Today I’d like to address the scientific phenomena known as “old man strength”. Simply put, it is the ability of the aging male human to do things which young male douche bags humans usually can’t do. Also, it gives older men the ability to lift odd objects with the express purpose of making punk kids younger men, realize their balls haven’t dropped they aren’t yet the alpha males of the species.

Some examples of this would be…

-Your dad lifting an entire couch overhead after you complain that your vaj hurts your grip is fatigued.
-Your grey-haired chain-smoking mechanic being able to unscrew nuts with his bare hands, while you can’t get them off with an air wrench and a set of balls.
-Louie Simmons.

Here are a couple other examples to prove the existence of “old man strength”…

I met Jeb Simmons at a camp in Green Bay right around this time last year. We hit it off because he values the finer things in life: custom Harleys, tattoos, and Olympic Weightlifting. He Snatched 205# and Clean & Jerked 255# at the Green Bay camp, both of which were PRs.

This weekend, at the OBB camp in Fond du Lac, he Snatched 235# and Clean & Jerked 285# for a 30# increase on each lift in a year. This was due to three things:

1) He worked his ass off on technique and mobility for a year.
2) He grew an awesome beard.
3) He turned 40 in September, therefore allowing him to finally be able to access his body’s full potential through OMS (old man strength).

Here’s his 235#/107kg Snatch (and 10 yard dash):

When I heard of Jeb’s PR, I decided to try to one-up him. Largely because as an old man it’s fine to be beat by young, in-their-prime punks men, but to be beaten by another distinguished gentleman, is unacceptable. I haven’t hit over 235# in almost a year, and had a very close miss with 245# last week from the blocks. Today I missed 245# from the hang, and without thinking about it went straight to 255#/116kg (which would be a lifetime PR from any position and at 85kg).

After getting up the gumption (it’s an old-man word, Google it) to give it a try, I pulled on it and somehow it magically ended up overhead. My explanation? Old Man Strength (and Hatebreed).

My 255#/116kg from the hang (then I may have gone a little crazy):

Don’t worry punks young men, some day you’ll have the same OMS we have. However, your dad will always be stronger than you, no matter how old he is. It’s science.

WOD 141014:


1) 5X1 Two Position Clean (hang & power position) – heavy but NO MISSES, rest as needed

2) 5X2 Jerk from blocks – heaviest possible, rest as needed

BB Cycling/Midline

1a) 4+1X3 Touch & Go Cleans (full) – three sets to work to a 3rm (see note for explanation of +1), rest 90 sec.

Note: The +1 set is an additional ME UB set @ 75% of the 3rm established in the first four sets. The goal is as many T&G reps as possible – with perfect technique – before dropping the bar.

1b) 4X8 Tempo Ring Dips (3 counts down, 3 count pause at bottom, 3 counts up, 3 count pause at top) – if 8 reps at strict tempo is too easy add weight, rest 2:00


3X1 Mile Run – Rest 2:1

22 thoughts on “141014

  1. M/31/179

    1) 205, 215, 225f – third rep in bottom, 230 (+5, crazy), 5@ 170
    2) 8, 5-2-1, 6-2, 4-1-2-1

    Did 230 with no hook on the second and third reps sheesh.

    • CND

      No cleans no Jerks. Back is fried. Feet hurt. Legs hurt lol. Wanted all 6:XX but I’ll take the mid 7s after a near PR.

  2. BBG:
    1. Up to 110kg

    1. 115kg 120kg 125kg 132kg
    2. Done

    PM Session – will sub 2K row instead so I don’t get lost before class starts
    Yesterday got 103 burpees. Will have a better strategy for burpees next time.

  3. 1) 275#
    2) 275#, no blocks, re-racked to shoulders.

    1a) 260#, probably could have gone up a bit, 195# for 10 reps
    1b) 8 on all, no weight.

    Cond: 6:06, 6:10, 6:30. Gassed…

  4. BBG)
    1: up to 215#
    2: skipped, shoulder giving me trouble with OH movements

    Clean: 190, 200, 210, 220 (+5), 165×9
    Ring Dips: Done

    Class WOD

  5. BBG
    1) up to 250#
    2) up to 275 (10# PR)

    1a) up to 245(2)…DND max set
    1b) Dips felt better (and easier)

    Miles: 6:17, 6:20, 6:21

  6. BBG
    *shott on time, subbed 5×1 2 Pos Clean + 1 Jerk
    1.) up to 245#

    1a.) 270#, +10. 7 @ 205#
    1b.) Done


  7. Heh, anytime it is mostly running the posts are about 5% of what they usually are.

    Had a great day today. Maybe it was the chiro popping my rib back in place.

    215 +5
    215 +5
    205 +10 then 155(+10) for 9 (same reps as at 145 last week)
    6:45(PR by :22), 7:35 (ran with my slow ass dog), 7:07

  8. BBG:
    1) Up to 275
    2) Up to 295

    1a) 215 – 235 – 245 – 255(1) – 185(5)
    1b) Done

    3:19 (800m; ran out of daylight, didn’t want to run a mile in the parking lot)

  9. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    2-Pos Clean: 165/185/205/225/235#; +10# from last week
    Jerks: 175/195/215/235 – tweaked something in my neck/upper back. Inflamed from base of skull down to trap on the right side only…

    TnG Cleans: 175/195/210/225#; +5# from last week
    ME: 9 @ 170#
    Dips: Better than last week; all done 4/4

    Conditioning: Neck was seizing up too much to turn head to the side.

  10. BBG
    1) 215, 225, 235, 245 ~missed from power pos, 245 (-5) from last week
    2) 195, 205, 215, 205, 205
    * something about Tuesdays eff me up for jerk. The weight felt inordinately heavier than usual, had to hold off on the weight and focus on form
    1) 225, 235, 245 (+5), 250 x 2 ~ this felt easier than 245, brought the weight back down for the 3rd rep and it crashed into my quads causing me to buckle under the weight.
    10 @ 185
    2) 4 x 8 all UB, might use weight next week
    1 x 5 @ 315
    1 × 3 @ 355
    1 × 8 @ 400
    7:10, 7:30, 7:18
    *pretty sure my box’s mile marker is off, by a lot

  11. BBG
    1. 275# (+10#)
    2. 215# – working on Push Jerk

    Hit a 205# Hang Snatch today which ties my PR from any position

  12. 31/M/174#/Northeast
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/goalie858
    IG: @goalie858

    1)Up to 250# (-10#)
    2)Up to 250# (+5#)

    1a)205/220/235/245# (+5#)/Did 3 reps @ 185 and stopped because I tweaked my ankle from massive flexing to catch 3rd rep of 245#

    Planned to sub 3x2000m row because of weather but only ended up having time for 2 rounds: 7:28/7:26

  13. BBG
    1) 5X1 Two Position Clean (hang & power position) – 245/255/265/275/285, no misses was pretty happy with this
    2) 5X2 Jerk from blocks – 245/250/255/260×1/265

    BB Cycling/Midline
    1a) 4X3 Touch & Go Cleans (full) – did this wrong, did 4 sets, 230/240/250/260, smoked. rest 90 sec. (+1,195/8)
    1b) 4X8 Tempo Ring Dips: Done @ body weight

    Conditioning: 3X1 Mile Run – Rest 2:1. Different/time: Was a good one/I’ll make up the running

    2k Row (7:20) rest 1 minute then
    70 Du’s/60 HRPushUps/50 Sit-ups/40 KBS @24kg.

  14. M/29/154/Norcal
    1. 185-200-210-220-230(f at power position)
    2. DND
    1a. DND
    1b. Done

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