushing. We all push harder when we know someone is shooting for us.

  11. Back to Outlaw after a week in SoCal with two drop-in class WODs; plus a barbell competition Saturday. PRed my snatch FINALLY hit 100# and definitely had more in me. Funny because typical Saturday mornings when I attempt to PR for OLW I can rarely hit 90%!

    Should have been 70# but partner was using 65# and forgot to switch weights

    BB Cycling/Midline
    1a) 65#
    1b) 11,13,12

    Scaled these to 12kg; not very efficient on the kb snatches, especially with the left arm. Form was not on point as it kept hurting my lower back when I did that side. Did alternating 5 at a time. 115; 2031m

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