I have had a few people ask a good question regarding what max to go off of for the percentage work in this cycle. I’d like you all to start off with basing the percentages off of your most recent 1RM’s. However, if the weights start crushing you and/or you start missing reps, adjust your weights by going off of a 90% training max for your percentages. The reality is if you posses excellent hip mobility and bar speed on your squats you will most likely not have to adjust your weights. If you have shitty mobility and bar speed and therefore will be spending much more time under tension then you most likely will have to adjust your weights.


High Bar Back Squat: 6×3@80%


12 minute AMRAP of:

10 TTB
20 Wall Balls 20/14#
30 Lateral Jumps over 12″ hurdle (each jump counts one rep)

Note: Go hard at the beginning of the piece, then when pace tapers off complete each round UB and as fast as possible. Do not rest during rounds.

Do Work…

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    • Any news on the Power WOD for today? Can’t complain cause its awesome free programming, but want to know if I should push ahead with what I’m guessing is 6 x 3 @ 80% BP.

  1. Well, I found the program we’re following. Tomorrow should be 6 set of 2 @ 80% on squat. I’m guessing Sunday would be the third day for bench since 2 days in a row wouldn’t make since. Sunday would also be 6 sets of 2 @ 80% on bench

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