Rudy likes to call me a, “gymnast with useless legs.” Which, to be fair, is pretty accurate, when I walked into Outlaw my backsquat was a whopping 175# pounds. Rudy put me on a squat cycle, told me to gain 10 pounds and I panicked.

The twice weekly weigh-ins as a gymnast started when I was 12, and long skinny lines were the ideal. I was constantly anxious about being “up” and learned to cheat the slides on the scale to shave off a pound or two for the chart. As soon as gymnastics was over I started avoiding all scales, closed my eyes at doctors appointments and asked the nurse to not mention the number out loud.

Then getting pinned under cleans that I couldn’t stand up started to piss me off.


Let’s put more barbells in little girl’s hands.

Handstand Hamstring Stretch 4×0:20
Handstand Hamstrings
Seated Hamstring Stretch 4×0:20, Remember to keep your back straight.
photo 3 copy

Static Shaping
3×0:40 Arch Hold
3×0:40 Hollow Hold on Back

Skills and Drills
Pull-Up Pull-overs 3×8 DEMO

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