3X5 Split Jerk (no drops) @ 75%


1) Tall Snatch: 3X5 @ 80%

2) 3X5 Clean Grip Behind the Neck Push Press @ 100% of last week’s 8rm – rest 2:00


1a) 3X5 Pause Front Squats @ 100% of last week’s 8rm – (STRICT 3 second pause in the bottom at absolute bottom depth), rest 2:00

1b) 3X8 Strict TTB – rest 2:00

4 thoughts on “140924

  1. Hi,

    I’d like to begin following your OL programming in the next couple of weeks, when would be the best time to begin following?

    I also have a question about incorporating cardio into the sessions, I believe having an aerobic base is important, how do you suggest I put these into my weeks?
    Should I do it say – AM long slow cardio – PM OL lifting? Or mix in some cardio after the workouts?


    • If you want cardio, do TOW. Don’t try to do cardio and this, you’ll blow yourself up. I did nothing but Outlaw BB for for months, and it’s only taken me a month on TOW to get most of my conditioning back.

      • I should clarify, that I don’t mean heavy anaerobic, crossfit style ‘cardio’

        I’m talking about 60minute slow burn, hr below 155bpm cardio.

        I’m not so interested in crossfit, much more in OLY lifting.

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