WOD 140825:


3 Position Snatch (Floor, Hang, Power Position – do not drop bar): 5X1 @ 80% of all-time max for the complex.


1a) 4X8 Strict HSPU – rest 60 sec.

1b) 4X3 Pause Front Squats (3 count pause in bottom) @ 80% of 3rm FS – rest 60 sec.


For time:

12 Muscle-Ups
24 OHS 115/75#
400′ KB Farmers Carry 32/24kg (1 KB in each hand)
24 OHS 115/75#
12 Muscle-Ups

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  1. Last year we opened our doors and have been following Outlaw ever since. Figured it a good time to reflect on where I was back then.

    Back Squat 230 now 285
    Front Squat 215 now 250
    Snatch 135 now 175
    CJ 190 now 220
    Amanda 18:04 w/115 now 13:59 rx
    Helen 11:19 now 9:34
    Fran 5:25 now 3:50
    Max muscle up 3 now 8
    Max HS walk 0′ now 32′
    Weight 173 now 182

    Thanks for the programming. Our members have all seen similar progress.

  2. 3pos sn- worked up to 86 (PR)
    A) Strict HSPU- 4×4
    B) Pause f sq- 4x3x100

    Cond: Sprint- 5x40yds

    Didn’t read carefully and PR’d my 3pos sn. I’ll take it, as I don’t really need a deload bc I’ve been so inconsistent

  3. M/31/181 – up 6lbs due to my fantasy football draft yesterday. If anyone cares I’m posting my squad below.

    1) done
    2) done off 260 FS 3RM – (205)

    Position: Player
    QB: Tom Brady
    RB: Doug Martin
    RB: Montee Ball
    WR: T.Y. Hilton
    WR: Dwayne Bowe
    WR: Mike Evans
    TE: Julius Thomas
    Flex: Andre Ellington
    K: Robbie Gould
    DEF: Buffalo

    RG III – QB
    Geno Smith – QB
    Ka’Deem Carey – RB
    Cecil Shorts III – WR
    Kenny Britt – WR
    Stevie Johnson – WR
    Da’Rick Rogers – WR

    PPR league. I’m keeping Doug Martin from 2 years ago in the 6th. Hopefully he’s not out all year like last…

    • I’ll bite
      QB- Nick Foles
      RB- Arian Foster
      RB- CJ Spiller
      WR- Julio Jones
      WR- DeSean Jackson
      Flex- Trent Richardson
      TE- Jimmy Graham
      K- S Janikowski
      Def- AZ Cards
      Sammy Watkins
      Mike Evans
      Knowshon Moreno
      Andre Williams
      Stevan Ridley
      Mat Prater
      *maybe we should do an all Outlaw blog league next season

    • What do we post if we’re in six leagues?!

      I second Bryan’s idea. An Outlaw Blog League would be sweet.

      • I’m in for a blog league. FYI I’m in a 12 man league. Bryan you’re stacked. How many teams in your league?

        What you do with 6 leagues is chill and get rid of 3.

        • Iam in a 8 team league which makes it easier to stack your team. One guy has lesean mcoy aj green brandon marshall larry fitz and stafford.

        • Meh… Can’t turn my back on the leagues…I’m down from 7 last year so progress

  4. 3 Pos Snatch: off 205 max for the complex – done

    Strength: off 235 – done
    HSPU – Done

    Cond: Different. Tested competition WOD. 45 sec ME of 5 different movements. 15 second transition between stations.
    1) Row for meters – 240m
    2) Lunge w/55lb KB – 24 reps
    3) Shoulder to Overhead (115lb) – 24 reps
    4) Burpee – 16 reps
    5) 55lb DB Snatch – 20 reps

  5. 5’9″/145/39 yrs
    Done 68#

    4×8 HSPU: mix of strict and 1 abmat
    Pause Squats @80# of 3rm: 113#

    Conditioning: That was insane!!
    Blue band bar M/U’s, felt pretty good
    68# OHS: 8/8/8
    55# kb’s, stopped @200″/150″/50″
    After that all hell broke loose
    OHS: 4/4/4/3/3/2/2/1/1
    Had to switch to green band for M/u’s: 2’s and singles with misses. No grip at all

  6. BBG:
    Off of 175#

    1a) all UB using thin yoga mat under head
    1b) Off of 275#

    12 Muscle-Ups (7/3/2)
    24 OHS 115/75# (14/10)
    400′ KB Farmers Carry 32/24kg (1 KB in each hand)…70# DB’s 100′ increments
    24 OHS 115/75# (8/8/8)
    12 Muscle-Ups (3/singles – JOKE)

    Accessary work: Did 5 reps of 50′ UB handstand walks

  7. BBG
    1a) done UB
    1b) @225
    10:12 wanted sub 10 but grip was done second set of MUs

  8. Comp didn’t go as planned. Missed a Split Jerk @ 270# on a Max 1 Hang Clean + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Split Jerk. And that prob kept us out of the final. Oh well

    1.) @ 160# no misses

    1a.) done
    1b.) @ 260#. Heavier than the sets of 5 from the cycle

    Cut in half

    4:30, UB

    • Just realized I based front squats off wrong 80%, did it off heaviest pause front squats of cycle. Front squats should of been done at 230#, oh well. Will pay more attention.

  9. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    3 Pos Sn: 145# off of 182#; 5/5

    SHSPUs: done
    FS: 230# off of 290#; done

    Conditioning: 14:55 – finished last OHS at 9:45…had nothing left for the last 12 MUs…

  10. BBG:

    1) Off 215#


    1a) Done
    1b) Off 300#


    9:46 — DND the last set of MUs; trying to ease back into the gymnasty stuff. Based on tomorrow, Rudy has different plans…

  11. BBG
    125 off 155
    1) 200 off 250
    2) done – had to break them up
    15:05 – last st of MU were 2’s

  12. Snatch 150
    Front squat 265
    Con- gave the first team open wod a test run. My partner and I got 11+30 and I think our girls will be able to match that

  13. Cond:
    Mu 9-3
    Ohs 14-10
    Farmers one break
    Ohs 14-10
    Mu 6-3-3

    Had food poisoning over the weekend.

  14. 31 5’6″ 162#
    Squats 6×2 @ 80% (285) – Completed
    Bench 4×4 @ 90% (247.5) 2×3 @ 250, 2×4 @ 245 (Shoulders/delts have been dead)

    Cond – 11:06, RX

    There is no blog specifically for the Power template is there? This is one of my first posts have been following power since it came out, and loosely followed The Way before that. I’ll start posting regularly.

  15. JCheek, thanks for the link, but I have seen the tab (that’s how I follow the program), and unless I’m just out in left field I do not see a blog associated with strictly the Power template. If there is one then I am just being a F*Tard and missing it

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