Two new camp dates to announce today… The first is a Science and Precision series date, in the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia. The second is an Outlaw Barbell date, in the home of Superman (Nick Bloch) – the incredibly hard to spell Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.

Aussies, not trying to be “sales-y”, but this one is already going fast and we don’t know if we’ll be doing another date over there this year. Also, Jared will be on staff because he likes you guys. Although I can be swayed by Utes.

Outlaw Training Camp:

January 16th-18th
Gold Coast, Australia
CLICK HERE to register.

Outlaw Barbell:

October 11th & 12th
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
CLICK HERE to register.

A master at work.

WOD 140829:


1) Power Clean: 5X2@80%

2) Power Jerk from blocks: 5X2@80%


1a) 3X5 Bench Press @ 90% of 8rm – rest 90 sec.

1b) 3X5 Strict C2B Pull-ups – rest 90 sec.


8X100m Sprint – rest 1:30

6 thoughts on “140829

  1. BBG:
    1)Off of 245#
    2)Off of 215#…no blocks

    1a)Off of 175#


  2. 5’9″/145/39 yrs

    All work done
    Ranged from 19.3-19.75, first one was the slowest at 20sec

  3. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    PCln: 200# off of 250#; 5/5
    PJerk: 190# off of 240#; 5/5

    BP: 180# off of 200#
    C2B: 5/5/5

    Conditioning: golfing tomorrow so did the class WoD

  4. BBG
    1.) 100 kg
    2.) 104 kg
    1a.) 175#
    b.) done
    5x 100 meter sprint. did not time. my legs started tightening up.

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