The present.

Outlaw Barbell National Champion, Cassidy Duffield, 200#/91kg Snatch from blocks:

The future.

14 year-old Outlaw athlete, Juliette Chang-Fane, 170# Split Jerk PR:

WOD 140916:


1) 5X1 Clean from blocks (just above knee) – work to a heavy but perfect single for the day (preferably no misses), rest as needed

2) 5X1 Jerk from blocks – work to a heavy but perfect single for the day (preferably no misses), rest as needed

BB Cycling/Midline

1a) 3+1X5 Touch & Go Cleans (full) – three sets to work to a 5rm (see note for explanation of +1), rest 2:00

Note: The +1 set is an additional ME UB set @ 80% of the 5rm established in the first three sets. The goal is as many T&G reps as possible – with perfect technique – before dropping the bar. The +1 notation will be used throughout this cycle.

1b) 3X1:30 ME Strict Muscle-Ups – rest 2:00


12 minutes to complete-

4 rounds of:

15 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95#
15 C2B Pull-ups
50 Double-Unders

With the remainder of the 12 minutes-


Lateral Jump Burpees (Burpee, then hop to the other side of the bar – this equals one rep.)

*Score is total reps of Burpees.

31 thoughts on “140916

  1. M/31/175

    1) 215, 235, 245(-10), 255f, 265f bottom position is poor/tardy at these weights. Smh. Even 245 I’m getting the rack as I stand.
    2) 225, 245, 265(-20), 285f, 300fx2. Figured I should try 300. I’m pushing away v. under.

    Feel like crap!

    • Not happy but relieved that the first post ends with “Feel Like Crap!” Glad its not just me being a bitch.

    • I was 179 today, fat

      1) 175, 195, 215(+10), 8@170
      2) 7, 6, 5 same number as last week. Failed the 8th on the first set. Stuck at the transition.

      Started the conditioning, did a solid set of 15 jerks then died on pull-ups. Quit at 18 DU. I have a SERIOUS PROBLEM doing pull-ups in WODs. I don’t string em, I get gassed, it’s all bad. I really need less strength sessions and more metcon a with pull-ups.

  2. M/36/181

    1)185/205/225/245(old pr)/255(F)
    2)185/195/205/215/225 even 185 felt heavy, but felt like there was a lot more left

    1a) 185/195/200/8×160#
    1b) 4/3/2 haven’t done MU in a long time

    M/F/S: 8/6/1
    been on a long hiatus from TOW, looking forward to getting back on it

  3. BBG:
    1) Up to 265. My best position in the snatch is the blocks, and my worst position in the clean is the blocks. Weird and frustrating. I just feel like I have no explosive power from the blocks while cleaning.
    2) DND. No time

    1) Only 225 today (-10) Every rep felt just heavy as hell

    Cond: 8 burpees. Shitty. DU’s just completely fell apart when my shoulders got really fatigued. Not a great day

  4. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Cln: 185/215/225/235/245#
    Jerk: 185/215/225/235/245# – both were -10# from last week

    5RM Cln: 175/195/215#; +5# from last week
    ME: 9 @ 170#; +1 rep from last week
    Strict MUs: Still can’t do these. Practiced false grip pull-ups. Idk what I am doing wrong. Should probably video tape and post here…

    Conditioning: 3 burpees
    S2OH: 15;9/6;10/5;10/5
    C2B: 5/5/5; 5/5/5; 5/2’s; 2’s; lost butterfly starting rd 3; felt fat and fatigued

    • I’ve also found a few of you via IG…nice to put faces to names. Already give Junkin tons of shit, just started following Mike L-G and Rider, and it makes the forum more fun. I’m @GoBlueAlum08, so let’s make this forum social instead of only 17 people posting here each week because they never clear the moderated posts…

        • Added. And +1 to Shawn…it’s cool to see everyone’s videos and get to know them outside of their 250 character posts

      • I’ll post a video tomorrow. I can watch people do them, but apparently I am not doing what I think I am doing, so having you twerps (aka Junkin, who I don’t even know his actual name…) comment on it.

  5. I agree JCheek it’s cool to see the videos of everyone.
    This conditioning was brutal just like the one in January with TTB.

    1. 115kg

    17 Burpees

  6. BBG)
    Clean: 195X5, kept these around 80% and focused on technique
    Jerk: 185X5, again, 80%…technique

    Clean: 165, 185, 195, 155X8
    Strict MUs: 4, 4, 3

    3 Burpees Rx. This sucked. I have terrible capacity for S2OH at moderate weight high reps. Felt like I had to do them unbroken or else I woulda been staring at the bar too long. That strategy seemed to slow me down on the C2B a bit.

  7. BBG:
    1) 275
    2) 320

    1a) 205 – 225 – 235 – 190(6) [Think I saw Satan on the last rep at 235…]
    1b) 5 – 4 – 4 (all singles)

    3 rounds. Conditioning, especially with gymnastics, still really lacking.

  8. Shit day. Tired. Looking forward to tomorrows metcon.

    10205 -20
    2) 205 -20
    1) 185 then 9 at 155 -same as last week
    2) 5,5,4 – two more than last week
    3+3 Round one in 2:25 then the other rounds happened

  9. BBG
    1) 235# (-50) feel completely retarded on cleans from the box
    2) 215# (-50) gassed from maxing out on bench. Joined the 300# club with 305# today. Pretty stoked about that!

    1) 225# (+10)
    10 @ 185#
    2) 10, 10, 7

    15 burpees RX

    my IG is @a_a_ron0123

  10. did yesterday’s BB Cycling
    Did a Snatch complex in preparation for a comp
    Squat Snatch – Hang squat Snatch – Hang Power Snatch
    60-70-80-85-90 kg

    BBC (snatch)
    70-80-90(3) lost balance und dropped bar behind, felt so good
    ME UB 9 reps @ 75 kg (legs toast, 2 reps less than last week)

    subbed 15 C2B to 10 Strict Pull-Ups (pussy sub, i know, but need engine work and i was afraid to rip my hands -> comp on saturday)

    10:53 + 16 Burpees
    all StOH UB

  11. 1 hang clean + 1 jerk-worked up to 255
    cycling-skipped- cant wait for september to be over and my schedule to get back to normal
    could not string together a significant set of du’s on round 3 or 4. i was on pace to finish until that

  12. 28/173/NorCal


    BB Cycling/midline
    1a) 205-225-240
    1b) 7-7-8

    30 burpees

  13. 31/M/175#/Northeast

    2)185/205/225/(245#x2)… OH is sooo weak for me! Working to widen my grip a little to shorten to the push distance. Any tips to get stronger here?

    1a)195/205/215/10 @ 175#…FINALLY hit 215# after 4 out of 5 the last couple weeks!
    1b)4+1+1/3+1+1+1/4+1+1+1 = 19

    finished metcon with 1:05 left then hit 16 burpees

  14. M/28/159/NorCal
    1. 165-195-210-220-230(f)
    2. 185-205-225-235-245(PR)

    1. 165-175-185. Drop set 160 (11)
    2. DNd


  15. BBG
    1) 5X1 Clean from blocks. 225/245/255/265/275
    2) 5X1 Jerk from blocks – same

    BB Cycling/Midline
    1a) 3+1X5 Touch & Go Cleans (full) – 215/230/250×3 (f) on 4th, rest 2:00
    Hands destroyed, ripped from competition saturday no +1
    1b) 3X1:30 ME Strict Muscle-Ups – 2/1/1, then regular 8 each round, rest 2:00

    Conditioning: Score =30, 30 burpees. needed to push harder here had time to get to 40

  16. BB C/M
    1a) 180#, 3@145#. Felt beat by that point.
    1b) 1, 2
    Cond – Modified to 4 rds of:
    10 Shoulder to Overhead 115#
    10 C2B Pull-ups
    30 Double-Unders
    Score – 3 burpees.

  17. 1. 245#/missed at 255#
    2. 275#
    3. 190#/210/230×2+3 (Had a bad re-grip, finished out at singles)/185×7
    4.7/9/8- 2 UB first set, 4 UB on second set, 5 UB on third set
    5.+17 Burpees

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