Ok guys, we get it all ready. Enough with the superhuman stuff. It was fun to be a part of, but now you’re making us all feel kinda bad.

This whole pissing contest between King Coppola, and Nick Bloch has escalated into a world class pee-pee measuring contest. Frankly, I’m running out of stuff for them to do.

Yesterday morning I texted Nick that Klokov had just put up a 1:56 “King-Kong”. Fifteen minutes later he texted me back simply saying, “1:43”.

On Saturday I posted a challenge for a dunk contest with Nick, Marco, and Jared. That was apparently a terrible idea, because a few hours after “King-Kong” Nick sent me this along with a few other poster-worthy beauties.

Oh, and Marco did this right before his 400# Clean & Jerk.

What’s next guys? Walking on water? Levitation? Bigger pecs than Rich? Wait, I think Nick already has that one. Maybe just suck at something, so the rest of us can enjoy a nice bowl of cereal tomorrow morning.

Wait, I just looked at the Regional scores… Apparently handstand walking = kryptonite.

WOD 140820:


1) Power Snatch: 2RM (drop first rep) – 2X1@95%, 2X1@90%

2) Snatch Balance: 4X3@100-120% of max double from #1


1a) 4XME Pause Back Squats @ 80% (STRICT 3 second pause in the bottom at absolute bottom depth – NO PAUSE FOR BREATH at the top) – rest 90 seconds

1b) 4X1:00 (total) Freestanding Handstand Hold – accumulate 1:00 total hold even if broken, rest 90 seconds


For time:

50′ HS Walk
9 Shoulder to Overhead 205/135#
9 Rope Climbs 15′
50′ HS Walk
6 Shoulder to Overhead 205/135#
6 Rope Climbs 15′
50′ HS Walk
3 Shoulder to Overhead 205/135#
3 Rope Climbs 15′

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  1. does anyone use a belt for these squats? I haven’t been, just wondering what others are doing

    • Jeff – I try not to use it if I don’t have to. However, if I begin to notice that I can’t keep my chest up and I am turning it into a Kang squat, I belt up. Go with how you feel. If you don’t need it, don’t use it IMO.

  2. Wrist is getting worse. Going to dial it down for a while.
    1. 155# – Across
    2. DND
    1a. 315#
    1b. Use wall

  3. M/30/175

    1) 4, 3, 3, 3 almost went to sleep on the third rep of the last two sets.
    2) 3 minutes done on a wall, last minute in “power blocks” basically just like parallettes. Wrists hurt so I scrapped the last one.

    I do not belt up for anything under 300. I’m a girly man with a tiny back squat so 80% is 250…

    • Junkin – See my post from yesterday. Anything you got that can help? I know your power was out, so no rush.

      • IDK if this will help http://youtu.be/bCeQ2cpyVgc

        I did this first at my Level 1. I look up as I hang, and continue to look up as I pull. I try to pull to my lowest rib and then turn over. The turn over is as fast as possible without actually kipping it. You can’t ever stop putting pressure on the rings. The pull needs to be continuous until you’re in the bottom of the dip. LMK if this helps. I’ve never had to really teach this.

      • Did you get it on your first few tries? If not, have you used a band under your butt or anything from an assistance perspective? I will try this as best I can. Thanks dood, and will keep you posted.

        • I did, but I got to the transition and kipped to get over. The next time I was able to just “keep pulling” that’s the way it feels at least. I start with my elbows pointing forward (palm facing back) this helps. Keep the shoulders externally rotated like that throughout the pull.

          • BBG
            1) 175, 185×1, the second one sat me down to far, at least I failed into a full.
            2) all done at 175. Missed 2 on the first set then hit the rest. I think I’ve only done this one other time this cycle, had to get the movement back together.

            capped at 15, finished the round of 6 + about 1′ of HS walk lol. Jerks went 1-2-2-2-2, 3-3, rope climbs weren’t terrible. HS walks got better on the second round…

  4. BBG:
    1) Up to 205
    2) No blocks or rack today so did 1 full snatch + 2 snatch balances at 100% of #1. All sets at 205lb

    Cond: I absolutely suck at rope climbs. Seriously….just awful at them. I set a 15 minute time cap – had the last 3 shoulder to overheads and the 3 rope climbs left at the 15 minutes. Actually felt better on the rope today than I ever have. But still slow.

  5. Question for my fellow Outlaw’s. I have a couple unique events at a upcoming competition, one being a max distance broad jump and clean ladder event, and another that has a max distance row of only 45 seconds mixed into it. Any idea what a respectable broad jump distance would be, or how many meters any of you guys can get the rower to in only 45 seconds? I am trying to get a baseline on what I should be shooting for. Thanks for any input.

    • Hey Jordan, my longest broad jump is 7.92′. That was last tested 20121105, prior to joining Outlaw. I am 5’9″ and 170#. I would argue that over 9′ would be good, 10′ would be great, and anything more would be gravy.

      On the row, it’s hard to judge. I am not sure what you’re doing before the row and what you have immediately following. I wouldn’t go 100% on it, so I would look to stay around a 1:40 pace/500m, putting you at about 225m for 45 seconds.

    • Broad jump depends on your height, or leg length. The longer the better. I think I’ve jumped 9′ from a stand still. Just like anything else, extend aggressively at ~ a 45 degree angle, then retract at the hip and land as deep in the squat as possible without falling. This is a hip movement. 45s is nothing. 250m would be great. Thats a 1:30 pace but you’ve got to get it going from a standstill. I can test the 45s later and the broad and let you know.

  6. The row is actually the 1st part of a 5 party workout. 45 seconds each of:
    -Row for meters
    -Lunge with 55lb KB
    -125 Push Press
    -55lb DB Snatch
    We get 15 second transition/rest between stations. I can do a sub 1:30 pace/500m pretty comfortably but at the same time I dont want to blow myself out with 4 more tests right in a row afterwards. Luckly I have two weeks to practice it a couple times

    • Jordan – how is that WoD scored? If it based on total cals/reps, you need to approach it like Fight Gone Bad – pick the movements you can cycle through quickly and those that you can’t and focus on maximizing the higher cycle rate movements.

      For example, why bust your butt for 15 cals instead of 12 cals when you can make those 3 “reps” up on the Push Press…

      • The row is actually scored in meters, which seems to tip the scoring heavily towards how fast you can get out in front on the rower. I tested this out a bit this morning and this workout is going to suck in a big way. The lunges following the row were nasty, and burpees immediately after repping out 20-25 push presses is also going to suck. I have two weeks to play with the pacing so hopefully I can get a good feel for it by then.

  7. I started with one train of thought, but I’ll generalize my thoughts. Be efficient as understand the movement standards as much as possible. Don’t do any more work than you need to.

  8. BBG
    1) 180 drops done
    2) 190
    1a) 2-2-2-2 @300
    1b) done
    15:24 barbell from floor for s2oh.
    *posterior chain smoked today from online comp wod done yesterday. Today was pure pain!

  9. BBG
    1:) 205# (same as last week), missed second rep at 210# twice in a row (missed by doing full squat)
    2:) 205, 220, 230, 240# (+5)

    1a:) @275 – 4, 4, 3, 2 (did this one at 285# by accident, other guy does +10#)
    1b:) done


  10. BBG
    1.) 185#, -10#, missed 2nd at 205# (full)
    2.) 225#, +10#

    1a.) @295#, 6/5/5 only time for 3 sets
    1b.) no time

    Cond – scaled back a little in prep for a comp this Sunday

    For time:
    25′ HS Walk
    9 S2OH, 165#
    4 Rope Climbs
    25′ HS Walk
    6 S2OH, 165#
    3 Rope Climbs
    25′ HS Walk
    3 S2OH, 165#
    2 Rope Climbs

    6:45, HS Walk held me back a bit. Wasn’t consistent today

  11. M/28/#155/NorCal
    1. 167 Drop sets done. Got 1 at 177.
    2. #155. This is actually an improvement.

    1. #205 (body is still a bit tired from comp)
    2. Done

    14:11 done at 185

  12. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast

    1/3/7 – entire posterior chain and shoulders are fried

    PSn: 170#; -10# from last week; drop sets done
    Sn Bal: 165#; getting better at dropping

    BS: off of 355#; 3/3/3/3
    FS HS holds: done w/ partner; getting much better

    Conditioning: 14:45 @ 185# (~72.5%); HS walks were much more solid

    /begin rant – If anyone from TOW can start to approve blog posts that are awaiting moderation on a more regular basis, I think a lot of people would appreciate it. I have four followers at my gym who can’t post because they are still “awaiting moderation”. For a site that wants people to post and thrives when more people post, the fact it takes numerous emails in order to get posts approved is a little ridiculous. /end rant

    • +1. I have heard this a lot. It would be great if everyone who wanted to post could get there lifts/times on here so we have more data to compare ourselves against. There was some talk on Facebook about starting a page for outlaw followers just so people would have a place they could actually post their results.

      • Hey Jordan – If a Facebook group does get started, please post an update in here and how to navigate to it. While I think the group is a great idea, I also think the main site needs to be monitored a little bit closer. I get there are trolls, but come on…followed by thousands, but only 20 people post, if that?

        • I agree let me know I’ll join on FB.

          Cheek, sidenote how many sets are you doing to hit your BBG “max” numbers? Yesterday I did multiple reps at 135, then doubes at 155, 165, 175, and 185, then was done.

        • Went 75/105/135/155/165 (tough)/170# – Doubles on the heavier weights and more on the lighter ones. Hammies were, and still are, blown out though…

          • yeah I did some warmup at 75/95/115 as well. Curious how people were going about this. I feel like if I had more time I’d loosen up and hit more. Whenever I’ve PR’d my snatch recently it’s been with like 5-10 attempts at that PR, plus the hits/misses before that.

  13. 5’9″/ 145/ 39 yrs
    2x Power Snatch= 83#
    Snatch Balance= 83#, feeling much easier thanks to all the support here on the site.
    BS pause complex=
    132#, 138,140,143#x5
    I keep going up each week because I completed 5 reps. Is this correct? I don’t know my ‘real’ 1rm.
    Static HS Holds: definitely improving! Yay! Still using spotter, but actually holding up there free standing for longer periods.
    * my weights aren’t that great, but feeling a whole better at this. Glad to be able to post here. It’s a privledge and, hopefully, other women my age can be inspired too!

    • Nice work Charlie Girl. Glad to see you’re getting more comfortable with the movements, etc.

      And yes, somewhere in the Outlawsphere, you are motivating someone by simply posting your workouts…that’s the beauty of this and why I encourage every one of my friends to post.

      • Thanks, means a lot to get your feedback and others and super motivating.
        I think I posted for 2 months straight everyday before my post went up.

  14. Snatches 175(-10)
    Balance 200(+5)
    Back squat 3/275, 3/295, 2/315, 3/315
    Feels good to be able to squat like this again. Don’t feel as strong as I was in the spring but I’m on my way back
    Hs holds-done. Best hold was 25sec
    Con 14:42

  15. 1) 205 drop sets done
    2) 205/215/225/225

    1a) 325 4-4-3-3
    1b) done

    cond: 12:08 Rx’d

  16. M/31/#175/NorthEast
    1) 190# was iffy being above parallel. Drops done off of 185# (last weeks)
    2) 175# working on form and speed under bar
    1. 250# 3/3/3/4 (finally got that 4th rep!)
    2. Done
    13:33… subbed 185# and 10′ seated legless rope climbs (no room for 15′)
    ***first 2 HS walks UB… really was aiming to get all UB but this is a vast improvement from where I was a month ago!

  17. BBG 1) 135#
    BBG 2) 140#
    Str 1a) 3@255#, 2@275#
    Cond – 15:00 Cap, completed 4 rope climbs in round of 6
    25 step HS wall walk
    9 Shoulder to Overhead 165#
    9 Rope Climbs 15′
    25 step HS wall walk
    6 Shoulder to Overhead 165#
    6 Rope Climbs 15′
    25 step HS wall walk
    3 Shoulder to Overhead 165#
    3 Rope Climbs 15′

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