My friend Sam Farris, who wrote this little gem a while back, has made the decision to spend this season being a full-time 94kg Weightlifter (after missing Regionals by about five spots for two years in a row). He came to the barbell camp last weekend, and after realizing that real lifters like Jared use their legs to get barbells overhead (as opposed to trying to heave them up there with their lower backs), something clicked. Today he hit a 10# PR of 275#/125kg, with almost no struggle. I think Sam may be the next member of the 300# club.

Sam Farris – 275#/125kg Snatch from blocks:

WOD 140905:

BB Cycling

1) Power Snatch: 4X5 – work to a 5RM, rest as needed

2) Power Clean & Push Jerk: 4X5 – work to a 5RM, rest as needed


1a) 3XME UB Muscle-Ups (if less than 8, complete 8 broken) – rest 2:00

1b) 3X15 Reverse Hypers – medium/heavy, rest 2:00


5X400m Run – Rest 2:00 (see pacing note)

Note: Warmup well and all-out effort on first round. Any deviation of +/- :05 incurs a 15 Burpee penalty.

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  1. M/31/175

    1) 10, 7+1, 5+1+1+1, First time with double digit muscle ups. I should’ve had more but I got a little excited and missed 11…
    2) 95, 105, 115 did 15 good mornings, and did them “T&G”

    • GOT BURIED this afternoon…

      Power snatches (T&G): 135, 155, 165 (+5 or 10 from last winter), 175(1) got a little dizzy on the way down with 175, and then…

      Power clean and jerk: 165, 185, 205 (3) could not hook grip more than the first one. After the MU’s this AM I’m dead.

      Runs: 93, 92, 94, 92 – ran about 3 minutes after I finished the C&J’s and it felt all out, then my soul came back a bit. Now my hamstrings and calves are cramping.

  2. Assuming the BB C should be UB T&G?

    Also, Good Mornings or Heavy Clean Pulls instead of Reverse Hypers?

    • Normally if Rudy doesn’t say Touch and Go.. i won’t do touch and go.. but thats the lazy side in me.. i also believe there are two types of cycling. 1.)TnG and 2.)dropping the bar and getting right back on it.. IMO

      • Yeah I’d usually Drop and Go with how it’s written. However, this cycle, so far, has been about Touch and Go

        • End of the day, attack your weaknesses and work toward your goals. If you can do high 5’s by dropping but T&G gives you fits do T&G. The reverse applies too.

          I’m considering going not only T&G, but cycling these as “nonstop” which I’ve programmed for others. Meaning the catch in the clean will be the dip to my jerk. No rest overhead or at the waist. We’ll see though that may be ridiculous.

  3. Back to morning workouts after a whole summer of evening workouts.
    1.) 60, 70, 80, 84 kg
    2.) 100, 105, 110, 112 kg (exhausting)
    dropped every rep, but got back on it quickly
    1b.) put a 20-30# weight vest on my legs
    Wet out did 5×1:00 ME Airdyne +/- 5 calories
    44 cal, 37 cal, 35, 32, 38 wish i would of done the 400 meter runs
    60 burpees
    Im guessing most people should be doing 45-60 burpees if you do a legitimate all out effort on #1.

  4. 31/M/175#/NorthEast

    Have my first CrossFit competition tomorrow (outside of The Open) so I took it easy and only did a few things… that was TOUGH to due! Link for the comp… https://www.facebook.com/events/1442660385990220/?ref=br_tf

    1)135/145/155/165# (all T&G we will see if I guessed right)

    1a) 9/9/9

    This would have made my legs JUNK tomorrow so DND.

    • Where do you train? Need to find an outlaw/competitive friendly gym before winter! (Central MA)

      • Mostly train on Hanscom Air Force Base (Bedford, MA)… they turned one of their basketball gym’s into a CrossFit box. I do that and my garage. This will actually be my first time in a legitimate box.

  5. snatches 180, i do these so much better as tng reps than the last cycle where we dropped each
    c+j 225
    mu’s 10,8,8
    good mornings 135
    practiced an upcoming competition wod. 5 minutes of deadlifts and du’s
    will run later this evening…and do lots of burpees

    • 400s 1:08/1:13/1:30/1:35/1:30
      100 burpees in 7:45
      That 1:08 is definitely a PR. 6 seconds I think. If were gonna do stuff like this on a regular basis, I better be an absolute machine when the open gets here cuz that sucked

  6. 5’9″/145/39yrs

    Power Snatches 4×5=
    68#,73,78,81(more than full snatches on Mon. which was 73#)
    Clean & PJ 4×5=
    83,88,93 & 100#

    Banded Bar M/U’s= (green band) 6,2/ 8 unbroken/ 8 unbroken
    RH: dnd

    Average 2:00 plus 15 burpees.

  7. BB C
    *done UB, T&G
    1.) 175#, slight press out on 5th. On Instagram, @m_lafleurgray
    2.) 205#, missed 4th Jerk at 220#

    1a.) 11(-3 lifetime)/8/8
    1b.) 3×5 Goodmornings, up to 180#


    30 Burpees done

  8. BBG
    1) 70-75-80-85 kg UB TnG
    2) 90-92.5-95-100 kg UB TnG
    That was horrible…

    MU 12-12-12 super weak grip…
    Hip extension with 15kg

    Different cond

  9. AM
    1:16, 1:19, 1:21, 1:21, 1:21 *track
    -involuntary 5min “rest” (explosive diarrhea in a porta potty) after third run. You’re welcome for the visual.

    1a) 190
    1b) 8×8+ strict pull-up

    BB Cycling:
    1) 135/145/155/170
    2) 135/155/185/195(4)

  10. BBG
    1:) 185#
    2:) 215#

    1a:) 14, 10, 8
    1b:) did good mornings up to 95#

    Runs were horrible after all the work, guess I need to start running again
    1:26, 1:31, 1:29, 1:29, 1:27

  11. BBC:
    1) 135 – 155 – 175 – 195 (UB/TnG)
    2) 185 – 205 – 215 – 225 (dropped/quick re-grip)

    1a) 6/2 – 5/1/1/1
    1b) Good mornings (5 reps): 185 across
    *Only time for 2 sets due to class.

    1:15 – 1:19 – 1:25 — Humidity got to me; conditioning is still way off. Did 45 burpee penalty.

  12. BB Cycling: 1) 165
    2) 205
    Strength: 1a) 5,4,3
    1b) GH raise
    Conditioning: 3rnds ME AD for 30cal – :58, 1:00, 1:02…..I was destroyed after this

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