Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing The Next Big Thing. Sydney is 12 years old and walked away from high level competitive gymnastics a few weeks ago. Our physiotherapist put us in touch and we went to the gym to play around a little yesterday. It took her all of ten minutes and one failed attempt before she made her first muscle-up. We put a barbell in her hands and in another ten minutes we had found her a new sport.


Static Shaping
2×1:00 Chin to Toes Handstand, pushing your toes off of the wall gently to accumulate as much time in a perfect freestanding HS as possible.

Skills and Drills
3×3 Ring Muscle-Ups FOR FORM. Use the big swing we practice and focus on straight legs and technique, not just making the skill.

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  1. Hi Kaitlin,

    Hopefully you could answer a question for me..

    I’ve been working some Front Uprises in to my ME sets on the Ways Tuesday work. Should I stay away from these and focus on receiving the rings in a dip position? Or is it a non-issue?


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