Sometimes your 58kg lifter sends you a text and tells you she keeps losing weight and only weighs 53.5kg now. Then you smile and tell her to go ahead and lose .5kg.

WOD 140910:

BB Cycling

3+1X5 Split Jerk (no drops) – three sets to work to a 5rm (see note for explanation of +1), rest 2:00

Note: The +1 set is an additional ME UB set @ 80% of the 5rm established in the first three sets. The goal is as many UB reps as possible – with perfect technique – before dropping the bar. The +1 notation will be used throughout this cycle.


1a) 3X8 Pause Front Squats @ heaviest possible – (STRICT 3 second pause in the bottom at absolute bottom depth), rest 2:00

1b) 3X8 Clean Grip Behind the Neck Push Press – heaviest possible, rest 2:00


2 rounds for rounds and time of:

5:00 AMRAP of-


5 Pull-ups
10 HR Push-ups
15 Air Squats

Run 800m

*EDIT: Ok, here it is as simply as I can write it – do 5:00 of “Cindy”, then run 800m, then do 5:00 of “Cindy”, then run another 800m. Your score is total rounds of “Cindy” and total working time (IE – the 10:00 of “Cindy” plus the runs). It is one continuous piece.

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  1. Confused. 2 rounds for rounds and time of 5 Minute AMRAP Cindy? So I am assuming there is supposed to be some sort of rest between the two? I also dont understand the “two rounds for rounds AND time”…….the time is set at 5 minutes??

    Am I just retarded or is this supposed to be written differently?

  2. Is it 5 min of Cindy, run 800m, 5 min of Cindy, run 800m? Record total Rd’s of Cindy plus total time?

  3. Yeah, I normally understand what he means, but I think he was staring at pictures of Fraser while typing this because it makes absolutely no sense…

    Can we get some sort of clarification?!

  4. 5 min AMRAP Cindy, then immediately run. When you come in the door look at the clock and do 5 more min of Cindy, then run again. Total time is your time, total rds of Cindy is your rounds.

  5. Thinking its
    5 min AMRAP of Cindy(note rounds)
    800m run(note time)
    5 min AMRAP Cindy(note rounds)
    800m run(note time)

    -or- it’s two 5 min AMRAPS of Cindy with some undisclosed rest between them, followed by one 800m run for time.

    • M/31/177

      Ok, NOW I feel like trash.

      1) 185, 195, 205 (+10) still more. Future me will not like reading that past me has “more”, bc he’ll have to do more.
      2) 170, 180(+5), DND – wasn’t gonna hit 8 of anything more. That last rep was a doozie. 185 next week.

        • I lose 5lbs like everyday. Or gain it. Basically weekends I eat like trash, especially holidays and last weekend my wife was at Outlaw camp so I fended for myself with 5guys, beer, and perhaps a late night trip to McDonalds. I feel bad just typing this.

          Anyhow, this allows me to drop weight like CRAZY if I eat properly. I have always had a high metabolism as long as I’ve been active. My true weight is somewhere around 170-173, but I feel dead when I get down there so i binge and go to Chipotle and Dairy Queen n whatnot – like today.

          • Ha. I hear ya. I eat pretty strict but have the same metabolism problem. I eat about 3800 cal a day. Much easier to gain weight at 5guys. Especially since they fill the bag up with fries. So good though.O and ice cream is actually called PR cream.

      • Cycling
        175, 195, 225. I’ll get more next week. Was T&G up until 225, and really it just buried me into my jerk blocks otherwise I would’ve T&G’d that too.

        4:30(also terrible)

        Whatever. Rest time. I’m toast.

  6. BBG:
    185, 205, 225 – no drops. 80% done with 185lb for 10 reps.

    1) 185, 205, 205 – Have a feeling I can do 225 here but it is going to really really hurt
    2) 185, 165, 165. Barely got the 8th rep on the first set so had to drop the wieght.

    6 rounds + 3:30 (Slow as hell)
    5 rounds + No run (ran out of time, had to get home)

  7. jerks 245
    +1 9/195
    cindy-7+0, 6+20 (watching the clock and counting screwed me up today. this is my best estimation)
    runs 4:09, 3:55 course was probably a little longer than 800m but hey that’ll only make me better
    that was fun. much more enjoyable than just cindy or just running.

  8. 5’9″/145/39 yrs

    BB Cycling
    3 sets working up to a 5rm Split Jerks
    103,105,108#, (f) 110+ 3lbs from LW
    +1 ME UB @88#= 14 reps
    This Wed. Felt sooo much better than last Wed.
    Jerk form, dropping, is getting so much better. I think the higher reps helps my form. This is true for yesterday’s training, too. Thx for the programming.
    3×8 Pause FS= 98,103, 110#, felt good so went for the 7lb increase.(+5)over Lw

    3×8 Btn PP:
    Feels like the most work is bringing that bar back down, not the up. All I can think about is “steady” and control
    Still happy though, got:
    Failed 93 Lw on 7th rep.
    Did a quick,class bw wod.
    D/U’s, runs and GHD’s

  9. BBC
    8s-95-105 kdkg (+10) felt good next week aiming for 110
    ME 13 reps @ 85 kg
    FS 85 kg across
    Feeling so weak performing these
    My bottom position simply su***
    No PPbtN (killed my shoulder in the last cycle)

    7 rnds + 15 reps
    4:30 (dead slow)
    6 rnds +15 reps
    TWT 18:25
    420 reps

  10. Cycling
    1.) 110 kg, 120 kg, 125 kg (+5)
    ME @ 100 kg 11-12 reps it was one of those.
    1.)95 kg, 110 kg, 115 kg
    1b.) 90 kg, 95 kg, 96 kg
    5+ 26
    Burn out on HR pushups pretty quickly
    17:43 total time

  11. BBC: 185#, 10 reps at 148#

    1a) 145, 155, 155#
    1b)125 (7), 120 (7), 115# … went to heavy on first sets

    Conditioning: TWT 17:45. Lost count of Cindy rounds. Around 5 each round I think

  12. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/1/5 – Hammies are still toast

    5RM Jerk: 175/195/215#; +5# PR
    ME: 13 @ 170#

    FS: 175/195/215#; +5# from last week
    CG BN PP: 165/175/185#; +5# from last week

    5+10: 160 reps
    800m: 4:00
    5: 150 reps
    800m: 3:45
    Total reps: 310
    TWT: 17:45

  13. BBG
    250#, 10 reps @ 200#

    1a:) 195, 205, 210# (6 reps)
    1b:) 185#

    6rds + 5 pull-ups / 5rds + 8 push-ups
    TWT: 18:57

  14. BBC
    225 – 245 – 255(3) – 195(10)
    *Any tips on getting better at returning the bar to the rack? I’m basically doing a negative after each rep, which crushes me when it gets heavy.

    1a) 205 across
    1b) 190 across

    18:34 + 9 total rounds (5 & 4)

    Took me damn near an hour to stop sweating after this…

    • I’m probably going to do a bad job explaining this, but when i lower the weight i quickly go onto my toes to meet the bar on the way down so that i have more time to cradle it on the way down. (Kinda like catching an egg).

        • And make sure when you receive it you go into a quarter squat, butt back, not chest up and bowed. I used to do this and it’s REALLY tough on the back. There’s nothing to absorb the weight but your spine. Gotta use the legs.

  15. BBG:
    165, 185, 205×4 🙁
    160x 10
    1a) Just did 3 regular sets of 8 reps @ 230
    1b) 160 accross
    Went slow, im trashed, maybe 10 rounds total. 17:47 total. Rowed the 800s

  16. 28/173#/NorCal

    BB cycling
    188 for 8 reps

    1a) 185/200/215
    1b) 175/185/190

    5 + 10 push ups
    4+6 push ups

  17. 31/M/175#/Northeast

    195/205/215# (+15# from last week)/12 @ 175#

    1a) 195/205/210#(+10# from last week)… had to go into a dark dark place to get this after having the bar rest on my carotid for that long!
    1b) 155/165/170 (+15# from last week)

    6 rds+8 – 3:45 – 6 rds – 3:35
    Total Reps = 363
    TWT = 17:20

    ***I don’t know about everyone else but today was a BATTLE! I’m not sure if increased pain threshold is a intended byproduct of this phase but if so…job well done!

  18. 1. 205#/225/245×4/195×7
    2. FS: 185#/205/225- These are fucking terrible. Love em.
    BTN-PP: 185#/195/195

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