6 thoughts on “140915

  1. Power
    1) 400 (50lb PR)
    -this came out of NO where. I knew hitting 350x2x2 last week was a good indication my squat went up, but this is a milestone I didn’t think I would hit anytime soon. Thank you

    4nds: 10:34 TWT

  2. Power
    1) 365# (+0)
    Getting really frustrated with back squat. Was really amped last night and had a hard time falling asleep, so I probably shouldn’t have gone for this max today. I knew when I woke up I wasn’t feeling great, should’ve listened to my body. But I know I can do more, I got the 2 x 2 @ 100%, I’ll try again soon when I feel good. Awesome job CPD19, really impressive.

    *Did the way
    12:25 RX

    • Thanks brother! Don’t sweat the match PR, I’ve had tons of test days that I couldn’t even match my PR. If you hit your 2×2
      @100% it’s safe to say you got stronger.

  3. Power
    255 +10 PR, missed at 260, but if I had done it first instead of 255 I probably could have gotten it.

    9:02 50#KB

  4. 365# BS (at 161 BW)…. 10# PR, not real happy but gainz are gainz. 375# Got stuck in the middle on the way up. I was on the fire field all day at aTm, but I doubt that hurt my performance. Kick ass CPD19!

    Cond (dropped in at out of town box today)
    25x Thruster (95)
    5x MU
    25X Bar-Facing burpees
    5x MU
    25x Thruster
    5x MU
    RX = 7:28

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