5 Observations from the 2014 CrossFit Games:

4) A blue and orange shoe, with a very familiar logo, was the talk of the event.


Editorial Note: I’d like to preface this second to last observation, by fully disclosing something – I am, always have been, and always will be a Nike guy. I won’t be reviewing any shoes in this article (making fun of maybe, totes different thing), so I guess it doesn’t matter anyway. However, I just had to get that out there before anyone accused me of being biased, because… I am.

Within hours of hearing about and seeing pics of the Nike Metcon TR, I also heard about the Reebok deal to be the exclusive footwear of the Games. I, being a regular super sleuth, put two and two together, and realized that the big boys have finally joined the party. The competitive exerciser shoe market has got to be quickly growing into one of the most lucrative on earth. Why? Because you dummies refuse to learn to do double-unders in Romaleos. I’m kidding – sorta. Actually, that is the exact reason why the market is so attractive to Nike, and the exact reason why Reebok paid $100,000,000 to be the chief sponsor of the Games four years ago. Our sport is like no other in the sheer volume and high price point of the shoes required to compete.

The problem when your “speciality is not specializing”, is that any given workout may actually require a specialty shoe to allow you to practice your lack of specializing. I’ll give you a second to re-read and try to comprehend that last sentence. Here’s a list of the shoes that Reebok gave the Games athletes this year – most of which were used – with a completely guessed at and unscientific retail value of each:

1) Weightlifting Shoes – $200
These are actually a pretty well built lifting shoe.

2) Softer and Lighter Hybrid Weightlifting Shoes: $200
You know, in case you can’t do double-unders in the shoes listed above.

3) Nanos: $100
Which aren’t really good to lift or run in – so IDK what they’re actually for.

4) Running Shoes A: $100
These are the ones you can run in for a workout that requires short intervals and other stuff. If you run longer than 800m in them your Achilles will explode.

5) Running Shoes B: $100
These are the “real” running shoes. They’ve got a 4″ pillow sole and all, and if you squat anything over 85# in them your ankle will snap instantly.

6) Running Shoes C: $100
Oh, you didn’t know you needed ANOTHER hybrid, that’s a cross between a cleat and a trail shoe? You do. That’ll be $100.

7) Football Cleats: $100
Yes, you could argue about the necessity of these for anyone but a Games athlete or Adrian Peterson.

8) Fake Chucks: $100
I don’t know what they’re called, but basically they’re ripoff Chucks, for double the price.

9) “Post Workout Recovery Shoes” aka Nanossagers: $50
I shit you not.

Grand total for “non-specialization” footwear: $1050

When I walked around the vendor area with my friend Brian – who just so happened to be wearing the Nike Metcons (cause he works there) – I was shocked at the amount of people who had heard about them and wanted to ask him questions. In fact, one guy we were talking to actually asked Brian if he would take them off so he could take a pic with them on. Brian obliged, and is currently the proud owner of many new foot fungi. The oddity to me about the excitement over Nike’s entry to the market, is that it means now everyone has MORE shoes to spend money on.

Moral of the story: Not only can you do double-unders in Romaleos (or Adistars if you’re a communist), but if you wear them long enough you won’t feel bad about running in them… And I’m pretty sure the quarter second they add to your next “Helen” won’t keep you from being the next great exerciser.

My five-year-old, first-edition Romaleos. Many a really-average to pretty-slow 400 has been run in these.

WOD 140808:


1) Power Clean: 2RM – 2X1@95%, 2X1@90%

2) Power Jerk from blocks: 2RM – 2X1@95%, 2X1@90%


1a) 3X8 Bench Press – heaviest possible reps with maximal speed, rest 90 sec.

1b) 3XME Strict C2B Pull-ups – rest 90 sec.



Compare to 140331.

3 rounds for time of:

Run 400m
21 KBS 24/16kg
12 Pull-ups

20 thoughts on “140808

  1. M/30/175

    1) 155, 165, 175 – love benching for speed. Probably have 185×8 in me.
    2) 5, 6, 7 – IDK what I did wrong here to get higher numbers as this went on…

    We need to define strict for this and MU’s. I’ve heard as far as strict being defined as remaining hollow throughout the entire pullup. Or is it just don’t initiate the pullup by swinging?

    • Hey guys, I just thought of a great idea to share for those without jerk blocks.

      Instead of buying wood and making these, just dig two holes. One that’s about 15″ deep and one that’s 4′ deep. Stand in them and lift. It’s science.

      P.S. If anyone does this I want full credit and pics/vids or it didn’t happen. Happy Friday.

    • I just don’t kip at all. Some momentum from bouncing at the bottom of extension is all.

    • BBG
      1) 225(-10), failed 245 like 5 times. It buries me. I said “barried” last week. I apologize.
      2) 235×3 bc why not, oops. No drops.

      10:06(1 minute PR). Idk if I run poorly or everything else poorly. KB unbroken. Pull-ups broken. My 400 may be off… Last time I did this with 8 stairs between run and 40′ between the stairs and the rack so maybe this isn’t a PR.

  2. Wrist is at ~80%

    1. 225# – Drop sets done
    2. 155# – Across
    1a. 135#
    1b. 6, 7, 5 reps

  3. Cleans: 245
    Power Jerk: 250

    Cond: 9:15. First round was sub 2:30…..2nd and 3rd round not so much. Went out too hard and fell apart especially on that 3rd run

  4. Cleans 245
    Jerks 235 pretty sure that’s a PR
    Bench 215
    Pull ups 11/8/7
    Helen 8:06, 16sec PR

  5. BBG
    1.) 245#, missed 2nd @ 265# (full)
    2.) 245#, -20# missed 265#

    1a.) up to 230#, +5#
    1b.) 10/11/10

    8:11, PR by :36

    Can’t believe I PRd this. My conditioning has felt terrible with allergies and me being a bitch

  6. 5’9″/143/39 yrs.
    2 Power Cls.- 110#+ 105,100
    Power Jerksx2(no blocks)-115# (turned into push presses)+ 110,105

    Bench 3×8: 110# 6,7,6(I loose the bar path, it begins to fall lower, then I loose it)
    C2b kipping p/u’s with 2 orange bands:
    10,10 and 7 w/1 orange band

    Conditioning: Helen-done ~14:00(still working on kipping- doing 1, dropping straight down instead of pushing back off of the bar, then 2nd kip and so on…)
    Getting better and stronger each day. Happy w/progress!

  7. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    Up in Northern MI for the back half of this week and weekend. As such, no barbell to do any bbg or strength. I will work in whatever skill I can muster around the cabin.

    “Helen” – had to sub HSPUs as no PU bar, 8:48 – no warmup, no stretching, just hitting it cold. Legs started to seize up. Perhaps that’s due to the Dirty Bastards at the lake?

    Annie – 6:40; 0:20 PR; happy about this considering I did not do well earlier.

  8. BBG
    1:) 255#
    2:) 255#

    1a:) 205, 225, 235# (7 reps)
    1b:) 10, 10, 8

    7:51 (16 sec PR)

  9. BBG:
    1) 210 (+5) drops done.
    2) 205 (+/- 0) drops done.
    9:27rx no pr but first time all unbroken. Texas was a hot one today! Running was like breathing thru a hair dryer. I love texas.

    4+ hours later
    1a) 195, 195, 200. I love bench!
    1b) 6,5,4

  10. BBG
    1) 215×1 – hit this last week for 2
    2) 210 thought it was 200 but bad math helped me i guess
    1)160 +5
    2) 6,6,5
    Resting the hands – did Barbara this week

  11. BBG
    1.) 125 kg. hit one at 132 kg and missed second.
    2.) 130 kg, hit one at 137
    1.) 175, 185, 190#
    b.) 5, 5, 5 kept my self in the hollow position… much harder than bodybuilder style
    9:31 Rx. first attempt ever… runs killed me

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