Two lifts that were oh-so-close to American Records this weekend…

The first is 14 year-old Juliette Chang-Fane’s new PR Clean & Jerk of 73kg/161#, which is 5kg from the 14-15yo record. Not bad for her first meet, and she’s got 18 months left to break it.

The second, THEE Jared Fleming, with an easy meet PR Snatch of 165kg/363#. Just 3kg from Norik Vardanian’s two-month-old record of 168kg.

WOD 140929:


5X2 Pause Snatches (3 count pause at the knee) – heavy but NO MISSES and absolute strict pause at the knee, rest as needed

BB Cycling/Midline

1a) 4+1X3 Touch & Go Snatches (full) – three sets to work to a 3rm (see note for explanation of +1), rest 90 sec.

Note: The +1 set is an additional ME UB set @ 75% of the 3rm established in the first four sets. The goal is as many T&G reps as possible – with perfect technique – before dropping the bar.

1b) 4X60 second ME Strict TTB – rest 90 sec.


“Open Workout 12.1″

7:00 AMRAP of:

6” Target Burpees

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  1. M/31/183 – +8, uhhh…

    145, 155, 165, 175, 185 – love this. Felt pretty good at 185 as well…

    84. Didn’t love this. Glad I hit it in the morning tho. Feet hurt again…

    • Cycling
      1) 160(f third back), 170, 180(f third in SLOW MO) I posted this lift on instagram (@west41sidepheens)
      2) 18, 15, 12, tons of interference here. Roasted.

  2. 31/M/175#/Northeast
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/goalie858
    IG: @goalie858

    Worked up to 175#….these hurt after having to do Diane yesterday!


    107… Wasn’t around in 2012 so nothing to compare it to but happy with triple digits.

  3. 5’9″/ 145/ 39 yrs
    5×2 pause snatches(at knee)
    BB Cycling/Midline:
    1a) 73#, 78,76,76
    1b) 17,16,15,15, starting in the arch position
    Conditioning: 71 …there will be better days!

    • Did start back up Connectivity today. Did tha! Scared to walk off the wall though. Maybe will get a spotter next time. Did the hold and Bar M/u progressions

  4. snatches 190
    tng snatches 200
    me 10×150
    t2b-done, 15-20ish each time
    5 better than the 110 i got on 140118

  5. Coming off a high ankle sprain so did what I could barbell wise. 165 power snatch for first part. Did some pause squats.

    TTB total- 95
    Conditioning- 97 burpees

  6. BBG:
    1. Up to 90kg

    1a. 90kg 95kg (failed 3rd rep) 97kg 100kg

    Last time I did this it was for Open 12.1 and got 94 all out, today I just kept a steady pace so extremely happy with that, hoping to see that in the open

  7. BBG
    5X2 Pause Snatches (3 count pause at the knee) – 155/170/185/195/205, no misses

    BB Cycling/Midline:
    1a) 3×3 Touch & Go Snatches (full) – 185/195/205 – felt good
    1b) 25 across

    Conditioning: β€œOpen Workout 12.1β€³ 7:00 AMRAP of Burpees – 126 (-3) steady pace felt good stayed solid the whole way

  8. BBG
    1) 135, 145, 155~was all over the place so did 155 again, 165
    1) 155, 165, 175
    11 @ 130
    2) 15, 16, 18, 16
    ~ +6 from January. Definitely sucked, but in open conditions I feel like I could push for 5-10 more

  9. BBG
    1.) 185#, missed 2nd at 200#

    1a.) 155/170/180#, dumped 6th @ 135# forward like a dickhead
    1b.) 15/15/15/14


  10. BBG:
    Up to 195

    1a) 185 – 195(x) – 195(2) – 195 – 145(7)
    1b) 6 – 6 – 5 – 5 (Yes, my midline is that weak…)

    DND — Had nothing today. This definitely wasn’t happening.

  11. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    PaSn: 135/145/155/165/175# – no fails, felt solid

    TnG Sn: 140/160/175#
    ME: 9 @ 130#
    ST2B: 14/14/14 – felt much better than the last time we did these

    Conditioning: 93 reps; +9 reps from 2012 Open

    Notes: Paced first 5 mins at 12/round. Finished each round in 0:40, so was able to keep a 2:1 work:rest ratio. Never felt fatigued or tired. Last 2 minutes, I pushed it all out, getting 33 in the final 2 minutes. I think I can easily get over 100 by doing 13/rd as well as starting slightly sooner on the ME, as I still had some gas in the tank. Couple this with the fact that we are still 5 months out from the Open, and I am pretty satisfied as I accomplished what I set out to do prior to the WoD.

    And to echo Shawn from above, I went all out in 2012 and only got 84 then. Today, I never redlined, and I felt in control the whole way through.

  12. 28/175/NorCal

    155-175-195-215-225 PR

    BB Cycling/midline
    1a) 175-195-205-210
    1b) 15-10-10-9

    116 (-5) πŸ™

  13. BBG:
    Up to 160. Felt good
    150. Hit 155 twice on 5th set
    Only 4 at 115, I was smoked.
    Didn’t count TTB. About 10 each set tho.
    90 (-17)
    Benched heavy at work yesterday, might have had something to do with it. But back in 2012 I was all cardio. I’m happy with it tho.

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