YES! We figured it out! Here’s today’s work (140806) – even though it’s 10 hours late.

WOD 140806:


1) Power Snatch: 2RM (drop first rep) – 2X1@95%, 2X1@90%

2) Snatch Balance: 4X3@100-120% of max double from #1


1a) 4XME Pause Back Squats @ 80% (STRICT 3 second pause in the bottom at absolute bottom depth – NO PAUSE FOR BREATH at the top) – rest 90 seconds

1b) 4X1:00 (total) Freestanding Handstand Hold – accumulate 1:00 total hold even if broken, rest 90 seconds


For time:

10 Clean & Jerks (anyhow) 135/95#
10 Pull-ups
8 Clean & Jerks (anyhow) 135/95#
10 Pull-ups
6 Clean & Jerks (anyhow) 135/95#
10 Pull-ups
4 Clean & Jerks (anyhow) 135/95#
10 Pull-ups
2 Clean & Jerks (anyhow) 135/95#
10 Pull-ups

29 thoughts on “140806

  1. Power Snatch: Up to 205lb
    Snatch Balance : DND – no time today

    Pause Squats: off 365 max – 3/3/3/3. Ouch. These are harder for me than the front squats
    Handstand Holds – Done. better today than last week

    Cond: 5:34

  2. M/30/180

    1) power snatch to 155(-20), failed 165… Really do NOT move fast in the AM. Also, hamstrings/butt/back FRIED from jumping good mornings

    The rest later.

    • terrible today.

      Snatch balance at 165, missed 1.

      2 sets of back squats: 3 and 2 reps
      HS hold: 45 sec “nose and toes” quit

      Fuck it.

  3. 5’9″/143/39yrs

    BBG: Power Cleansx2 83#
    Practice: O/H Squats
    4×3 83, 88#
    Snatch Balances: just bar

    FS HS Holds: much better than last week. Had spotter. Spotter let completely go at least 4 times and I was stabilized for 3-5 secs each time. Actually kicked up into freestanding with no assist. and held it there… Almost scared me!
    Pause B.Squats:
    Conditioning: 9:56
    95#, orange band for kipping(still working on kips)

  4. Competition hangover still.

    1.)175, 190 (-10)
    180, 170
    2.) 195, 205, 215, 225x1f

    1a.) 235x4x3 (70%), 215x5x6
    1b.) complete

    6:32 Rx

  5. I posted this question in the power thread a while back, but it never got answered. I’m going to try again here to see if I can get a response.

    What is the philosophy here in regards to scaling? It is rare that I have the raw strength to do the male weights for the conditioning, so I usually scale to the female weights. There are some WODs where I can do the male weight, but obviously my time will suffer. Is it the opinion of the people on this site that it is better to scale down to keep the time range for the workout closer to the expected time, or try to stay closer to RX weight to work on that strength component even if it will mean increased rests in the conditioning and longer conditioning times?

    • Generally speaking..If the weight is to heavy go with something that will still be challenging but not monkey stomp the crap out of you. For example if there are power snatches programmed in a conditioning that are at 155# and that is to heavy scale it to 135 and so on. It is meant to be tough but not brutal.
      Hope this helped.

    • Justin – Here’s my advice – Most of the WoDs we do should be between 10-14 minutes. Obviously today’s is a short one, but on average, they should be about 12 minutes. If you are using the female weights, and are absolutely destroying the WoD, then I would say that’s too light. On the other hand, if the weight is too heavy, don’t stand around trying to fight a heavy weight, as you’re losing the whole conditioning aspect of the workout.

      In the end, play around with what works for you. If you can, use the times posted before you WoD to gauge how long the WoD should take you, then scale appropriately.

      Finally, don’t get complacent and continually scale. As you progress, start challenging yourself at heavier weights. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks to both of you. I have usually scaled to keep myself in the target time frame as my general philosophy, but I wanted to see if Outlaw had a different take on it.

    • You may also play around with scaling the reps instead of the weight. Especially if it is a weight that you know you can do well but have never done for a high amount if reps. Like today for example you could do cleans 5 to 1 instead of 10 to 2. Neither scaling option is definitively right or wrong but as you work your way up its good to try different methods of scaling.

  6. 27/170#/5’9″/M/CenEast


    PSn: 180#; drop sets done
    Sn Bal: 180#; drop sets done

    BS: 285#; 3/3/3/3
    HS Hold: Done

    Conditioning: 5:23 – all singles on C&Js, broke up PUs

  7. BBG
    1.) 195#. No jumping jacks, but was coming forward. Drops done
    2.) up to 205#

    1a.) 295#(80% of 90%) 5/4/4, 3 sets because of time
    1b.) DND, time


  8. BBG
    1:) 200#, drop sets done
    2:) 200, 210, 220, 225#

    1a:) 275# – 3,3,2,2
    1b:) done


  9. Power
    1) 6 x 2 @ 295 back squat
    2) 6 x 4 @ 230 bench
    Conditioning: 4:20 rx

  10. BBG
    1.) 90 kg. caught the 2nd attempt at 92 kg below parallel
    2.) 100 kg, 105, 110, 115 kg These felt good today.
    1.) 315# 3, 3, 2, 2 (+1 total reps from last week)
    b.) done, getting better
    5:54 Rx first wod i have ever done with butterfly pull-ups

  11. M/28/#155/NorCal
    1. 175 drop sets done (-10lbs from last week)
    2. Big pile of poop.

    1. 245: 3-3-2-2
    2. Done

    5:26 Rx

  12. 28/171/NorCal

    1) 205 PR hit drop sets
    2) worked up to 245

    1a) 3-2-2-2
    1b) Done

    4:27 Rx

  13. snatches 185
    balances 185
    squats-stayed at 225, rebuilding confidence in my squat
    hs holds-done. held one for 25 sec (PR)

  14. BBG
    2) up to 165
    1)230# 3,3,2,2
    2) Nose and toes for a minute – thighs started to touch on last two

  15. BBG:
    160 (-5) no speed
    Snatch balance DND.
    1a) off of 305. 4,3,3,4
    1b) done all 4 against a wall coming off a few seconds at a time. Working on shoulder strength.

  16. I just stared following outlaw after a two year break from THE WAY. I followed programming at my USAW club and focused on my weightlifting game then I tore my hip abductor is a meet march 8th of this year. I have slowly been putting weight back on. This is my first week back on the way
    A) 205 (< 80% taking it easy on the injury)

    B) check

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