5 Observations from the 2014 CrossFit Games:

5) ESPN became a major factor in the coverage of this year’s Games.

Lie #2 – The video used by OTL, which supposedly captures Kevin Ogar’s injury, has been edited.

In thinking about how best to explain Lie #2, and in the time I spent waiting for another video – I came to the conclusion that the only way to explain would be to simply do an A/B comparison. I first discovered that frames had been omitted from the YouTube video of Kevin’s injury back in January. I had been asked to look at another, slightly different video, and see if I could tell what exactly occurred, or if I could find anything that anyone else hadn’t seen. In order to make sure I was getting the best resolution I could, I used an app called Video D/P to download the YouTube version to see if it was any better.

What I found was shocking.

I noticed that there was a magic skip of roughly 5-6 frames just after Kevin was initially impacted by the bar. I timed out the frames in Coach’s Eye and found that the video was at a consistent 12-13 frames per second, and at no point was there a skip of more than a 9th of a second. The video averages 12-13 frames per second, and in the video above my ADD kicked in and I forget to keep count. After watching it again, the second I use as an example, contains exactly 13 frames. The “magic skip” lasts for a 3rd of a second. I hope I’m saying that correctly – the only way I know to explain it is that it’s MORE than a quarter of a second. That means if on average there are 4-5 frames per quarter second, somehow roughly 5-6 frames are missing.

NOTE: I’m aware that the video currently states it is “edited” and “censored” on YouTube. I can assure you, that has been added since other versions of the video have appeared publicly. Not to mention, the point is ABC News used an edited video, and ESPN used that same video AFTER the publisher admitted it was edited.

I showed the odd skip in the video to multiple people, including a friend who is a professional in video and video editing. He came up with the same conclusion I did, which was the same everyone else who saw it did – the video had been edited.

But why?

There was immediate controversy surround Kevin’s injury. Some, who’d seen an unedited video, said the bar struck the plates behind Kevin and the horizontal blow it dealt Kevin’s spine was what caused it to give way. Others, who were eye-witnesses, said the bar didn’t change direction, and the movement of the plates was a coincidence. I personally have no idea exactly how Kevin was injured, but I know the evidence could have been in those missing frames. I also know it was most certainly a freak accident, especially for such a competent/strong athlete, and debating causality does nothing to explain the lie of the missing footage or why it was removed.

So, you want to know what I think?

Honestly, I can’t say – and that’s not because I don’t want to. I can, however, comment on some ifs and hypothetical scenarios.

If someone was trying to cover something up; like the possible negligence of leaving a stack of plates behind a lifter – then it’s an act of unconscionable cowardice.
If someone edited the video actually thinking that no other version would ever be made available, and that no one would ever see the over a quarter of a second of lost footage – then they have redefined the term criminally stupid.
If the intent behind this edit was to somehow hinder the injured athlete in pursuing legal recourse to help with the massive medical expenses brought on by this injury – then there is a special place in hell for the person/persons behind it.

I’d like to thank ESPN and Mark Fainaru-Wada for being so wonderfully inept at reporting, that I finally had an excuse to write this post.

WOD 140819:


1) 3 Position Clean (Floor, Hang, Power Position – do not drop bar) + 1 Jerk (after Clean complex): Max for the complex + Jerk – 1X1@95%, 1X1@90%

2) Jerk from blocks: 3RM – 3X1@95%, 3X1@90%


1a) 3XME UB Strict Muscle-Ups + ME UB Kipping Muscle-Ups (drop down after ME Strict set, and reset for Kipping set with no more than :10 break) – rest 90 sec.

1b) 3X8 Jumping Good Mornings – heavier than last week, rest 90 sec.


3X2k Row – Rest 4:00 after each 2k

21 thoughts on “140819

  1. M/30/175

    1) 4+2, 3+3, 3+2, took the wrist wraps and held false way better.
    2) 155(+5)

    • I’m not really surprised that ABC or ESPN didn’t do “due diligence” in getting their story together. If anyone thinks any media outlet is doing due diligence vs. making/breaking a story, we’ve lost it. It hits home when it discusses what you do for a living or what you love. This type of stuff happens everyday. This isn’t to say we shouldn’t point it out or make a stink because most of the public are idiots.

      I also think there is some error in whatever camera was used to capture this, or what was used to convert it (however many times it has been converted). 30 fps means a frame every 0.0333 seconds. 10 fps should be a frame every 0.1 seconds.

      FYI 0.2 is not a “20th” (it’s a 5th, 20/100=1/5) and 0.06 isn’t a “6th”, it’s more like a 16th. Not to be a dick, but stating this in the case that someone may look to call you out on what you’re saying vs. what we’re seeing.

      In the end, I agree, this has definitely been edited. As to why, yeah, it gets to be pretty fukt up. As for ESPN, I appreciate the thought that they should be better than this but I am in no way surprised.

      In my opinion, the big issue becomes why they run this the week of the CF games that they are televising? What are they saying? Anyone who has been dedicated to something other than CF for a while is so ridiculously tentative. They like it, but “not the high rep oly movements”, or they like it but “not the highly skilled gymnastic movements”, etc. I agree, CrossFit should come with that disclaimer. Unfortunately that disclaimer should be the coach. You have stated this before when discussing Rhabdo. I wrote a bunch and deleted it. So that probably means I should chill.

      Rant over.

    • BBG
      1) 230 (+5) the struggle is real on that third clean. I came to a complete stop on the standup, then broke through. Jerk is easy money tho, drops done.
      2) 245, 255(1), ties the 3rm hit a few weeks ago, I’ve missed this recently bc of time, drops done.

      Power went out, I was outside rowing, quarter size hail inbound. Power went out again as I type this… The rower ain’t gettin wet.

  2. BBG:
    1) 255lb (+10lb)
    2) DND

    1a) Just regular muscle ups. I cant do strict. Plenty strong, just has be a form issue
    1b) Did romanian deadlifts instead. These jumping good mornings are extremely uncomfortable for me.

    Cond: Different

  3. BBG:
    1) 235#… drops done
    2) DND

    1a) subbed weighted muscle-ups for strict (15# vest): 3+4/2+4/3+5
    1b) 145#


  4. Fuck Tuesdays

    1.) 240#, missed Jerk at 255#, would’ve been +5#
    2.) 250#, set up 3 bars in Racks. Match

    1a.) 4+5/4+5/3+5. Did a few kipping sets a la Noah Ohlsen, felt pretty good
    1b.) up to 150#, +5#

    1 – 7:40.0
    2 – 7:47.4
    3 – 7:56.4

    I suck at rowing

  5. BBG
    1) 240 couldnt pull from the hang today. drops done.
    2) 265 drops done
    1a) 4/6-2/5-1/6
    1b) 145

  6. cleans 210 missed 225, felt like junk
    jerks 235, 245×2
    semi strict mu 4+2/2+3/2+2
    jump gm 145
    con 7:55ish each

  7. BBG
    1:) 235#, missed jerk on 250# (should not of missed the jerk, )
    2:) 270#

    1a:) 3+5, 5+6, 5+4
    1b:) 130#


  8. Barbell (Assumed it was the same as last week…)


    1) 265 (5# PR)
    2) 305


    1) Paused clean pulls: 335 – 340 – 345 – 350 – 355


    1a) Bench Press: 205 across
    1b) Jumping Good Mornings: 165 across

  9. 28/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Cln complex: 235#; +5# from two weeks ago; drop sets done
    3RM Jerk: 240#; +5# from two weeks ago; drop sets done

    MUs: 0+7/0+7/0+5 – Junkin – can you link me to whatever exercises you use/used to get the strict MUs?! I need to catch you…
    JGMs: 145#; +10# from two weeks ago

    Conditioning: F that sh!t
    7:33.7 – sold out on the first one; thought my old pr was 7:36…I was wrong, 7:32…

  10. BBG
    1) 205
    2) 205
    1) 1+ 7,6,5 – this is 7 more total reps than last week
    2) 135 – sloppy on the 3rd set
    7:52, 7:54, 7:55

  11. Haven’t been feeling it this week. can’t wait for the much needed deload next week.
    1. 120 kg (-2 from last week)
    2.) 110 kg (-25 from last week) no blocks
    1.) 0+6, 0+5, 0+4 (-6 total reps from last week)
    2.) 115#
    happy with the consistency

  12. Since barbell is now the red headed stepchild and often doesn’t get posted I’ll post here.


    1) 106kg/233 (+1)
    2) 106kg/233lbs (+1)

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