1) 5X1 Two Position POWER Clean (hang & power position) – heavy but NO MISSES, rest as needed

2) 5X2 Jerk from blocks – heaviest possible, rest as needed

BB Cycling/Midline

1a) 4+1X3 Touch & Go Cleans (full) – three sets to work to a 3rm (see note for explanation of +1), rest 90 sec.

Note: The +1 set is an additional ME UB set @ 75% of the 3rm established in the first four sets. The goal is as many T&G reps as possible – with perfect technique – before dropping the bar.

1b) 3XME UB + 3 Strict HSPU (ME UB set, quick rest, then 3 more reps) – rest 2:00


4 rounds for total working time of:

Run 400m
20 C2B Pullups

Rest 1:1

*Each run should be all out effort. Do not pace to do Pull-ups faster.

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  1. John, will this new template be The Outlaw Way’s work out and only Wednesdays and Saturdays are Outlaw power? Thank you.

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