Establish a 1RM Bench Press


In 12 minutes complete:

4 rounds of:

15 Shoulder to Overhead 135/95#
15 C2B Pull-ups
50 Double-Unders

With the remainder of the 12 minutes-


Lateral Jump Burpees (Burpee, then hop to the other side of the bar – this equals one rep.)

*Score is total reps of Burpees.

Do Work…

6 thoughts on “140916

  1. Power
    1) 225 (-15), 250 (f)
    -was hesitant about maxing due to a nagging shoulder injury from the MU or HSPU wod last week. Warmed up, and felt ok, but didn’t summon the demons.

    Accessory work.

    6x:30 AD4
    rest 2:00
    -going to protect my shoulder until it heals. Mostly irritated by going overhead.

  2. Power
    1) 305# (+20 PR) almost got 315#. My bench is now way too close to my back squat now. Embarrassing

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