Sua Sponte now has a 600# Deadlifter, and a 600# Squatter – that are both under 200# BW, and both do nothing but Outlaw Power. I guess it’s time for John and I to write a book.

WOD 140830:


1) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Snatch.

2) 15 minutes to establish a 1RM Clean & Jerk.


15 minutes to establish a 3RM Front Squat.


15-12-9 of:

Bar Muscle-Ups
Hang Snatch (full squat) 115/75#

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  1. BBG:
    1) 235
    2) 285

    1) 275, 305(1)

    – Legs were smoked from the sprints yesterday.

    13:30 — Shortened the bMU to 9-7-5 because I suck at them. Hang snatch were easy.

  2. Snatch: 85#, still working on a more perfect form. Form is still decent at this weight.
    C&J: 105, stopped the jerk after this. Was loosing it mentally, rushed for time. Finished with 116.5# clean 123 is my max clean before I got hurt in early summer.
    3rm FS: 138#, missed last 3 Saturdays for this. This is where I left off then, at least.

    • Did the metcon like a little more strength like. I wanted to do #75(prescribed), so I broke all reps into 3’s and 4’s
      Instead of banded bar muscle ups, I did C2b pull-ups with a light band , 3’s and 4’s
      Bar Dips- easiest part, did like 4-7 reps at a time
      Still pretty good workout. I was sweating.. Rested just enough to have no misses…30 secs between sets

  3. M/31/175

    Decided is “Un”-load yesterday. Back at it today

    1) 200(-5#) second time I hit this ever. Missed 210
    2) 250(-5#), got under 265 twice cannot get it up #StoryOfMyLife
    3) 270(+5 or 10 can’t remember) with a belt. This sucked. But I’ll take the PR!
    10/12 bar MU in 9:30 when both hands bubbled up. Got a pocket of blood on each hand so that’s enough of that.

    Back to NCAA Football. However my boys play Monday #GoCanes.

    • I got to singles when I need to protect my hands. A guided fall from the top cuts the friction down on the hands significantly

  4. bbg
    1.) 105 kg (-5) went down and hit 100 kg 3 times. Gotta slow down my first pull
    2.) 150 kg (-2). caught 155 kg twice but couldn’t squat it up. http://instagram.com/p/sVOpY3l4Oh/
    1.) 147 kg
    did what chris did 9-7-5 of bar muscle ups
    11:48 Im super inconsistent with BMU’s

  5. Strength: Did 295# for 3 Thursday night for the team series. Got 300# for 2 before going into a catchers stance.

    13:51 RX

    Went to singles on bar MU to protect my already ripped hands.

  6. TOW Power
    Snatched a lil…
    Clean and Jerk a lil…

    Cond. changed to 12-9-6 so that I didn’t kill my hands (upcoming comp). 11:38

  7. Outlaw Barbell since it doesn’t get posted anymore.


    1) (Max Snatch) 97kg/214lbs
    2) (Max Clean and Jerk)123kg/273lbs

    Not PRs but really happy with these lifts and how consistent I am.

    1) (3RM Front Squat) 136kg/299lbs
    2) (3RM Bench Press) 78kg/172lbs

  8. BBG
    1) 110 kg (-6)
    2) 132,5 kg (+2,5 PR) and 140 kg clean (5kg clean PR!)
    145 kg (-2.5)
    Super slow, spent most of the time not to rip my hands, lost at least 2 min

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