We’re going to do an experiment. One of the most common problems I’ve been seeing in HS walking is starting in a bad position. At camp, I’ve been having groups warm-up by kicking up to a handstand with a partner grabbing their legs, getting themselves into a perfect static HS position, and then starting to walk. To remedy that with a few of our athletes who still struggle with walking, we’ve been having them start in a Chin to Toes HS on the wall, then start to walk forward.

Static Shaping
2×1:00 Chin to Toes HS Hold + 5 Steps from Wall*
Accumulate 1:00 in a HS Hold with your stomach facing the wall, at the conclusion of one minute, walk on your hands 5 steps from the wall without losing your HS form.
photo 1

Skills and Drills
3×3 Arch to Hollow Swing + Chest to Bar + Bar MU DEMO